Basic Rules Of Volleyball – Procedures And Regulations That You Should Know

Basic Rules Of Volleyball – Procedures And Regulations That You Should Know

No matter whether you are a volleyball player or love to watch volleyball matches, you should know the basic rules of volleyball; otherwise, your experience will be frustrating. 

A person who does not know the rules is sitting like a man with no clue. In order to enjoy the volleyball match fully or play like a pro volleyball player, it is important for you to understand some basic rules and regulations.

There are several reasons why you should understand the basic rules of volleyball. These rules are important for a recreational player to a fan to the athlete to coach to parent.    

You may be watching a volleyball match in your high school, college, or on television, and there is no sense of enjoyment if you don’t know any rules. 

What if something important occurs or the referee calls a player, and you have no clue what is going on, it will ruin your experience. 

In case you are a parent and your child taking part in the sport, then it is highly important for you to understand these basic rules set for volleyball.

If they ask you any questions related to the game instead of remaining clueless, you can help them clear their doubts. 

Moreover, you need to understand these basic rules of volleyball so that you can cheer up the players during the match. 

Or maybe you are a volleyball player who has recently joined the game, and the referee calls you every time for the rule you are unaware of.

Thus it is important for you to understand the basic rules of volleyball. So that you are not the one whom the referee will call every time.

In case you are a coach and want to learn for all the advantages that you can give to your team during the match, rules play a major role. 

In this article, I have collected some Basic Rules of Volleyball that help you understand the game in a better way, and you enjoy the game fully. 

What Are The Basic Rules Of Volleyballs

As we have discussed above that what are the reasons for learning volleyball rules. Why you should understand these basic rules of volleyball and how it will be helpful to you. 

Below are the volleyball rules that give you a better idea of the game:

  • There are 6 players in a team, 3 for front row and 3 for the back row
  • A player cannot hit the ball regularly for two times in succession (block is not hit)
  • Three hits are permitted for one side
  • The ball needs to be a playoff of the net while serving or volley
  • It is called “in” if the ball hit inside of the boundaries
  • “Out” if the ball hit outside of the boundaries or hit antennae, cables of or outside the antennae, referee pole or stand, ceiling of the non-play area
  • There is no penalty or foul if the ball touch any part of the player’s body
  • The referee will charge penalty or foul if player hold, catch, or throw the ball
  • In case two players or more contact ball simultaneously, referee call it one play and next player have to contact the ball, (this contact should not be 4th hit by the team)
  • The player is not allowed to attack or block the service from inside or on the 10-foot volleyball play area line
  • After the serve, players at the front line can switch their position at the net
  • For high competition volleyball matches, there is an officiating crew that includes two referees, scorer, assistant scorer, and line judges

Basic Violation Rules Of Volleyball

Like every sports game, there are some violation sets of rules, so volleyball also has. These violation rules must be known to players so that there are fewer chances of getting penalties and helping your team to win. 

Any violation during the match means you are giving a free point to your opponent team. This will increases the chance of winning your opposite team. 

Volleyball Violation Rules

Below are the violation rules that you should understand before the match:

  • Stepping across or on the service line during serving is the point of violation
  • Fail in serving the ball successfully over net
  • Illegal contact with the ball, throw, hold, lift, block, etc.
  • The touch net during the match with any part of the player’s body is the point of violation in volleyball. However, the exception is there if the ball is coming with force and cause the net to touch the player, and there will be no foul, and the ball continues to play
  • Blocking the ball that is coming from the opponent team and contacting ball by reaching above the net is a point of the violation. If, 1) opponent team do not use 3 contact delivery, and, 2) there is another player to hit the ball
  • When hitting the ball delivered by the opponent team, contact ball reaching above the net is a point of violation. If the ball doesn’t break the vertical plane of the net. 
  • Cross the centreline of the court by any part of the player’s body. There are exceptions in case foot or hand, the entire foot or entire hand should cross just to make violation.
  • Serving ball out of order or not in a defined method
  • If the ball is block by the back-row player if the player is nearby to the net during contact with the ball. Or have the part of their body over top of the volleyball net
  • In case the ball is attacking by the back row player if the ball is in the front zone. Also, if the ball is above net at the time of contacting the ball by the back row player is a point of violation. 

Final Words

These are the basic set of volleyball rules that must be known to volleyball players. Not only to players, but if you are a fan of watching this amazing game, then you should also know these rules.

Any game will become more interesting and enjoyable if we understand its rules, procedures, and violations. 

You can understand why the referee is calling a player and why other teams get the point. You will no longer remain clueless if you know the rules of the game. 

I hope this article will give you the idea of the basic rules of volleyball. There are also violation rules of volleyball so that you can cheer up your favorite team correctly.

Also you can learn how to play volleyball as a beginner and use these above mention volleyball in your game.


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