15 Best Zombie Games for Xbox One, Series X and S

15 Best Zombie Games for Xbox One, Series X and S

Here, we’ll be ranking the top xbox zombie games, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S zombie games. These titles may be played on either the Xbox One (Xbox 360’s successor) or the Xbox One S (Xbox 360’s successor). Here are some thrilling games that may be played alone or with companions.


Strange Brigade

Warning: some crude humour and violence

Bloodshed or frequent violence

Four players maximum

Strange Brigade is first on our list of the top xbox zombie games, an action-adventure shooter with an Egyptian mummy twist. Seteki, the Witch Queen, and her Strange Brigade have had their ancient burial site disrupted. In co-op mode, up to four players take against the queen and her army of the undead over various environments, including dig sites and pyramids.

Along with the zombie queen and her army, you’ll have to deal with traps and riddles, including legendary animals like minotaurs, enormous scorpions, and more. Although the mummies resemble zombies rather than the real thing, players have reported relatively few differences in the gameplay.

The gun-based action, puzzle-solving, and well-designed characters in Strange Brigade are praised for their inclusion in single-player and multiplayer modes. However, others complained that the game became too simple and boring to play over time. In addition, the character development was a little on the flat side.


Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse, Aged 17 and up.

Violence, Gore, and Brutal Humour

Strong Bloodshed, Strong Language, and Suggestive Content

The following entry on our list of the top xbox zombie games flips the script. You don’t play as a human trying to battle zombies in Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel without a Pulse; you play as a zombie. You go by the name Stubbs, or more formally, Edward “Stubbs” Stubblefield while you’re still around. The world of this third-person action game is a throwback to the future. Fifties-inspired fashions are mixed with futuristic touches like hover vehicles. The goal is simple otherwise: as Stubbs, your task is to feast on brains (the more you eat, the stronger you become) and amass an army of zombies dedicated only to you. 

The local humans have teamed together to combat the zombie menace, and are presumed to be Communists due to the allusions to the 1950s. However, based on player feedback, the enjoyment of Stubbs is directly proportional to the player’s level of enthusiasm for eating brains. That being said, this retro favourite is a humorous and action-packed take on the traditional zombie genre, and it’s now available on Xbox.


The Undead Walkers 

Aged 17 and up.

Terror and Carnage

Extreme Gore and Swearing

It leads the list of xbox zombie games, and any game based on The Walking Dead, a massively popular graphic book series and television phenomenon, deserves to be included in any most excellent zombie game list. This action-adventure game continues the Walking Dead saga before Rick Grimes’s involvement. You’ll be playing the part of Rick Everett, a former prisoner. Everett is given a second shot at the outside world as civilization crumbles, but he finds it overrun with zombies. As Everett tries all in his power to save a little child named Clementine, he faces new challenges. 

The audience will appreciate the real-world repercussions of your choices. Reviews have indicated that the narrative of these zombie survival games is so moving that several viewers have shed tears at the end. You should instead anticipate a point-and-click adventure game with some quick-time events and conversation tree branching. We’ve heard that the script and voice acting are excellent, just as rough and gritty as The Walking Dead series fans would anticipate. 


Dead Rising 

Aged 17 and up.

There is a lot of blood and violence.

Discourse and Intoxication

We now go on to Dead Rising, another excellent xbox zombie games. Freelance photojournalist Frank West is your character in this game. West is on assignment when he finds a typical American community overrun by zombies. He then escapes to the shopping centre nearby, where he must devise a strategy for a counterattack using the resources at his disposal. Zombies in this realm, interestingly enough, still have a spark of their former selves. Even when you’re not actively participating in the game, time continues to go by in real-time. 

Those who played the zombie survival games hail this remake as a significant improvement. The swarm technique is excellent because it makes it seem like the zombies are all around you. Furthermore, many of the classic features have been kept intact. It’s one of the finest zombie survival games ever developed and runs well in high definition. However, others may find it to be too old-fashioned.


Death Road to Canada


Extreme Gore and Brutal Jokes

“Action,” “Independent,” “Role-Playing Game”

Yes, it is one of the best zombie games. But does it exclude the possibility of it becoming adorable? That’s the case in Death Road to Canada, the next zombie game we’ll review. In this hypothetical road trip generator, you and your loved ones go on an adventure of a lifetime. Make the characters look and behave precisely how you want them to with the help of the character designer. The only catch is that the zombies have barricaded every route. So you’ll have to fight, sidestep, and duck through them. You’ll learn new abilities and equip new weapons as you go. Meanwhile, IF-style occurrences guarantee always fresh gaming. 

According to player reviews, Death Road to Canada is surprisingly humorous for a zombie RPG. It’s easy to pick up and play, yet it has enough complexity to keep you interested over time. Our research discovered that the custom character maker was the most often used function. In addition, the game’s local co-op mode, which supports up to four players, makes it much more enjoyable when played with others.




Conflict, Death

Indie, Role-Playing Game, Simulation, Action

Dysmantle, a novel set in a dystopian future, begins when the protagonist leaves his underground shelter. Mutated zombies now overrun the island he once called home. The player’s goals in the game are to avoid being killed, learn what caused the end of the world, and escape the island.

 There are challenges to overcome, abilities to hone, and an arsenal of weapons and gadgets to amass. In addition, players are tasked with eliminating waves of more complicated, fast-moving zombies to progress through the game, which fans have praised as exciting and addicting. 

Some players felt the game became tedious after a while. However, the game has been well-optimized thanks to player input, and the attention to detail is consistent across the board. If you’re looking for a survival game, go elsewhere; this one leans more towards role-playing than survival, and some people have even termed it a cookie-clicker masquerading as a zombie game. For other gamers, the amount of “grind” was also too high. 


Zombie Army 4: Dead War

Aged 17 and up.

Graphic Murder, Strong Language, and Extreme Violence

Conflict, Danger, and a Gun

If you’re looking for the best zombie games, any Zombie Army titles will do, but we recommend Zombie Army 4: Dead War. The last game gave the impression that Hitler had been sent to the afterlife, but the fourth instalment reveals that this is not the case. The plot recounts the closing days of World War II, except this time, zombie Nazis led by Hitler fight it. Up to four players may combat zombies, obtain better weapons, and ultimately reclaim victory for the Allies in this RPG.

Playing with pals, according to reviews, makes this game much better. The levelling up and combo-based skills have seen significant upgrades from their predecessors. However, several gamers were not happy that so much weaponry was behind paywalls, considering the game’s high price.




Conflict, Death

Free-roaming Survival Game

In Unturned, the other zombie games xbox one we reviewed, you are the lone survivor of the zombie apocalypse. The goal of the Linux-built sandbox game from 2017 is to survive, so that’s what you’ll be doing whether you go on the offensive or take cover. You may develop three primary areas of expertise as you travel: offence, defence, and support. In this realm, the undead may become invisible and even breathe fire.

You and up to twenty-four people may play together online with an Xbox Live Gold membership, or you can play locally in split-screen mode, making it one of the best zombie survival games. Try out arena mode for one-on-one showdowns. The game has been praised for being fresh in the tired zombie genre. The visual aesthetic is reminiscent of Minecraft and similar to Minecraft, we discovered that modifications are accessible and new content is constantly released. However, some gamers have complained that it has grown too similar to Roblox.


World War Z 

Aged 17 and up.

Graphic Murder, Explicit Lyrics, Terrifying Action

Included in the 12 Languages

Next on our list is World War Z, a film in one of the most successful zombie film series of all time. The best-selling novel and its film adaptation inspire this cooperative third-person shooter. World War Z could be the best option if graphic zombie combat is what you want. Swarm Engine technology is used to portray the endless horde of the undead, adding an added layer of realism to the scene. You and the hordes of zombies engage in warfare across the whole universe. There will be player-against-player combat. 

There are sixteen character classes to try out and many deadly weapons to acquire during the game. There is support for up to four online co-op players and eight online multiplayer players. Players love it because of the extensive skill tree. Some gamers may be disappointed that local co-op isn’t included in this release. However, those who have played it think it’s fantastic. Some say you can play it for hours and not tire. 


Dead Island Definitive Edition 

Aged 17 and up.

Drug use, foul language, and extreme violence are all present.

Blood and gore, sexual content, and alcohol use.

The second game we looked at on the list of zombie games xbox one was Dead Island Definitive Edition, which takes place on a fictionalized version of Banoi Island, located off the coast of Australia. When a zombie outbreak occurs, you’ll be one of four people told to leave a hotel complex. This free-roaming four-player co-op is only fun because of the brutal melee fighting. However, there is also a lovely desert island paradise to discover, with both natural and built-up regions to suit the needs of tourists. The dynamic quest structure, collectable weapons that can be upgraded, and a general sense of advancement are all highlights. 

The most pressing question is, where does the unusual “voice” coming from the surrounding loudspeakers come from, and what exactly is it saying? Is this the key to your survival? This updated version is most fun when played with others. Don’t get your hopes up for the plot, but there is much to discover, and the zombie slaying gets excellent reviews.


Back 4 Blood

Aged 17 and up.

Violence, Drug Allusions, and Gore

Explicit Content, Extreme Violence

Back 4 Blood on Xbox One made it into our top five greatest zombie games. A parasite-driven zombie pandemic threatens to wipe out humanity as we know it. Choose one of eight playable “cleaners” who are immune to disease and may work together in teams of four. You may go on missions and acquire weaponry. Unlike other xbox zombie games, where murdering is the primary goal, this one requires some planning ahead of time. We also enjoy how you may play cooperatively with others or competitively against them in PVP.

According to reviews, this game is ideal for any zombie enthusiast because of its exciting gameplay and “over-the-top violence.” You won’t be disappointed if you like the Left 4 Dead series from the same developers that made Back 4 Blood. It’s great fun to “grind” (compete) against your pals, either online or in person. 



Violence, Swearing, and Explicit Language

Multiplayer/Co-op Play (2-60) Online

In search of a challenging, online, multiplayer zombie game? If so, DayZ may be the finest Xbox zombie game you’ve ever played. In a survival game, your arsenal consists of what you can carry and a few essential items. The action occurs in Russia, where you’ll roam and scrounge for supplies. There are no saves or checkpoints. Thus failure is permanent. Like in any decent zombie tale, the protagonist isn’t the only one the survivors have to worry about. With support for sixty players across both online and local modes, this game’s danger is always around the corner. 

Whether or not you believe in zombies, this is undeniably one of the most thrilling and informative survival games available. Defeat the weather, hunger, disease, and wild creatures. If the reported problems were fixed, we’d feel better. However, many wish they could begin DayZ again from scratch as if it would be like experiencing the game for the first time.


7 Days to Die

Adventure and Action

Extreme Gore, Language, and Violence

7 Days to Die is the next game in our list of the greatest xbox zombie games, and it’s getting close to taking the top place. There has been a zombie apocalypse, and now it is up to you to stay alive. The game has elements from various genres, including survival, tower defence, role-playing, and more. You can play with others or by yourself as you hunt, loot, and battle. You may let the game’s universe develop randomly or choose a premade one based on the made-up city of Navezgane, Arizona. 

Specifically, we discovered that the in-game landscape is voxel-based, similar to Minecraft but with a more refined aesthetic, making this game one of the best zombie survival games. Most notably, it improves the realism of the physics involved in constructing shelters and other such things. In addition, fans have praised 7 Days to Die, praising the game’s map generation, atmosphere, and gameplay. In what some have called the only genuine survival-based zombie RPG, players will loot, fight zombies, construct bases, and craft. 


State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition is One of Xbox’s 15 Best Zombie Games.

Aged 17 and up.

Violence, Drug Allusions, and Gore

Extreme Gore and Swearing

State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition is the second-to-last game on zombie games xbox one list. You play as one of the few humans still alive after a zombie apocalypse in this free-roaming survival fantasy game. You then have the responsibility of reestablishing civilization (or at least the little part of it that you and your fellow survivors manage to keep going).

 You must gather resources, go on missions, construct a haven, and guard it at all costs. In online co-op mode, you may visit other players at their bases as they progress in the same region. The main story may be completed in ten hours, while the siege defence mode can be completed in four hours.

We found the game’s core gameplay straightforward and intuitive, which is why it falls under the list of zombie games xbox one. Personalization options for both the look and the wardrobe are also common aspects. Notably, you may play your character in any way you wish, whether as a selfless leader or a ruthless dictator motivated only by personal gain. Reports indicate that State of Decay 1 fan will like the sequel just as much, if not more. 


Dead Space 2: Stay Human 

Aged 17 and up.

Blood and Gore, Extreme Violence

Strong Language and Suggestive Subject Matter

Finally, Dying Light 2: Stay Human has topped our list of the greatest xbox zombie games. Players of the first game will recall that a zombie pandemic was a primary concern. In this game, you are a traumatized survivor in a post-apocalyptic world. In addition to fighting zombies, you’ll have to choose whether you support the ruling faction or are on the same side as the other survivors. 

The world’s reaction to the zombie invasion and your circumstances continue to be shrouded in mystery. Playable in single-player and co-op for two to four players after a tutorial-heavy beginning. Once you get the hang of it, the gameplay is just as enjoyable as you remember it being in the original release.

This is the list of best zombie survival games in detail. 


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