How To Catch Worms Dreamlight Valley

How To Catch Worms Dreamlight Valley

worms dreamlight valleyThe newest sim-themed game from Disney, Dreamlight Valley, has attracted much interest from player communities worldwide. Players are tested by the game’s vibrant Disney characters and action-packed objectives. While others, like the Maui mission that requires you to find Disney worms in Dreamlight Valley, can be challenging.

Worms are one of the most important collection species in the game, for those who are unaware. In Disney Worms Dreamlight Valley, players can acquire a tonne of items, and each one will serve an important function in the game. Every game character engages with the environment simultaneously, adding to the enjoyment of the experience.

In that situation, players will also encounter a task from Maui, who will ask them to gather several worms to advance the plot. The main issue right now is that instructions need to be provided on how to find these worms for Maui.

Dreamlight Valley Worms from Disney

To find in worms Disney Dreamlight Valley, you must first understand the specifics of the task. Now that you know it’s one of the Maui mission’s goals, players must unlock Moana’s character to get this quest. 

Players must advance through the Disney Worms Dreamlight Valley narrative until they reach the Moana world to experience that situation. The way players unlock the Dream Castle at the beginning of the game is similar to how Moana realm works. Additionally, this realm will feature every well-known Moana character from the Disney film. The quest’s primary goals are to gather worms and softwood. This is so that Maui may get an eel before taking you on the trip to gather coconuts in the valley. He will need you to bring some worms to set a trap to catch an eel for the mission to introduce Coconuts into the Valley.  

How to Get The Worms?

  • You are still determining where to start now that you have been given the aim to obtain some softwoods and worms. However, collecting these 3x worms is a small deal; you may quickly collect them by following basic instructions. One of the tasks in the “Burying the Eel” quest can be finished by just looking for worms throughout the Valley. 
  • The Valley might seem too large to search all at once. Fortunately, if you pay close attention to what Maui said, he mentioned that Valley is where worms live and is close to lakes. This will greatly help you in your Find the Worms quest because you will only be looking in certain places throughout worms dreamlight valley.
  • Go to the closest lake and begin digging the worms out with a shovel. Until you have three worms, scavenge each of the ponds. Some players will finish the Maui quest’s first objective by rapidly collecting all three worms. Some people could have trouble locating the worms in the valley’s lakes and ponds.  
  • You can take any of your pals to the Disney worms Dreamlight Valley to help you with this by helping you pull worms out of sand mounds. These appear as glowing areas on the ground that are simple to remove using any shovel in the game. Once you have all the worms Maui requested, you can locate the softwood to finish the “Burying the Eel” task.


  • What is the best place to find worms in Disney worms dreamlight valley? 

There are worms adjacent to each one; search the pond’s edge for a brilliant digging location. You might need to clean the area by moving furniture or trees to improve your vision. 

  • How do you catch eels in worms dreamlight valley? 

Fish are swimming in the golden sunshine at the end of the pier. Cast your line towards the area where the spot should show fairly rapidly and reel in the eel. 

  • How do you get critters in dreamligh valley? 

Two feedings of a specific creature variant will unlock it in your Collection log. Once it gets unlocked, select Companion from the Wardrobe menu.


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