Best Anime Game On PS4 For An Adventure Dose

Best Anime Game On PS4 For An Adventure Dose

No matter whether you prefer the anime genre or not, playing some of the best anime games ps4 offers is sure to take you on an adventure ride. 

When we talk about the best anime games, you should expect to dive into sprawling adventures, shed tears by the moving stories, or dip in the realm of horror. Like the manga and anime series, the best anime games ps4 offers range dramatically from evocative and thoughtful to adolescent. It offers everything which as a gamer, you may want from a genre. 

However, like any other genre, the games which the anime offers are not all worth the time. Thus we have selected some of the best anime games which you will surely love and enjoy. 

Best Anime Games On Ps4, Pc, and Xbox

These are some of the best anime games which you can play on the ps4 console, Xbox, and Pc:

Doki Doki Literature Club

If you are not familiar with the Doki Doki literature club game, then you may have a lot of questions. Moreover, its name also might give you some hints about the game. However, it is nothing like the name suggests, or you may be expecting. 

Even after looking at the screenshots of the game, you may be thinking that this is a runoff milli style game. Or you may imagine it as a dating sim-inspired game, but you could never guess the dreadful psychological nightmare that is waiting for you beneath the game’s shiny harem top or surface. Doki Doki is a violent game that is genre-busting horror both on interactive and visual levels. 

This game is something that is a visual novel of violence, and it will leave you messed up with the specs it offers. 

For a warning, you can imagine the psychological effort it will give you, as in the game, Doki Doki wears cute clothes. However, the plot deals with heavy themes that are shocking. Its subjects include suicide, grotesque, depression, and insanity. So if you have the guts to hear it, then this one of the anime video games which you should play. It will surely give you a horror ride which is worth the scary trip it will take you on. 

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Are you a fan of dragon ball? If yes, then this game is for you. It lets you play the role of various dragon ball characters. This is a satisfying thing as it lets you take revenge on the foes which you don’t like in the anime. You can also go for characters which are to your favorite character. 

The good thing about it is that it lets you exact the revenge in a satisfying and cathartic way. What’s even more amazing is that if you love villain character then, it also lets you play the role. You can be Frieza, Beerus, or captain Ginyu and exact revenge on Goku. Thus it is also an amazing option to satisfy your villain fantasies. 

Although we agree that it’s hard to live up to the dragon ball’s sheer energy, which has drawn numerous viewers. But we assure you that the Dragon Ball fighters are the best anime games PS4 and other consoles offer, which embraces the series in a successful way. This game offers punchy, fast, visually astonishing and what is even vital is that it makes you feel like a Goku. Or you can be the cell – it all depends on your moral compass, which character you choose for yourself. 

Tales of Berseria

Do you want the anime games PC offer, which has a blend of traditional JRPG? Or do you want ps4 anime games which offer a heavy bend of anime? Well, it’s hard to get both. Don’t you agree? But what if we tell you that all of this is possible and you can get it in a single game? You will be amazed, we think. 

Tales of Berseria is the game that offers both the bend of heavy anime and traditional JRPG. Isn’t it amazing? We agree it is. What’s even greater is that the challenges it offers are enough to engage you through a rough 60 hours campaign. Moreover, it also has an emotionally captivating plot telling which is the main highlight of the game, if we say.

All this makes it one of the best anime PC and console offerings in this genre. The game also follows a relentless female protagonist who is a badass character. This inclusion of a female character is a first for such a series. In the journey, she avenges the death of her brother and kills the murder of her brother. If this doesn’t sound formulaic to you, then wait for it. The game has many story plots that will not only surprise you but will also keep you satisfied. It will keep you glued to see what’s next in the plot. 

Nine Hours, Nine Person, Nine Doors (999)

The 999 is one of the oddball sleeper hits which have unique gameplay. Its story flow is also structured in a way that will keep you satisfied and interested for a long time. In this game also the Catherine story branches in different paths depending on the choice of player. To reach the true ending of the story, you need to go through multiple playthroughs. 

Playing through the stressful and, at some points, violent story of this game requires sitting through something which feels like a visual novel. The visual satisfaction of this game is disturbed only by the escape situation, which requires puzzle solving. In short, if we say that the plot is nothing less than a horrific situation. According to the plot of these anime games, you wake you at a cruise ship that also has eight other captives other than you. 

The aim of the player in the game is to find out a door that has the number 9 marked on it. You have to do it before the time runs out, as the ship will sink after that period. Even worse is that if you disobey the commands then, a bomb detonates, which have been placed inside your stomach. 

In short, the stakes in these games are high, and the intensity of the game, which begins from the opening of the sequence, will keep you on your toes. All this makes it one of the best anime games ps4 and pc offers. 


Catherine is a game that needs more attention. However, the game itself is to be blamed for the niche appeal it has. The sexually charged and submissive moralizing of the game almost makes it impossible to package it neatly. However, the inventive puzzling RPG format is for the mass appeal; it makes it one of the best anime games ps4 offers. 

Catherine’s game tells the story of a young commitment which is phobe trapped inside the clutches of the succubus. She is struggling for survival during the night attacks while trying to reconcile her faith into the relationship. The gameplay in this anime game happens when Vincent is sleeping. While he is asleep, she tries to move around blocks so that she could climb them and escape the giant monster. 

The pressurizes puzzling, which is at the core of the game is engaging enough, and the storytelling by the day is also gripping. This interesting and captivating plot of the game keeps you from getting bored. Catherine is not just well-worth and well-done but also an amazing game for open-minded people who love gaming. 

Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom 

This version of the game marks more than 1 departure from its predecessor but stands for itself. It offers an amazing JRPG experience with a massive heart at its center. This new version offers whole new city gameplay with new management, and battling now is not based on turns. It now also offers skirmish and loop battles which are entertaining in themselves.

For added taste, frantic and kinetic battling modes are an improvement which is in the new version. The graphics of this new version are also amazing, even when the Ghibli Studios were not involved in it. This game also benefits from some most diverse and enchanting towns, which you can explore in the game. Overall, this game’s charm bleeds from the entire gaming experience you will have from the Ni No Kuni 2. 

All this also makes it an amazing option if you want to enjoy some of the best anime game ps4 offers. It is also the best games pc offers in the anime genre. 

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

Whether you are a fan of ghibli studio games or you have never heard Miyazaki’s name, this game is a must-play. The game plot and the graphics make it an not to miss option if you want the best anime games. This game bleeds the name of ghibli with its exceptional, eye-catching art along with emotional storytelling. 

The gameplay is also nicely made and fits perfectly in the JRPG mold; this game also has the perfect overworld to grind. It offers traverse towns along with cinematic cutscenes and the turn-based option of gameplay. No matter which genre of anime you prefer, this game has an option for you out of which you choose. The thing that separated the Ni No Kuni from other JRPG games’ options is that every element in the game is perfect;y crafted. 

This game’s story and the plot are also crafted perfectly, along with the ghibli studio art and graphics. The story of the game has also aged profoundly and progresses through the storyline perfectly with minimal grinding. Overall this is one of the best anime video games which you can enjoy for an exceptional JRPG experience. 

Dragon Quest 

This is the latest version of the dragon quest game series, which we can say is truly an adventure. If we say in short, then it is ridiculously charming. Colorful, vast, occasionally touching, and paramount touching. This will take you on an adventure ride that you will surely enjoy and be captivated by the gameplay. 

The games’ 3D-inspired elements like the environments are evocative, distinct, and lavish like the Akira Toriyama. What’s even more interesting is that the dragon ball and the Chrono trigger game designers are the same designer team for this game also. The game also offers genuinely heavy and heartbreaking episodes. However, for most of the ride in the game, you will be charmed by the world and its characters. 

The loop of this game also makes it the best anime game as it is challenging and interesting. Moreover, it also offers a balance between the challenge and limit. Thus it will be demanding some are grinding to complete the challenges, although it is not excessive. Overall it is one of the best anime games ps4 offers, which you can also enjoy on pc. 

These are some of the best ps4 anime games, which are astoundingly amazing on all the fonts. Whether you want graphics or the plot, or the challenges, these games have them. What even more moving is the storytelling and the storyline of these games. They offer psychologically amazing options which will keep you interested while keeping you from getting bored. In short, these can be your best go-to options when you want to enjoy some anime-inspired games. 

Final Words

There are numerous anime games out there that claim to be the best anime games ps4 and pc offers. However, not all of them are what they claim, and thus it is not a bad thing to search and find the best. 

One of the best things which you can do to find the best anime games is to go for their reviews. You can also look out for the studios as there are some studios that are known for their work and amazingly awesome graphics. 

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