Stunning 4K Games To Show Off Your Gaming PC

Stunning 4K Games To Show Off Your Gaming PC

Love gaming? Who doesn’t? The arrival of 4K in the pc has taken the pc gaming experience notch up. If your eyes haven’t feasted on the table of 4K games yet, we bring you the best 4K pc games to give your eyes the gaming deliciousness. 

The arrival of 4K gaming consoles has made the pc gaming experience an amazing experience for players. The 4K has twice the pixels at 3,840 x 2,160 from the regular HD consoles that bring the games to life. These new gaming PC’s with their picture quality makes some of the best 4K pc games breathtakingly stunning.

In the article, we will tell you about some of the most mind-wobbling 4K games that you must play to have an immersive gaming experience. You will also find other aspects like hardware, graphic cards, and more that you will need to play some of the best 4K pc games.

Now, let’s begin our gaming journey to have that bewildering experience of 4k pc gaming.

What Do You Need For 4K Gaming?

When it comes to having an astounding 4k gaming experience, you will need some things. These are:

4K TV Or Monitor

The 4k tv and monitors are not a new thing in the market now, and they have made good progress in the market. If you are confused about what to buy, then there are many options available for the 4k TVs and monitors. Some 4k brands you can choose from are Dell, Asus, and more. These 4k monitors and TVs will let you play and enjoy some of the best 4k pc games with a prodigious experience. 

Although to own these products you will need to spend a little more in comparison to other available products in the market.  

Graphic processor Unit

You want a smooth, sleek 60fps gaming experience with your 4k resolution; then, you will need to have a high-end GPU. for it, you can opt for crossfire or an SLI setup. 

To have that immersive experience, you can get the Nvidia Titan X or Nvidia GTX 980 Ti that are the best single card GPUs. These GPUs will let you enjoy those best 4k pc games without interruption. 

If you want to go for a two-card SLI setup, then we recommend you get a pair of Nvidia GTX 980s. This pair will make your gaming experience astoundingly hypnotic. 

Some Best 4k PC Games

Yes, this is obvious as it is what is going to make you fall in love with your gaming pc and console. So, here are some of the best 4k pc games for you to have that enchanting pc gaming experience.


Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

You might be thinking that when the new call of duty: cold war is out, why have we put this version in the best 4k pc games. Aren’t you? Well, the answer is that although the call of duty: black ops have an edge, the call of duty: advanced warfare is what we like. This is because advanced warfare is the most graphically zealous game you can enjoy in 4k. 

In 4k quality, you will truly realize how intense a game it is. You will feel like Kevin Spacey has come to life in the game. 

Battlefield V

The battlefield series of pc games have been some of the most well-known games that are famous for graphics. This game, after the release of battlefield three, has started to get some hyper-realistic graphics making its position on the best 4k pc games. 

The latest in this series, Battlefield V, also stays true to the reputation of the game and also has an additional feature of Ray Tracing. This new feature makes the latest version even more vehement with real life-like explosions and more. 

To enjoy this game to its fullest, we recommend you to get at least a core i7 along with RTX 2080. The minimum RAM requirement for the best experience of this game is 16 GB. 


The Finish originating Remedy Entertainment has always pushed the envelope for some of the eBay in class graphics. The new game ‘control’ for the developer is no different and has some of the most astounding graphics. 

The control game with Ray Tracing is truly a testimonial of how the technology can elevate the gaming experience with light in the room, bouncing off every possible surface. The enticing graphics of this game makes it one of the best 4k pc games you can play for a psychedelic experience. 

The reason we love the graphics of this game so much other than ray tracing is the DLSS 2.0. The DLSS takes your gaming experience a notch up with the help of machine learning. This means that the AI in the game lets it run with higher resolutions and frame rate over fewer system resources. 

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Surprised to see a game from 2015 on the list of best 4k pc games? Don’t. Yes, this is because the witcher, with its stunning graphics, is one of the best games you can play in 4k for a vehement experience. 

The witcher is a scalable game with a slew of evincing graphics that could push even the modern PCs to their extreme. One problem you may encounter is texture, as it will make you realize that the game is five years old. 

Hitman 2

This game is what will push the best of gaming GPUs and CPUs to their limits. Although the older version of the game wasn’t one of the best 4k pc games, you can play. But with the second version, the developer has made many improvements in the game, making it the best. 

You won’t realize how much this game stresses your gaming pc until you boot this game. The hitman is known for its unique and huge maps with multifarious ways to accomplish your target. 

Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor

The pc version of this game is one of the best 4k pc games. It comes with an ultra HD texture feature that requires at least 6GB of memory for best performance. This ultra HD feature of the game is optional. But, you will not regret buying it as it is worth every penny. 

Locating the files on this game is a bit tough, but with its steam URL feature, it has been made easy. The attention given by the developer to the texture mode is fascinating, specifically when you get close to foliage and buildings. This is why this is on our list of best 4k pc games. 

Metro Exodus

‘But can it run Crysis’ the dreaded question from 2007 still runs despite so many years? For enchanting the pc gamers, the famous metro 2033 was released in 2010, and since then, these areas have remained a gaming pillar for performance. 

The latest edition of the series is no different and has everything that makes it some of the best 4k pc games. It comes with real-time ray tracing along with per-object motion blur and liberal use of tessellation. 

Although the game has some low texture parts, it will not distract you from the game as it has so much more to offer. Thus seeing it run on the pc is nothing short of a treat for eyes that will give you a mesmerizing gaming experience. This is one of the best 4k pc games which you can get if you want to experience the next generation of gaming visuals. 

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

The assassin’s creed odyssey is what a true 4k game is meant to be. In this game, you are never running on flat ground with subtle slopes that will guide you through challenging landscapes. Other than the landscape, the game has a very detailed world, which will entice you to explore more and more of it. 

In this new version, the game has improvements than its predecessors and has much demand features like splash color. But what sets the game apart from the other games on the list of best 4k pc games is the setting of it. Other than these, it is one of the best world-class 4k games which you can play for a mesmerizing pc gaming experience. 



These are some of the best 4k pc games you can play for an astounding gaming experience. The games on the list are some of the best, with best in class graphics and storylines that will keep you glued to the screen.

In the article, along with the list of best 4k pc games, you will also find answers to the question of what you need for 4k Gaming. The games and their aspects of the list are based on evaluations and reviews. 

What games according to are a must to play on a 4k pc? What do you think about 4k graphics? Please do let us know in the comment box. 


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