Best 90’s Computer Games For kids 

Best 90’s Computer Games For kids 

People often say old is gold, and you will feel this line if you are a true gamer. You all might have heard about the best evergreen games released in the 90’s and still much popular among youth. You must have played 90s computer games for kids, and some of them still give the same utility you used to get from them before. In the 21st century, some might have forgotten the names of those games. But what if we take you back to your 90s?


Best 90’s Computer Games For kids

The following article consists of some of the most popular 90s PC games, which you might have played once in your life as a kid. The Nostalgia feeling of old computer games from the 90’s has a different kind of ambiance. Therefore, go through the article and pick the one you wish to play again.




Simcity was one of the first famous games of building your city and ruling them. Today you can take examples from games from Clash of Clans, which is very popular among youth. Then back in the 90’s the same idea was on trend with this game. People used to enjoy it and play with their friends. Who does not like building his world? Everyone and this 90s computer game for kids do it for you. 




Computer-level gaming was always being in trend since back, or we would say these were much more popular than cosplay in earlier times. In this game, you have to rescue small creatures known as Zombies from that bad habitat and give them a new place to live and stay away from the predators. It is a type of puzzle game where you have to rescue the zombies to the safe land. We still regret the zombies who didn’t make it, Lol.




iSpy is a type of detective game in which you have to solve the puzzles to get the map’s broken pieces. There was also a hunting house, which was so fun. You have to look for a treasure by solving the puzzle ultimately. Playing these 90s computer games for kids will surely take you back to the early 2000s. 


The ClueFinders

This game was fun, along with the information you used to get by solving each level. It was a multiplayer game, and it was so fun to play along with your friends. You get to learn about the historical places along with solving the game. It had a history element in it, which made it an educational game.


Reader Rabbit


It was also a type of educational game which was very famous in the ’90s. Learning from it was so fun. It was also designed in a user-friendly way to find it hard to understand. An age group mentioned on the game covers different age groups of kids; after all, who doesn’t want to play a game and gain knowledge from it. Reader Rabbit is one of the most popular 90s educational computer games. 


My Little Pony, Friendship Gardens


It was a type of fairy game which was very popular among kids in the 90’s. This game’s main goal was to train your pony, take care of him, and dress him up. You can go to a party over the rainbow after that. Every kid loves the rainbow, and it was fun to complete a task to see the rainbow. It is one of the best early 2000s computer games for kids. 


Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?


Was it a game to find a badass criminal? Yes. Basically, in this game, you are given clues and a map, and you have to find the criminal. The clues hint at a geographical location where Carmen Sandiego could be hiding. Now you might be connecting this game with one of the most famous modern era games, i.e., among us. But to be honest, it is quite different. There is no doubt this game is one of the best 90s computer games for kids. 


Franklin the Turtle


The game was a beast of its decade. It was often played by many of the kids. The best thing about the game is that it uses the creative sight of the child. There are puzzles, which are difficult for small children. Coloring the mini activities is also a task of this game. If you want a game that can make you more creative with colors and brainstorming, this can be the one. Even if someone would ask me to play it today, I will play it with the same enthusiasm.




The Madeline computer game was one of the stunning and impactful games of the 90’s. This game allows you to explore your creativity and create new things with your skills. The colors and background in this game were pastel and painted. It was an enjoyable game with soft music, and you can play it to relax your mind.




Putt-putt was a driving game, not a racing game, but it was a car helping others. Putt-Putt was a little car that goes to places and helps others, and saves the day. Who doesn’t like helping others? This game was fun, and kids used to get good moral values by playing such games.


Lego Island


The game’s concept was very simple. You have to explore Lego Island, and you can perform the given tasks in the game and have fun. It was a good game. The Island had many things to do, as you can go to a pizza shop or race on a race track, and even you can explore caves on the Island. There are six main characters in the game, and you have to pick anyone to play the game ahead. The game was fun and also mysterious at some point.


Spy Fox


As the game says, it was a detective game where the fox was a famous spy, and the pig was a gangster. You have to find the missing cow CEO. You can spend hours playing them, and the game involves solving the mysteries and finding the cow. Go for this exciting 90s computer game built for kids. This game is obviously not that much popular like present generation’s stunning 4k games but still its a good choice to play. 


Math Blasters


Have you ever thought of playing a game and enhancing your math’s skills at the same time? Yes, Math blaster allowed kids in the 90’s to do that. Math blaster was also a puzzle game where you have to solve the math quiz. It is an outer space game which will give you math education and develop problem-solving skills. The game was very user friendly, and kids came to have easy access to it. In this game, you have to play against a giant bird known as the Mother Bird.


The Slims


The Slims was one of the most popular games in the ’90s. It was so popular that this game had four series of it. We used to play this game a lot, and the game is in trend even nowadays. It is a type of superpower game which gives you the ability to control and create people. You can experience the creativity and humor in these games. This game is owned by EA Games and being sold under its copyright.


Pajama Sam 


Pajama Sam is a very popular animated game in which a little blue boy throws his pajamas. He also threw his mask, cap, and was always ready for action. Pajama man was one of the superman all 90s kids needed. You have to solve the game, and it is not only made for kids, but even older people can play it. Therefore, avoid the age barrier and play this amazing 90s computer game for kids.


Freddie the fish 


Freddie, the fish, was an amazing problem-solving game for the kids in the 90’s. In this game, there is a fish called Freddie along with her little green fish friend. They travel around and solve the mysteries of the deep dark ocean. Along the way, you have to solve the puzzles. You also have to play little games, and you have to make sure that Luther does not eat too many Doodles.

The game was quite difficult for the kids, but you have always won with patience and gaming skills. This game became very popular in the ’90s as it was considered one of the best fun quiz games. 


Final Words


Old 90s computer games are evergreen for true gamers. If you are bored with the present era games or want some nostalgia while playing them, then go for the 90s computer games for kids. The games will not let your expectations go down. Whether you want some educational ones or some adventurous ones, the old gamers bucket list has them all.


I hope you like this article to know more about some more exciting games and stay connected. And, don’t forget to drop your review in the comment section.


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