Know-How To Play Bad Time Simulator For Beginners

Know-How To Play Bad Time Simulator For Beginners

Do you want to choose the bad time from normal to endless, custom attack or single attack? Or do you want to use JCW87’s Reskin – that is what is a bad time simulator along with some elements of GotoandDie’s Sans hard battle mode.

If you are playing this game for the first time, then it is so tough for the users that many of the gamers quit; however, if you love difficulties, then you will love this game reskin of Jcw87’s.

This game has a good rating of 4.8 stars, which itself means how much the users love the game. The player can change this game’s difficulty level while playing or before beginning the bad time sim.

Who Made Bad Time Simulator?

This game was made by the pokemaster2005, which comes following the UNDERTALE by the indie developer named TobyFox, which is a game for Ps4, Pc, Vita generally the game which is the reskin of Jcw87’s

If you see the UI of this game, it seems to be simple for the users. However, in reality, the gameplay is very difficult as the level is so hard in this game. For this reason, players love this game. If you have not played this yet, then go for it; we are sure you love this game so much.

What About This Game Is?

This game is all about story type in-game in which the child falls into the underworld filled with monsters. Here as a player, you need to fight with sans to survive.

To Fight With Sans, What You Need To Survive?

You need the genocide to battle with the sans; otherwise, the player will not be able to battle with the sans fight simulator.

How To Kill Monster?

To kill a monster, the player must start from the beginning by killing everyone and ensuring to kill everyone first, then the toriel monster. This game, Bad time simulator, has all along with a different idea.

At the starting of this game, you have to kill 20 monsters in ruins; after that, you need to defeat toriel, the level 1 boss. Once the player defeats toriel, then you proceed to level 2, where you have to kill 26 monsters, and you will get the chance to defeat the papyrus.

After defeating papyrus, you move to level 3, killing 18 monsters before killing undyne. This is how it works in this game.

Evils In The Bad Simulator

Here are some of the evils in the game; the name present in the last is the most powerful evil. The number is the least strong according to the game reviews.

  • Toriel Simulator
  • Papyrus Simulator
  • Undyne Simulator
  • Mettaton Simulator

Bad Time Simulator Custom Attacks

Custom attacks for the game which players can use in the game while playing the game. Players can defeat the monsters with the help of custom attacks.

Custom attacks are generally different from the attacks which are generally performed to defeat the monsters like toriel, papyrus, undyne, and mettaton.

Different Modes For The Bad Time Simulator

The game has many modes to differentiate the gameplay and make it more effective for the players who are using it. Changing the game modes while playing the game leads to an increase in the users’ difficulty level. It also leads to advance, that gameplay will change. This mode will simply boost the game’s performance so that when the users play this game, the player will not get bored in a short period of time.

Different Game Modes For The Bad Time Sim

    • Multiplayer: In this mode, the player can play with other players in order to defeat the monster in this game. The multiplayer can be 2×2 or 4×4, and also you can play with your friends.
    • Team: In this mode, you can team up with the other players of the game leads. It is more fun and enjoyable for players to play in the team and can trounce the monsters.
    • Vehicle/Equipment: This mode is different in which vehicles and equipment are present there for the players to make this game cooler.
    • Map/Level: There are different maps or levels, and also you can change the difficulty level of this game according to the will.
    • Tutorial Mode: This mode is beneficial for the players who are new to this game; the tutorial mode helps the new players to understand this game and know how to play a bad time simulator.

Bad Time Simulator – Papyrus Fight

The papyrus is the second main battle of the underworld, which is present in the Sweden area in the game. Before defeating the level boss, the player has to kill 26 monsters. If you have not killed any monster and move ahead to defeat the papyrus, then it becomes very hard to defeat this monster.

Bad Time Simulator – Undyne Fight

This monster is the anamorphic monster in this game. She has scales all over the body and has a red-colored ponytail. To defeat this monster, the player needs to kill all the 18 monsters then you can defeat undyne.

Final Words

Bad time simulator is fun and amazing to play. However, levels are difficult to play, and this game is based on some of the cheat codes of the game. There are different game modes that you can play, like the tutorial mode, multiplayer mode, and so on. As we discussed, you have to defeat the monster like papyrus, undyne, and many more to move ahead. 

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