Fortnite: All Alien Artifact Fortnite Week 3 Locations

Fortnite: All Alien Artifact Fortnite Week 3 Locations

Alien Artifact Fortnite Week 3 – Players must gather many Alien Artifacts to acquire all the Kymera skin variations in Alien Artifacts Fortnite Week 3 Season 7. The primary method of obtaining this currency is locating it on the map. Moreover, new sets of Alien Artifacts will be introduced into the game every week, with the third week of Fortnite Season 7 being no exception. This guide will provide details on where to find all the recently added Alien Artifacts.

It should be noted that the Alien Artifacts Fortnite Week 3 are scheduled to be released simultaneously with the Week 3 Epic and Legendary Quests. The challenges are anticipated to be available on Thursday, June 24, although there was an earlier release of last week’s Quests than anticipated. Therefore, players are advised to verify their access to the new weekly challenges before heading to the indicated locations below. Otherwise, they may risk wasting their time.

Alien Artifacts Fortnite Week 3 Season 7: Alien Artifact Fortnite Week 3 Locations

Alien Artifact 1 (Coral Castle): To acquire the first Alien Artifact (Coral Castle), gamers must climb to the top floor of the central building at Coral Castle and locate the Alien Artifact situated just above the stone obelisk.


Alien Artifact 2 (Craggy Cliffs): The second Alien Artifact (Craggy Cliffs) can be found inside a suspended boat in one of the three tall garage doors of a structure located near the beach at the northeast corner of Craggy Cliffs.


Alien Artifact 3 (Boney Burbs): Fortnite enthusiasts can find the third Alien Artifact (Boney Burbs) in a room adjacent to the exterior staircase with destroyed walls inside the central structure of Boney Burbs.


Alien Artifact 4 (Slurpy Swamp): For the last Alien Artifact (Slurpy Swamp) of the week, players should head to a small building north of the primary factory in Slurpy Swamp, accessible through a door at the north end or the walkway extending from the central structure.


By map exploration, players can now acquire a total of 14 Alien Artifacts thanks to the latest additions. However, it’s important to note that there are other means of obtaining these artifacts besides exploration, such as looting them from Cosmic Chests in Fortnite. These chests can be found in Duos, Trios, and Squad matches. Teaming up and prioritizing opening these chests is advisable for players who wish to unlock Kymera customizations early.

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Where are all the alien artifacts in Fortnite week 3?

The places mentioned, such as Coral Castle, Craggy Cliffs, Bony Burbs, and Slurpy Swamp, are considered Named Locations. If you encounter an Alien Artifact floating in the air, just interact with it to claim your loot. It’s an easy process, just like eating a slice of pie. 

Where is the best place to find alien artifacts in Fortnite Week 3?

Close to the violet extraterrestrial flora located south of Craggy Cliffs, there is a landing pad at Dockside Dish towards the west of Dirty Docks. Another cluster of purple alien trees can be found towards the west of Boney Burbs. Additionally, Hydro 16 is situated on the road leading east out of Slurpy Swamp.

How many alien artifact locations are there?

You can find the Alien Artifacts fortnite week 3 canister nestled in the bend of a pipe structure located on the side of the building. You can obtain all 20 of the Alien Artifacts by visiting these five locations.

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