5 Best Minecraft Seeds For 2021

5 Best Minecraft Seeds For 2021

Minecraft experience is formed by where you prefer to spawn, which is why it is so crucial to choose the best Minecraft seeds. Minecraft seeds make the game entertaining and offer new tasks in gameplay, whether you choose the simple environment or one made of snow and ice.

However, some are better than others, and identifying what is available can create all the difference in how your gameplay activity is structured.

It might appear like there is an unlimited amount of seeds, and the fact is that players are always building new worlds to search. Sifting through all of them can really take away from the real playtime, so it is great to know that which options are the most attractive and the most fun.

What Are Minecraft Seeds?

Minecraft seeds are codes that create the worlds that you play in. It covers an extensive variety of areas that include landscapes and murky dungeons with beautiful scenes. Once executed, these seeds create the world in which you can create and explore.

It can change the nature of the gameplay and the type of creations you want to create with the setting. You can also prefer to play the same seed with the friend to see how the experiences might differ.

Custom Seeds vs Random Worlds

While many players enjoy jumping into the randomly created world, others like to have more control over the type of game that they are playing or the types of resources players can access.

Custom Minecraft seeds enable you to personalize the whole Minecraft experience. Seeds customize the game, and it offers a more dedicated idea about what you are going to create and what you can achieve during gameplay.

To pick the seed, enter the code connected with the seed. About all codes are a series of numbers in either positive or negative values. If the player does not use a certain value, the game will automatically use the random seed that the player has not chosen.

Finding New Seeds

If players want to search for new seeds, then make sure to check out the Android and iOS app Seeds Pro. It is a community app that enables you to share the seeds with friends online.

Moreover, players can link the Minecraft Pocket Edition account so that players can simply download the best Minecraft Pocket Edition seeds generated by the other users.

How To Create The Minecraft World With The Seed

If you just start playing Minecraft, building the new world in the game is much simpler than a player might think. So first, go to the world generator, where you can always upload the structures and biomes each time. The Minecraft Pocket Edition allows players to make the world different from the random ones automatically created by this game.

For The Java Edition On Mac Or PC

  • Select the Create New World button.
  • Another screen will appear where you can select More World Options. This is where you will want to have the codes available.
  • Enter the number for a seed that you want.
  • Once you have done it, click on Create New World, and the seed will boot up.

To Create Separate Minecraft Pocket Edition Worlds

  • Click the New button; after that, select the Advanced option.
  • Now click on Seed before entering the seed value in the given box.
  • After putting the code, click the done button and tap create world to load it.

The Difference Between Minecraft Seeds On Mobile, Console, And PC

Minecraft has several forms of gameplay, and the seeds work slightly differently on each type. Many people play Minecraft on the console than on PC and mobile, meaning that every base has its personal fandom and has several required specifications.

Console Seeds

For consoles, you will need to check on which console you are playing. The Minecraft PS4 seeds vary from the Minecraft Xbox 360 seeds or Minecraft PS3 seeds; also, there is no guarantee that the player will spawn what they see if you use the same code across platforms.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Seeds

The difference between the PE and PC versions is that the latter’s worlds are only 256 x 256 blocks in size, creating it tougher to build the variety of worlds for gamers. As of 2015, sharing seeds either through PC or mobile has been much the same; however,  you might need alternative seeds depending on which method you use.

Some Best Minecraft Seeds

The best Minecraft seeds is not an easy task, mainly because it can come down to personal view depending on how gamers play and what they enjoy doing in the game.

However, some seeds are among the best of the crop based on the number of times the player has entered. So here are some great Minecraft seeds that you can try next time you play.

Minecraft Seed Island

Hidden loot and buried treasure make this seed exciting. With various islands available to explore, players have the opportunity to collect cool items that include six gold nuggets, enchanted tunics, an iron sword, eight gold ingots, and many more. See for the buried treasure map, so the player’s know-how to get back to where they spawned.

  • Seed Code: -573947210
  • Seed Name: axezero
  • Platform: Mac/PC

Temple Of Doom

Welcome to the jungle! Players will be spawned right near the temple in the nearby place where players can cross over to the desert or the jungle biome – the decision is yours. They need to explore for items and be cautious of the pillagers that take over this area.

Arm yourself at the beginning, and the player should be all set to experience the amazing survival game. Also, do not forget to see the ocean, river, and mountains for extra items.

  • Seed Code: 2029492581
  • Seed Name: FEARARTEMIS
  • Platform: Mac/PC

A Song of Ice And Spire

The icy seed gives a unique experience with a little bit of a challenge. The character will spawn at the end of the forest. From there, the player will go to the frozen river, where they will start to notice ice spikes coming up from the ground.

The player might also see some rabbits and polar bears roaming around; do not worry, these creatures are harmless. Collect some resources and start building in this intriguing and chilly seed.

  • Seed Code: 2223210
  • Seed Name: HOIL
  • Platform: Bedrock Edition / Pocket Edition

Ultimate Farm Spawn

If you are an animal lover (especially the Minecraft animals, voxel-shaped), then this is the seed you are looking for. You will spawn right in the center of the farm featuring pigs, horses, ducks, and sheep.

Ensure collecting the resources from the nearby savanna biome to get the stone and coal to create the farm. After starting the furnace, then you are ready to let the imagination go wild.

  • Seed Code: 1594305760
  • Seed Name: CANTBESAVED
  • Platform: Mac/PC

Village Cut In Half By Ravine

The player will spawn right near the small village, which is close to the number of different biomes that include the ocean, forests, and plains. The world is home to the big ravine, where the player will find the ore to craft equipment. Part of the adventure is amazing with this challenging world and understanding how they can work around the huge split in the earth as they build.

  • Seed Code: 2467475923055248755
  • Platform: Mac/PC

Final Words

There is the reason that Minecraft has continued so immensely famous since the release in 2009. Along with the unique mixture of exploration and creativity. This timeless masterpiece is continuously updating and changes frequently through the best Minecraft seeds, which are available today. If you find this information useful, drop a comment below this section.


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