Worst Pokemon Ever in Pokemon Go

Worst Pokemon Ever in Pokemon Go

Not all the pokemon in Pokemon Go are worth your efforts. There are some worst pokemon that you can avoid when playing the game. In order to decide the worst pokemon, you should not solely rely on the CP rating. It is essential to consider three main stats defenses, stamina, and attack. We have rounded up a list of the worst pokemon in Pokemon Go to help you raise your game level. 

Worst Pokemon In Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is one of the best GPS games which has attained remarkable popularity in the past few years. It allows you to live all your fantasies of catching pokemon and participating in battles. 

If you are a fan of Pokemon Go, then you should be aware of the different types of pokemon in the game. This will allow you to make your game stronger and participate actively in the battles. For instance, there are some rare pokemon in Pokemon Go that can take your game to the next level. Similarly, there are some worst pokemon that are not worth the effort. Here are some worst pokemon ever. 


It is one of the weakest Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Fearow evolves from Spearow and has two quick moves: peck and steel wing. The max capacity of this pokemon is CP of 2257 and has a defense score of 133 and attack 182. 

The change moves of this weak pokemon are Drill Run, Sky Attack, and Aerial Ace. Among these three attacks, Sky Attack is comparatively strong, whereas the other two lack in DPS. Fearow comes in the list of worst pokemon ever because there are better flying pokemon that are stronger and better. You should choose other flying pokemon as compared to Fearow. It looks cute and cool but is not worth the effort. 


This one is an electric pokemon, which means it has only electric moves. The maximum capacity of Pachirisu is 1372. Moreover, its defense score is 172, and the attack score is only 94, which makes it fall in the list of weakest pokemon. 

Pachirisu has two quick moves: Spark and Volt Switch. Both are the worst moves in terms of DPS. The charge attacks of Pachirisu include Thunder Punch, Thunderbolt, and Thunder. All three are amazing moves, but Pachirisu can not use them properly due to its low attack score. Due to this reason, it is not only the worst pokemon ever but also the weakest one.  


Combee evolves into Verspiquen, and it is one of the worst pokemon. The max capacity of this one is 2267. It has an attack score of 149, and the defense is 190. Moreover, the stamina of this pokemon is 172.

 If one plays the game by DPS, then this pokemon has two quick attacks: Bug Bite and Poison Sting. The worst thing is that both the attacks are weak and do not have a good EPS rating. It also has Air Slash and Fury Cutter, but both are waste. 

Charge attacks of Verspiqueen are Bug Buzz, Signal Beam, Fell Stinger, X-Scissor, and Power Gem. Among these attacks, Power Gem and X-Scissor have average DPS ratings. On the other hand, the DPS rating of Big Buzz is lower than average. When it comes to the attacks of Verspiqueen, the X-Scissor is probably the best as it has a quick recharge time. 


Venomoth evolves from Venonat. This one is a Gen 1 Poison or Bug-type pokemon, which never grows stronger in the game. The maximum CP of this pokemon is 2354, and stamina is 172. It has an attack score of 179, and defense is 143. The weaknesses of Venomoth include Fire, Rock, Flying, and psychics, which are the most common attacks. 

The quick attacks of Venomoth include Infestation, Confusion, and Bug Bite. In terms of recharge time, middling, and EPS, all three attacks are middling. The best fast attack of Venomoth is Bug Bite, but this one is a legacy move. The other two attacks are weak and almost useless. 


Dugtrio evolves from Digletss. If you have played Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green, you will easily remember this pokemon. The maximum CP of Dugtrio is 1772, and stamina is 111. It has a defense score of 134 and an attack of 167. In Pokemon Go, Dugtrio is one of the best pokemon to collect and then left out for pasture. 

The low stamina of Dugtrio makes it the worst pokemon to train. Its quick attacks include Sucker Punch, Mud-Slap, and Mud Shot. All these three attacks are poor in terms of EPS and DPS. The charge moves of Dugtrio are Mud Bomb, Earthquake, and Stone Edge. Among these three attacks, Stone Edge is amazing in terms of DPS, but it takes time to recharge. If it is essential for you to use this pokemon, then opt for using Earthquake attack. 


Seeking evolves from Goldeen but is weak as compared to other Water-types pokemon. It has a max CP of 2444 and stamina of 190. The attack score of Seeking is 175, and defense is 147. The stats of Seeking are not the worst, but its moves could be better. 

Some quick moves of Seeking include Poison Jab, Peck, and Waterfall. Among these three, Waterfall has the best score due to its high DPS, but its EPS and charge time is below average. It can also perform charge moves like Drill Run and Icy Wind. There are various water-type pokemon better than Seeking. So, it is better not to waste time on training Seeking.  


Arbok evolves from Ekans and is not strong in the regular series. However, when it comes to Pokemon Go, Arbok is the worst pokemon. The maximum CP of Arbok is 2171, and the stamina score is 155. Its attack score is 167, and defense is 153. Now you must be thinking why Arbok is the weakest pokemon? The answer is the weak move-sets are the primary reason which makes it the worst pokemon. 

Quick moves of Arbok include Acid, Dragon Tail, and Bite. The DPS of dragon Tail is the best in the whole game, but the EPS is worse. The bite and acid lack in both the domains. Charge moves of Arbok include Acid Spray, Dark Pulse, Gunk Shot, and Sludge Wave. The poor moves make Arbok not only the worst pokemon but also the dumber pokemon. 


Lickitung is one of the worst pokemon, not at all worth the effort. The stamina of Lickitung is 207, which is quite impressive, but its attack score is 108 and defense is 137, which are weak. What else? Lickitung has poor move-sets, which makes it the worst pokemon. 

The quick moves of Lickitung are Licj and Zen Headbutt, and both have poor EPS and DPS. You can teach Stomp, Power Whip, or Hyper Beam to Lickitung, and Hyper Beam is the worst of all. Body Slam is the best charge move of Lickitung with good damage and low energy cost. Nevertheless, other pokemon like Snorlax is better than Lickitung. It is not worth investing your training efforts in Lickitung. 


When it comes to the dumbest pokemon, Chansey is top on the list. Though it is cute, cuddly, and pink, it is one of the worst pokemon. The max CP of Chansey is 1255, and the stamina score is 487. Its attack score is 60, and defense is 128. The worst part of having Chansey is that it never evolves. Therefore, it is better to avoid this pokemon.


It is one of the worst pokemon with a max CP of 667 and stamina of only 120. The attack score of Zubat is 83, and defense is 73. This one is not a common catch due to its small size. You will have to throw a lot of pokeballs in order to catch this one. However, the efforts are not worth it as they have poor scores. However, if you are lucky enough, you can evolve this one to Golbat, which is far better than Zubat. 


This one is a weak pokemon with a max CP 734 and stamina of 102. Its attack score is 103, and defense is 70. Fighting is the weakness of this pokemon which makes it the worst pokemon in Pokemon Go. Moreover, you have to throw a lot of pokeballs to catch this one. Though it can evolve to Raticate, that is also disappointing. 


Digletss has a max CP score of 746 and stamin 67. The attack score of Diglett is 107, and defense is 78, which includes it in the list of worst pokemon. This one is a perfect answer to the question; what is the weakest pokemon. Another worst thing about dialects is that they can only learn mediocre moves, which are not enough to fight a battle. 


This one is bug pokemon with max CP 450 and stamina 137. The attack score of this weak pokemon is 45, and the defense is 80. It is vulnerable to rock, fire, and flying, which are some basic moves. If you are planning to have Metapod, then trust me, you are going to regret it. 


Weedle is one of the worst pokemon with a max CP 456 and stamina of 120. It has an attack score of 63, and the defense is 50. This one is vulnerable to rock, psychic, fire, and flying movies, which reflects that it is not actually good for anything. 


Caterpie has a max CP 437 and a stamina score of 128. Moreover, its attack and defense score are 55 only, which makes it the weakest pokemon. It can only do Struggle, Bug Bite, and Tackle. All these moves are not enough for a good battle. 

Final Words

Pokemon Go is a fun and entertaining game. This mobile anime game allows you to catch a wide range of pokemon and participate in battles. However, there are some weak pokemon that you should avoid as they are not worth the training efforts. Tell us about the worst pokemon, according to you, by dropping a comment. 

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