Most Anticipated Upcoming Android Games in 2020

Most Anticipated Upcoming Android Games in 2020

If you are a mobile game lover, then these upcoming android games list is all you should look forward to.

Mobile games have become very popular in recent years, with tons of games releasing every month. Everyday new technology is being adopted to give an astonishing experience for gamers. 

Whether you enjoy racing games, action, adventure, or stimulation games, these upcoming android games will be a delight for you. 

 Finding the best android games on google play store can be a mess at times. To help you avoid this nightmare, we have curated a list of upcoming new android games in 2020.

List of New Upcoming Android Games

  • Apex Legends

Featuring strategy planning and war is one of the new upcoming android games, Apex Legends is a game from Respawn Entertainments. This game was a hit on the console and PC version, and it sure is going to be a big hit on the Mobile gaming platform.

With new challenges and excellent graphics, the game is on par with top android games in the RPG battle strategy, including PUBG and Fortnite. There is not much uproar for the launch date of this game, however, the CEO of EA is excited to develop a new franchise.

2020 is going to be a treat for Gamers!

  • Dauntless

If you like to fight demons and dragons, Dauntless will test your strength, courage, and wits in heroes, behemoths, and monsters. This is in the list of upcoming Android games in 2020. 

This game is a full-on survival battle. Just like the PC versions, the Salyers will have to fight boss-sized behemoths. This is an RPG game that allows the players from different parts of the world to team and finish the co-op battle challenges. From powerful armors to custom weapons, the mobile game version will have it all.

  • Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal is a new soon to be on the upcoming android games list. However its, unlike other new android games, this is not a remake of the console or PC versions. This android version of Diablo Immortal is all set to bring an all-new adventure for the gamers.

The storyline of the game is centered around Diablo 2 and Diablo 3. The archangel is considered as the dead of the Worldstone, which gives rise to all the new evil. These monstrous creatures are on the stone hunt to take over.

This android game gives full freedom to gamers to choose their class of fighters and warriors. From Monk, Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Crusader and Necromancer, each of them have 12 skills set.

Despite being criticized by players for the PC version of this game, people are still excited about the launch of this new android game.

  • Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart is the most loved game since its creation. The game has been famous among children since the time when computers were yet relatively new. Nintendo is planning to launch a new Mario Kart Android game series, teh Mario Kart Tour.

This new upcoming android game is free for gamers to play. Players will get some characters and levels for free play while the other levels will be paid. The games are waiting with anticipation for this new game.

  • Minecraft Earth

Microsoft is set to revolutionize the gaming world by introducing AR into the mobile game. Minecraft Earth is the most anticipated upcoming android game of the year. 

They will allow players from around the world to join teams and build structure via AR tech. Minecraft fans are surely going to love the new additions made in the game, along with familiar mobs.

Players will also have an option to try mob variants and also use it to inhabit the builds. Minecraft is a free android game with, unlike its PC and Console versions.

  • Shadowgun War Games

Practice shooting with this new soon to launch Shadowgun War Games from Madfinger. This is a multiplayer game and has the same characters as are in the Shadowgun Universe. Players will be able to choose the heroes with varied weapons and attribute to join the Flag battles.

The players will be put to the test. The game will have two teams of 5 players each in the final battle royale. This game is a fight of strategy, wit, and planning; every player will have to work in a team and find the best strategy to win the game.

Shadow War Games is made for the upcoming generation of mobile gaming, offering a fast pace experience.

  • Forza Street

Forza Street is also a Microsoft creation. If you are into high-stakes racing games, then this upcoming android game is for you.

Like the Fast and Furious team, this game takes to the virtual reality streets where you can buy or upgrade the car. But to grab a new car, you have to win the races. This arcade game is all about perfect timing and winning the races.

  • Teamfight Tactics

This is one of the upcoming android games from the Leagues of Legends in 2020, which is named Teamfight Tactics. This is a strategy game that tests your mental strength, like Auto Chess and Dota Underlords.

Players have to fight seven opponents; then, they build a champions team. The team has diverse players with unique synergies and strengths; the games can get bonuses and also grab an arsenal of items and build a super complex squad.

  • Impossible Bottles

This android game comes with a little twist! Gamers play the inventors trying to provide endless energy sources to the world with an army of giant golems and tiny robots. 

The game’s twist is that players have to charge the robots by shooting electricity streams in sync with the songs. Any misstep can cause a blackout which can destroy the machines.

Players are given ten robots that are hand-drawn, exclusive tracks, and single-tap gameplay for every machine.

  • Plants vs. Zombies 3

This game will be the third edition in the series Plants vs. Zombies that will be launched in 2020. If you have the desire to shot the living dead, then this third installation android game will satisfy your urge; it comes with thrill, new adventure, and so much better graphics.

Final Words:

You can count on 2020 to be a Legend Year for the Android Gaming Industry. There will be so many upcoming android games. Epic Games, EA, Microsoft, and so many others are ready to invest in the mobile gaming market to target the android and ios gamers.

The cost of developing games with new technologies like cloud-enabled, blockchain, AR/VR, and others is very hefty. However, the mobile platform involves a massive profit margin.

Which game are you most excited for? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!


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