Pokemon GO: What do XL Candies do

Pokemon GO: What do XL Candies do

What do XL Candies do : If you want to make your Pokemon in Pokemon GO even stronger, you’ll need a lot of XL Candy. XL Candy works kind of like Exp. Candy XL in regular Pokemon games, but there’s a key difference.

In both cases, they help your Pokemon get stronger, but XL Candy lets you break the level limit for certain Pokemon, while the other one can boost the experience of any Pokemon.

Pokemon GO has special candies for each type of Pokemon, unlike the regular blue Rare Candies you see in the main games. Since Pokemon GO doesn’t have the same battles, players use these candies and Stardust to make their Pokemon evolve, including Mega Evolution.

But there’s a difference: In the main Pokemon games, Pokemon can reach level 100, but in Pokemon GO, the highest level is 40. If trainers want to go beyond level 40 and reach level 41, they’ll have to collect a lot of XL Candy.

Let’s know more about what do XL candies do and how to get it:

What do XL Candies do and How to Use it?

Before, Pokemon couldn’t level up past Level 40, but in December 2020, they changed that. Now, Pokemon can reach Level 50 with the help of XL Candy. What sets XL Candy apart from regular Candy is that you can only get it when your Trainer Level is 31 or higher.

There are two kinds of XL Candy:

XL Candy: These candies are just for one type of Pokemon. Each Pokemon has its own candy. For instance, if you have an Amaura, you can only give it Amaura Candy to make it stronger. It won’t eat any other candy, but there’s one special case.

XL Rare Candy: These candies are colorful and can change to match the Pokemon you give them to. For example, if you give a Rare Candy XL to Aurorus, it becomes Amaura Candy XL. But you can only use these candies on Pokemon that are at level 40.

Using XL Candy is just like using regular Candy. First, choose the Power Up option. If you want to make your Pokemon reach level 50 right away using XL Candy, you’ll need Stardust, regular candy of the same Pokemon, and 296 pieces of XL Candy for each non-Shadow Pokemon. 

But if you’re taking a Pokemon from level 40 to 50, you’ll only need Stardust and 296 XL Candy.

How to Get Lots of XL Candy?

The good news is, you can get XL Candy in different ways in Pokemon GO. XL Candy isn’t easy to find, but some ways guarantee you’ll get some. When you’re a high enough level, pick the method that suits you best.

Catching Pokemon:

The fastest way to get XL Candy is by catching Pokemon. Usually, when you catch a Pokemon, you get one to three pieces of Candy. If you want a certain type of Candy, you have to catch that specific Pokemon. For example, if you catch Bulbasaur or any of its evolved forms, you might get Bulbasaur Candy, which you can use for Ivysaur, Bulbasaur, and Venusaur.

Exchanging Candy:

The second way to get XL Candy is by trading in your regular Candy. Here’s how you do it: go to a Pokemon’s info page tap the menu icon in the lower right corner, then choose Transfer.

It will cost you 100 regular Candy to get one XL Candy. But be careful because regular Candy is still needed for making your Pokemon stronger and evolving them. So, it’s not a good idea unless you have a lot of extra regular Candy.

What do XL Candies do, And How to get it?

There are three ways to get XL Candy:

Sending Away a Pokemon:

When you send a Pokemon away, especially one with a high CP level, you have a better chance of getting XL Candy. You’ll at least get one XL Candy for each Pokemon you send away.

Hatching Pokemon Eggs:

Depending on the type of Pokemon Egg, you can get different amounts of XL Candy. The longer you need to walk to hatch the egg (measured in km), the better your chance of getting more XL Candy. 

For example, 2km Eggs usually give you around one XL Candy, while 12km Eggs can give you around four XL Candy. The most XL Candy you can get is 24 from a 10/12km Egg, and the least is 8 from a 2km Egg.

Walking with a Buddy Pokemon:

You can also get XL Candy by choosing a Pokemon to walk with on the Pokemon menu screen. The stronger the Pokemon (with higher CP), the more likely you’ll get XL Candy when you’ve walked a certain distance. Normally, you get one regular Candy after walking 3km, but sometimes you might get an XL Candy too.


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