Best SMG Warzone: the top SMGs in Caldera

Best SMG Warzone: the top SMGs in Caldera

Best SMG WarzoneYou’ve found the correct spot if you’re seeking the greatest SMGs to utilize in the ongoing Warzone Caldera. Our team has rated and chosen the optimal load-outs for all Warzone SMGs. The small-bore machine guns in Warzone Caldera effectively kill adversaries up close. Nonetheless, as no firearm is a master of all crafts, you should always have an Assault Rifle handy for close to medium-range encounters.

While this sort of hyper-aggressive play isn’t for everyone, owning a reliable SMG is crucial in Warzone. Unfortunately, there is less variety in the Best SMG warzone class than in the AR class, and many gamers tend to stick to the same two or three choices. 

Yet it has yet to prevent the emergence of a few particular load-outs. We’ve listed the top Warzone SMGs and the attachments you should utilize with them to help you enhance your victory rate in the game. Check out our list of the finest Meta SMGs to employ in Warzone 2 if you’re ready to delve into the sequel and want to see which weapons will help you crush Al Mazrah. Let’s discuss everything you should know about the Best SMG warzone in detail. 

Conflict Number 43

Although the Armaguerra 43’s tremendous rate of fire makes it a formidable SMG for one-on-one encounters, it also means that you’ll go through magazines quickly. Each regular clip has just 34 bullets, leaving you with barely enough ammo to kill two opponents before having to reload. The finest Armaguerra 43 load-out is useful in solo and duo fights so long as you don’t get overpowered.

I4 Blixen

Since its debut in Season 3 Reloaded, the H4 Blixen has distinguished itself from other SMGs with its unparalleled firepower. The H4 Blixen is a powerful weapon even in its basic configuration, and its recoil may be mitigated further with the right load-out. Even if its former greatness has faded, this SMG remains a fantastic choice in Warzone.

Marco 5

Because of its incredible mobility and lethal rate of fire, the Marco 5 has become a staple in Warzone Caldera. The Marco stands alone with a pick rate and kill-to-death ratio that are higher than any other SMG. Try out our akimbo build with the optimal Marco load-out, and you’ll have everything you need to decimate large groups of foes quickly.


A lot of progress has been made on the Sten since Caldera first encountered it. Despite the developers’ neglect of this weapon for extended periods, some minor changes have been made throughout the previous several seasons. If you’ve unlocked Sten’s attachments, it’s a great SMG you should consider picking up.

In Call of Duty: Warzone’s weaponry preview, the CX9 is seen with its five attachments.


This SMG’s damage output and sprint-to-fire speed have been increased, making it a viable secondary weapon choice. Read our top-recommended CX9 load-out for recommendations on what accessories work best with this weapon.

Best SMG Warzone: the top SMGs in Caldera

The freshly revealed UGR Best SMG warzone from Black Ops Cold War shows why these weapons were formerly popular in Warzone. Because of its superior accuracy, the finest UGR load-out can easily win at medium range. As the UGR does not have a huge magazine, it is only advisable to use it if you are exceptionally skilled at making headshots and are okay with taking more risks with your ammunition supply. The UGR is your best bet for trying something new.


The Bullfrog is the best option if you’re looking for a weapon with a magazine capacity close to a light machine gun. Like with other Best SMG warzone, the Bullfrog has been nerfed several times yet has been mostly disregarded by the community for months. However, the SMG’s damage output has increased in the most recent Warzone update, which may entice gamers to give it another go. Additionally, we have upgraded the damage range of this SMG to make it a dominant short- to medium-range weapon, and our best Bullfrog load-out boasts big magazines that can contain 65 rounds in each clip.


The optimum load-out for a Wolgan includes accessories that significantly boost its fire and damage output rate. This process yields a submachine gun with one of the fastest time-to-kill rates.

Assault Rifle (Owen Gun)

This SMG indeed kills enemies at a faster rate than any other in Warzone. That makes it a top contender, but being a top-mounted SMG, the magazine gets in the way and makes it challenging to keep an eye on moving targets.

Type 100

The Type 100 may be the ideal SMG for those with a premium on mobility. However, the Type 100’s greatest load-out is designed for close-quarters fighting exclusively; thus, although you can easily manoeuvre around corners with this SMG, be wary. If you want to damage your opponent with the Type 100, you should not fire it from afar since its damage drops dramatically with increasing distance.

OTs 9

The greatest OTs 9 load-out has minimal recoil, allowing skilled players to quickly and easily land several headshots. Nevertheless, unlike the Bullfrog, whose magazines hold 65 rounds each, this weapon’s magazines hold just 40. As a result, the OTs 9 is an excellent choice if you need a short-magnum rifle (SMG) that is reliable and accurate.


This weapon used to be unstoppable in close quarters owing to its excellent firing rate and devastating hip fire accuracy; however, it has since been nerfed. So whilst the top PPSh-41 load-out is serviceable, you’d be better off going with a higher-tier best warzone smg.

Number 821 in Milan

This submachine gun (SMG) may be small but remember its power. Our sniper support weapon configuration performs well at short range, while our long-range configuration handles an Axial Arms 3x scope with ease and no excessive recoil. You may use our recommended Milano load-out to test out two alternative configurations.

The next SMG from RA 225 Warzone is another high fire-rate monster capable of annihilating squads with a single magazine. The RA 225’s biggest drawback, compared to the higher-rated guns on this list, is its recoil pattern, which may be difficult to understand initially. Regrettably, there may be better choices than the RA 225 after its recent buff. In addition, using our optimal RA 225 load out can significantly reduce the SMG’s knockback, making it much simpler to handle.


The MP40’s reliability in various ways makes it a go-to weapon in Warzone Pacific. Loading up the MP40 with various long-range attachments is tempting, but you should focus on close-quarters fighting instead. If you want to maximize the MP40’s superb recoil control, use accessories that increase mobility. Finally, to maximize the effectiveness of the MP40, we recommend using our optimal load out.


Because of its fast rate of fire and controllable recoil, the Mac-10 is a deadly weapon. You may equip a big magazine with enough ammo to kill numerous foes simultaneously with the right accessories. The Mac-10 is still one of the greatest Best SMG warzone despite being heavily nerfed when first introduced. Learn how to optimize the performance of this lethal SMG by reading our recommended load out for the Mac-10.


The MP5 from the Cold War era is slightly improved over the MP5 from the Modern Warfare era due to a few significant upgrades. This weapon has better accuracy, faster ADS, and more manageable recoil. Once again, the differences between the two guns are minimal, but the CW MP5 is the superior option if you’re looking to gain an advantage. Our ideal MP5 Warzone configuration has all the right attachments for any gun.


Large, 100-round magazines are available for the M1912, often known as the Tommy gun. It is a handy skill in Warzone Pacific, where you want to avoid getting caught reloading amid a conflict. The M1912 is an excellent choice if you need a weapon with the ammunition capacity of a light machine gun (LMG) but don’t want to commit to carrying a bulky, slowly shooting LMG. The M1912 has a rapid firing rate, so be wary; even though each clip has 100 rounds, they will only last for a while if you’re cautious.


The LC10 was included in the Season 2 Reloaded patch, although the SMG struggled against the game’s Meta weaponry. Now, it’s a standard in the long-range Meta. So if you plan on carrying a sniper rifle, the LC10 is your best close-range bet. Check out our recommended accessories to take your LC10 to the next level.

All the top-tier SMGs in Warzone are already mentioned. Read our top Warzone firearms guide to learn more about the weapons that can compete with these SMGs. Get caught up on the latest Activision Blizzard litigation by reading our summary.

The above-listed portion explains everything you should know about the Best SMG warzone


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