WARFRAME INCARNONThe Duviri Paradox update for Warframe introduced a new award type that most final players will want to pursue. The upgrade type known as Incarnon in the Book of Genesis Adapters enables you to acquire a Warframe Incarnon appearance & weapons tree on particular weapons families. This gives older, long-forgotten Warframe incarnon sandbox weaponry a significant bonus that a competent Riven couldn’t have achieved.

It will take much effort to obtain a prize this potent. Regularly playing a few of Warframe’s most challenging content will be necessary to obtain Incarnon Adapters. This article will discuss Warframe Incarnon Adapters, clarify how to obtain them, and review each available Incarnon Adapter.

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Players can now obtain additional Incarnon Genesis Converters as part of the recently released Echoes of Duviri update, some of which enhance popular weapons such as the Gorgon. This manual has been updated to reflect the most recent batch about Incarnon Adapters, their capabilities, and Evolution upgrades. Additionally, Cavalero’s warframe Incarnon store, included with the Echoes update, has been included in our acquisitions area.

Incarnon Adapters: What Are They?

A special prize type called the Incarnon Genesis Adapter imbues the weapon via Incarnon abilities, giving it a new alt-fire and ability tree. All weapons infused with the warframe Incarnon Adapter will unlock an Incarnon form by landing several headshots or attaining a specific combo multiplier, comparable to the warframe Incarnon weaponry seen onboard the Zariman. The weapon’s alt-fire feature transforms it into a standard Incarnon weapon briefly, considerably increasing its potency.

Incarnon Genesis Adapters, like Riven mods, can only be used on weapons with the specified family name. For instance, MK-1 Braton, Braton, Braton Prime, & Braton Vandal assault rifles can only accept a Button In Canon Adapter. A weapon that’s aboard the Zariman at Cavalero has adapters added. The different Incarnon passive benefits for the weapon must first be unlocked after installation by completing a series of tasks.

Earning Incarnon Genesis Adapters

You can get warframe Incarnon Genesis Adapters by finishing the Steel Path level version of the Duviri’s Circuit game category. You will be asked to choose two warframe Incarnon Adapters from a list of five before beginning your Circuit run. Which adapters you get when you rank five and 10 in the Circuit will depend on this.

After choosing your warframe Incarnon Adapters, you will be shown a list of rewards that, like a Battle Pass, become available as you play the Circuit. Depending on how many missions you complete within the Circuit, you will advance more that week. Before beginning a run, you may check your current Circuit achievement in the reward UI at the bottom. You must successfully extract from all of your Circuit assignments on Steel Path difficulties to develop this rewarding path.

In addition, Cavalero is where you can exchange Platinum, Warframe’s premium currency, for Incarnon Adapters. A Gorgon, Angstrum, Gammacor, Anku, & Boar adapters from the subsequent set of warframe Incarnon Adapters are the ones Cavalero is now selling in his shop. 120 Platinum is spent on each adaptor. Even though they do not feature the corresponding weapon, purchased adapters also come with Duviri installation supplies. If you purchased the Boar warframe Incarnon Adapter, for instance, you would still need to make a Boar shotgun to use it.

Setting up Incarnon Adapters

Speaking with Cavalero on the Zariman will allow you to install Incarnon Adapters. The “Search on Incarnon Weapons” option will display any weapons that work with the warframe Incarnon Adapters you currently own. Most of the Duoviri materials needed for installing an adapter can be obtained throughout the Duoviri-wide world or Undercroft.

Like conventional Incarnon weapons operate, installed Incarnon Adapters must also have unlocked evolutions. Similar challenging conditions apply to all warframe Incanron Adapters:

  • Install the By Default Granted Incarnon Genesis Adapter in Evolution I.
  • Evolution II: Finish a mission by yourself while carrying this weapon. The difficulty or degree of the mission is irrelevant.
  • Using the weapon’s Incarnon Form, defeat 100 adversaries in Evolution III.
  • With a specific circumstance (i.e., without stopping to reload, at a distance of 30 meters or more from the target), defeat 30 foes with this weapon.
  • Each family of weapons has a distinct condition.

At Cavalero, choosing Evolution upgrades can be done without using any resources. You will need to speak with Cavalero each time you want to modify your Incarnon evolutions because there is no method to do so through the Arsenal menu.

The Incarnon Adapter each

Players can now acquire 30 Incarnon Genesis Converters thanks to the Duviri Paradox update, and the subsequent Echoes of Duviri update has added five more. There are a total of seven distinct collections of Incarnon Adapters that are published each week in groups of five. If you don’t buy any from Cavalero’s shop, it will take several months to collect every Incarnon Genesis Converter throughout the game because you can only get two per week.

All Incarnon Adapters will be listed according to the sequence of collective occurrence (as shown in the patch notes for the Duviri Paradox). To view the Incarnon evolutions associated with every weapon, utilize the expanded tables in each of the sections below. Additionally, warframe incarnon alt-fire conduct is covered.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) How much time does an Incarnon form?

Ans. The Incarnon Form can be activated by achieving a 5x Melee Combo followed by using a Heavy Attack; it endures for 90 seconds & is non-refreshable (Incarnon | WARFRAME Wikipedia | Fandom Innodem). The remaining evolutions offer three separate pickable perks that improve the stats of the weapon even more.

Q2) How are Incarnon weapons farmed?

Ans. The majority of your time will be devoted to cultivating an aggregate of 46 Voidplume Pinions, even though it might seem like you need to work hard to obtain these resources. You can easily gather sufficient standing & resources by just searching for the Pinions against dormant Void Angel while completing bounties.



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