What Is the Minecraft Brown Bricks Meme?

What Is the Minecraft Brown Bricks Meme?

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The expression “brown bricks” was created by Mike Matei, co-creator of Cinemassacre and show host, when discussing the iOS version of the well-known sandbox game Minecraft with an animated version of Inspector Gadget. In the video, Mike does two things simultaneously: voicing Inspector Gadget and playing himself. Fans of the site had a highly harsh reaction to his performance. It became a reference for the remix channel SiivaGunner in May 2017.

1 . What Is the Minecraft Brown Bricks Meme?

From the outdated animated soundtracks of the decade of 2010 to the rush of bizarre animations that now saturate TikTok & YouTube Shorts, Minecraft has had a fair amount of memes. One meme, though, has infamously risen above them all. A video that received such a terrible response that the original broadcaster erased it. The internet’s only law is, “Once it’s posted, it never goes away.” Brown Bricks is one of those popular Minecraft videos.

2. Detailed Minecraft Brown Bricks Meme

We must go back to the very beginning of YouTube to comprehend the Brown Bricks meme. Global Angry Video Game Nerd, a single series, dominated the gaming industry in 2007–2008. A foul-mouthed nerd who detested vintage video games that he thought were poor hosted a game review programme on the channel Cinnemassacare.

Mike Matei was one of the joint owners of the channel. Mike posted them on the channel’s website, Cinnemassacare.com, as well as several of Mike’s videos. However, Mike reviewed the iOS version of Minecraft during the 2012 Peak of Minecraft. The surprise is that he did it while voicing himself in a cartoon version of Inspector Gadget.

 About 2 minutes & 45 seconds into the video, Mike & Inspector Gadget discuss Minecraft. Throughout the video, Inspector Gadget repeatedly uses “Brown Bricks,” Mike’s interpretation of the character, and the now-famous phrase “Minecraft.” The footage then crept into the consciousness of the audience.

Mike removed the video from the original Cinnemassacare site and the YouTube channel because it needed to have the impact he had anticipated. The internet, however, is remembered. Online reuploads of the clip and edited memes began to surface. In the two of their videos, viewers on YouTube, like SiivaGunner, remixed the video. Chris “OneyNG” O’Neil, another YouTube user, also mentions the video in his lets plays.

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3. The Influence of “Minecraft With Gadget.”

Many people believe the Brown Bricks video is interesting because of its absurd setup and mannerisms displayed by Inspector Gadget, even though Mike did not like it based on the video’s overwhelming hostile reception upon release. As of May 2020, the video has been restored to the Cinnemassacare Videos channel, suggesting that Mike has grown to like it.

Many YouTube commenters label the video as “ahead of its time.” Maybe that’s true, given how ridiculous memes have evolved.


In conclusion, the article has attempted to explain “BROWN BRICKS”. I hope the language in this post is clear and understandable.

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