ATOMIC HEART TWINSThere are several unexpected turns in the Atomic Heart Twins narrative. In Atomic Heart, betrayal, duplicity, and amnesia are major plot points. Dr. Sechenov’s devoted bodyguards,, Left and Right, illustrate how all these ideas come together. Agent the P-3 learns more about them during the battle than he can manage. They are actively attempting to kill him while he tries to comprehend their origins. It’s the player’s responsibility to keep P-3 focused despite his confusion.

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 The Atomic Heart Twins have a diverse move set that includes showy, theatrical assaults, like most of the other bosses in the game. This fight is already tricky because there are two distinct targets, but the reality that their moves work so effectively together only makes it more difficult. They are one of the few bosses who give the player much freedom, yet surprisingly, they don’t have many resistances or vulnerabilities.

The Twins’ Stats

Even on Armageddon’s difficulty, the atomic heart Twins health reserves are not particularly large. But they are all healthy. Their health bars balance out when one suffers more damage than the other. This implies that one can avoid the other and concentrate on the other.

Only one resistance is shared by Left and Right: Left is resistant to electricity, and Right is impervious to ranged weaponry. Both are immune to weaknesses. Bringing a fire and ice cartridge is still recommended because they will at least add some damage.

What to Bring

Once more, it is evident that the Zvezdochka is the most excellent tool for this battle. To make them the most Zvezdochka’s charging attack, however, you should carry a few things with the players. The players should carry the following abilities, supplies, and gear to their battle with the twins:

  •  Zvezdochka: Customized for the reverse shot charge attack, supreme damage, and minimum charge attack value.
  • Mass Telekinesis: Customized through Increased Power. Although not technically necessary, Drastic Measures or Neuro-Synaptic Acceleration additionally represent excellent concepts.
  • Polymeric Shield: It’s an excellent idea to upgrade with the sponge effect, more polymerase group, and a neuro-synaptic accelerator, but none of these are essential.
  • Sleazeball: With this skill, all Twins assaults can be blocked with well-timed dodges. 
  • Dynamo: P-3’s energy can be refilled with just a few of these throughout the battle.
  • Large Medcapsules: At this stage of the game, it is required to use the huge size. Small Med Capsules Spamming takes too long.
  • Fire or Ice Cartridges: Both will be enough to increase attacks’ overall damage output slightly.
  • Condensed Milk: Condensed Milk’s minor damage boost pays off handsomely when combined with the Zvezdochka’s charge attack’s quick assaults.

How to Defeat the Twins in Atomic Heart

P-3 will be equipped with the tools as mentioned above when he is prepared to face Sechenov and face the atomic heart Twins. Even though it’s a challenging encounter, particularly when dealing with Armageddon difficulty, this loadout can get the job done very quickly.

You should aim for a deceptively straightforward attack pattern. If P-3 continues like this, the Twins won’t last long:

  1. Use the twins into the air with mass telekinesis to lift both of them. 
  2. Hit the raised Twin as long as you can using Zvezdochka’s Reverse Shot charge attack.
  3. Turn on, Polymeric Shield.
  4. Let the Left approach and wreak havoc on her by allowing Zvezdochka to regain energy before the Polymeric Shield wears off.

Maintain a Condensed Milk and a Dynamo in operation at all times. This strategy ensures that P-3 has enough power to use the Zvezdochka’s Reverse Shot to strike devastatingly while one or both Twins are being raised by mass telekinesis. However, removing the Twins does not truly stop them from fighting, unlike the battle with Dewdrop. If P-3 wants to have any chance of launching his attack, he must evade their assaults.

The Twins’ Attacks

The atomic heart Twins perform some attacks alone with others and jointly. Right prefers to float around the room while Left prefers to assault with a melee attack. Although there are some fundamental kicks and punches are there, the following are the most significant attacks:

Left: Energy Wave

Left soars into the air before crashing to the ground, sending an enveloping energy wave across the space. To avoid it, leap over the cresting point or sidestep it as it passes. The Polymeric Barrier can also deflect this attack.

Left: Energy Slash

Left creates a slice of electricity by swinging her legs. She may send them out horizontally or vertically and frequently combines them. Although the Polymeric Barrier may halt all assaults, they may additionally be avoided by dodging or jumping.

Left: Energy Ribbon

Left takes a stance and then slowly revolves, sending a broad energy ribbon across the floor. The best defence against this attack is to leap over it and dash through the air over it.

Right: Polymer Boulder

Right could develop an immense boulder of Polymer and then revolve towards P-3. The easiest way to prevent it is to either dodge immediately before it hits or activate the Polymeric Barrier to absorb it because it swings to hit him anywhere he goes.

Both: Polymer Splash

Right launches a polymer boulder into the air, splashing down and dispersing polymer all across the space. Regularly, the right will execute this attack, but on occasion, the atomic heart twins will collaborate. When they do, an energy wave and the boulder also strike the ground. The easiest approach to entirely avoid harm while this is going on is to use polymeric barriers. 

Both: Laser Beams

From their eyeballs, left and right can shoot laser beams. Even when being hoisted by mass telekinesis, they can still perform this, but not as precisely. They occasionally work together to launch this onslaught. Right, will use a huge mirror to reflect the laser that the left will fire at him. Right sweeps the newly improved beam in the duration of the p-3. To get away from sweeping cones, the easiest method for preventing this is to sidestep towards the right or left completely. 

Both: Laser Prism

The Laser Prism is the Twins’ most effective weapon. They do this at least occasionally while engaged in combat. Thankfully, it can be easily avoided. Choose a safe place, turn around, and look at the centre of the prism, then scamper about to stay there.

In spite of how destructive these assaults could be, Agent P-3 could defeat the Twins if he maintains the attack mentioned above pattern. If he undertakes, he will receive the Happy Ending as compensation. Even with Armageddon difficulty, it takes considerable skill, but it is possible.


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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1) The twins’ Atomic Heart vulnerability is what?

Ans. Only one resistance is shared by Left and Right: Left is resistant to electricity, and Right is impervious to ranged weaponry. Both are immune to weaknesses. Bringing a fire and ice capsule is still recommended because they will at least add some damage.

Q2) Do both of the twins from Atomic Heart have to be defeated?

Ans. Atomic Heart: The Twins Final Fight Guide – IGN

The Twins, the game’s final boss battle, are only accessible if the player decides to pursue Sechenov and finish the Fight Ending.


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