How To Free Sellen Witchbane Ruins?

How To Free Sellen Witchbane Ruins?

Witchbane Ruins – Welcome to the mystical world of Elden Ring, where ancient ruins and dark secrets await brave adventurers. In this guide, we will unravel the enigmatic Witchbane Ruins and delve into the captivating quest of freeing Sellen, a tormented soul trapped within its depths. Elden Ring’s vast and hauntingly beautiful landscape holds numerous challenges, but fear not, for with our step-by-step instructions, you will navigate the treacherous corridors, face formidable foes, and ultimately bring salvation to Sellen. Prepare for an epic journey filled with peril and wonder as we embark on the quest to liberate Sellen in the Witchbane Ruins.

The Witchbane ruins in Elden Ring must be cleared to free Sorceress Sellen

In the captivating realm of Elden Ring, the foreboding Witchbane Ruins stand as a grim testament to a forgotten past. Within its shadowy depths lies the key to liberating Sorceress Sellen, a tormented soul trapped by dark forces beyond comprehension. As an intrepid adventurer, you must muster courage and skill to confront the evil entities lurking within the ruins’ labyrinthine corridors. Unravelling the enigmatic mysteries, defeating formidable foes, and overcoming deadly traps are the harrowing tasks that await on this quest for salvation. Will you rise to the challenge and free Sorceress Sellen, or will the Witchbane Ruins claim yet another soul? Embark on this difficult journey as we guide you through how to clear the Witchbane Ruins and liberate the imprisoned sorceress.


In the face of ancient darkness and impossible odds, you have proven yourself to be a true hero in the world of Elden Ring. Through courage, determination, and cunning, you braved the treacherous Witchbane Ruins and freed Sorceress Sellen from her harrowing imprisonment. The echoes of your triumph will resonate throughout the land, inspiring others to face their challenges with newfound resolve.

As the Witchbane Ruins stand cleared and the evil forces defeated, the realm of Elden Ring begins to heal from its blighted past. The liberation of Sellen brings hope and light to a world previously shrouded in darkness, and the tales of your valor will be passed down through generations.

Yet, even as one chapter concludes, the vast expanse of Elden Ring still beckons with untold adventures. As you embark on new quests, remember the courage that led you through the Witchbane Ruins, and let it guide you to greater heights. The journey may be difficult, but you have proven yourself to be a beacon of hope in this extraordinary world.

In the end, it is not just the liberation of Sorceress Sellen that matters, but the mark you leave on Elden Ring as a true legend. May your name be etched in the annals of history as a hero who defied darkness, brought light to the shadows, and shaped the fate of this mystical realm. Farewell, brave adventurer, for your tale has only just begun.

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