6 Best Minecraft Modpacks That You Can Play In 2021

6 Best Minecraft Modpacks That You Can Play In 2021

There is plenty of the best Minecraft modpacks which you can play in Minecraft. Though, you may be wondering what the best Minecraft modpacks to play currently are?

Each modpack has different gameplay and goals. For example, in the skyblock mod, there is no land in this modpack, and you have to build on the floating island. In other mods, you may face fierce dragons in the Minecraft world. As you can see, the modpack you choose is very important, and it will decide the type of game you play.

Getting Started With Minecraft Mods

Since modpacks do not come with the base game of Minecraft, you’ll have to manually install mod files or download third-party launchers. We recommend using the Feed The Beast (FTB) launcher when playing the modpacks made by FTB or the Overwolf/Curseforge launcher for other packs. 

The launchers make it very simple to play modpacks. You simply choose the pack from the list, and it automatically installs a pack. Note that the player will basically have to log in with the real Minecraft password and username. It is safe when using popular launchers like FTB or CurseForge. However, be careful while giving the Minecraft id and password to unknown launchers.

Each pack works on the different versions of Minecraft. It is because each mod supports only some versions of this game. The version in which the pack runs will have the big impact on the types of mods that are included.

So here are some of the best Minecraft modpacks to play.

Skyfactory 4

SkyFactory 4 is clearly one of the most amazing packs in the Minecraft that you can play. It is skyblock on the sky, and from the name, you can guess what mod is all about—well, building the factory in the sky, of course!

The game will start on the small chunk of land with the tree, and it is a standard for all skyblock maps. After that, you will have to advance through the pack to increase the island and collect all the other items in this game. The improvement will take you from taking resources from special trees, creating the mob farm, and producing power.

It is quite different from Sky Factory 3. The majority of the resources are collected from trees in this version, and also, there is no draconic evolution. There are several variations of skyblock, but SF3 and SF4 are the most famous variants.

SF4 is surely worth checking out if you want to play the Minecraft modpack. For more information on SF4, the makers of Minecraft have made the nice post going over it.

Stoneblock (FTB)

Stoneblock 2 is similar to skyfactory or skyblock; however, it is kind of the opposite. Rather than building in the completely empty world, this world is filled with stone and has to carve out the base.

It can be bothersome mining the stone in the opening; however, once you get the RFTools Builder, it gets much simpler to find out huge amounts of stone.

This FTB does use the Project E mod, which can be overpowered, and also it lets you trade many items for other items by using the EMC system. The pack also comes with Draconic Evolution, which opens the plenty of end-game content to keep you busy.

RLCraft Modpack

This real-life style modpack features more vivid graphics and tough gameplay. This pack is the best choice for veteran players who got bored by playing the plain old Minecraft and want to change up the gameplay.

Several basic mechanics changed in this pack to make this game more amazing and challenging. Also, there can be dragons flying in the main world, and the player can be killed in one shot by just walking around. This mod is not for the faint-hearted, and the inventor even warns the players that “they will die… a lot”.

Pixelmon Modpack

The Pixelmon modpack has a collection of mods that go with each other, and it actually gives an amazing gaming experience. The pixelmon mod, which can be seen in this modpack that include:

  • Pixelmon Mod: It Adds the Pokemon in Minecraft.
  • The Pixelmon OST by Chris Geddes: Adds a wonderful soundtrack to this game.
  • Journeymap: It maps the Minecraft world.
  • Biomes O’ Plenty: It adds an extra biome to Minecraft.
  • Gameshark: This allows you to discover special items by using the compass.
  • PixelExtras: It has additional utility commands.
  • BoP Patcher: Bugs fixes between the Pixelmon Mod and Biomes O’ Plenty.

Infinity Evolved (FTB)

Infinity Evolved (IE) is the “kitchen sink” mod, which means that it is a general all-purpose modpack that can aid several gameplay styles. Also, it has most of the famous Minecraft mods and two challenge modes: expert and normal.

Infinity has Expert Mode is the way to increase gameplay by making recipes more complicated. You will need more items and blocks to craft things, which makes the mod take a longer time to progress through. If you see that you are finishing packs too soon, then you should definitely go for IE expert mode. This pack is the best if you are seeking the freedom to do whatever you want.

MC Eternal

MC Eternal is the Minecraft modpack with so much to do. It has over 750 quests and more, you will always be busy. You will also have the ability to build factories, start towns, and find secrets and collectibles. MC Eternal has the custom economy system and the unique bounty system.

Final Words

The best Minecraft modpacks are the way to transform this game into the completely different experience. Each modpack is unique; however, they all function the same way: by including the new feature in Minecraft. Modpacks make a great addition to the single-player worlds, particularly for players who are feeling a bit bored by the plain Minecraft. If you find this information useful, drop a comment below this section. 


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