Aerobic Workouts for Rugby Players

Aerobic Workouts for Rugby Players

 The main difference between rugby player workouts before the season and during the season is when players are playing rugby during the season, their joints take a serious beating, and they wouldn’t want to compound this problem with workout between matches and practice.

The pre-game season is when the player builds their stamina and increase their fitness level, which make the workout longer and more strenuous then they should be during the rugby season. If the fitness sessions for rugby season will be longer, the player will be pretty beaten up, and there will be a limit of their physical accomplishment during these workout plans.

Off-Season Rugby workout plan

Your main objective should be to get your body moving. Practice running for a certain amount of season rugby workout plan

Duration of the workout: during the off-season of rugby, cardio workouts should be the main focus of the player. The aerobic workout should be as long as a rugby match for 40-80 minutes. This way, the joints will get punding, and you will not end up ruining your performance during the match.

Tools: try different exercises like running, walking, treadmills, StairsMaster, elliptical Trainers, actual bikes, stationary bikes, aerobics, spinning classes, or rowing machines. You don’t have to get a Gym membership or but these workout tools for rugby cardio workout; you just have to put on your shoes and head out for a quick run.

Workout Plan:

StairMaster for 15 minutes, Walk for 45 minutes, 

  • 20 minutes Row, and 1-minute rest (repeat this workout cycle twice)
  • One spinning class (possibly take twice if the spinning instructor isn’t making your practice tough exercise)
  • Run for 80 minutes ( increase your capacity and distance over time, elite runners cover half marathon in 80 minutes)
  • Ride a stationary bike while watching at least two episodes of your favorite TV show.

In-Season Rugby workout planrugby workout plan

The main objective of doing workouts during the rugby season is working out enough, so you stay fit and do not overwork your body to harm your performance during the actual practice and match.

Durationof the workout: the duration of the workout should be much less than offseason workouts. You have to work out to maintain body fitness. Keep your workouts 15-30 minutes long.

Tools: you can practice any exercise that gets you going and moves the body on lower intensity. If an exercise hurts your body after you have completed the warmup session, then stop it and try some other low-intensity exercise. This should be followed, especially after the match and practice sessions. You can try swimming; this is a great in-season workout. Bikes, either stationary or actual both will work well similar to elliptical trainers. If you don’t like working out in a gym, then put on your shoes and go outside for a quick jog or a run.

In-Season rugby Workout plan

  • Swim for 20 minutes
  • Run-on, a track in 3 laps, walk one lap and repeat the cycle for two more times
  • bike ride for 15 minutes to lunch; eat lunch, and ride back again but within 15 minutes
  • Walk up steps 15 minutes in office or apartment building.


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