Valiant Gargoyle Elden Ring Duo Guide

Valiant Gargoyle Elden Ring Duo Guide

The Deeproot Depths corpse transportation within the massive Waterfall Basin of the Siofra Aqueduct is protected by the Valiant Gargoyle Elden Ring cheese. Due to the fact that the player must fight not one, but several Gargoyles during the fight, another Twinblade-wielding variation will emerge from the cascade throughout skill Valiant Gargoyle’s stage two and team up with its twin to assault the player, making this boss encounter particularly difficult for Tarnished.

In Elden Ring, Valiant Gargoyle is a boss. These massive stone gargoyles move with surprising skill given their size, wielding a variety of weapons. Players don’t have to defeat this boss in order to proceed in Elden ring valiant gargoyle it is merely an optional boss.

There is also a Black Blade Kindred version of this boss.

The Siofra Aqueduct, a tiny sub-zone north of the Ancestral Woods near the higher level of the Siofra River, is where you can find legendary Heroic Gargoyle at Valiant Gargoyle Elden Ring cheese. Once Tarnished has defeated Radahn and entered Nokron, Eternal City, this area becomes accessible.

Players can locate a partially hidden cliffside trail going to Siofra Aqueduct in the north after defeating the Mimic Tear fight and traversing the large flyover next to the Night’s Sacred Ground. You might be able to stagger the Sword Gargoyle just as Phase 2 is about to begin, determined by the instrument and amount of aggression.

This is the best option because it will deal the Sword Gargoyle a significant amount of damage quickly. You might even choose to employ your weapon’s effective weapon art—such as The Monarchy’s Black Flame—instead of accepting the critical hit.

Make sure you utilise information highest damage output as soon as the Twinblade Gargoyle spawns, whether or not you receive a stagger at Elden ring valiant gargoyle

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Courageous Gargoyle Boss Fight Advice

It is recommended for Tarnished to use an alternate vanguard-ranged composition with enough HP to survive heavy attacks nevertheless enough ranged damage to kill at least one of the enemies at half HP in order to defeat the Valiant Gargoyle as well as Valiant Gargoyle Twinblade monster in Valiant Gargoyle Elden Ring cheese.

This is so that, after defeating the first Gargoyle, gamers can finish off the second while maintaining the appropriate distance from both. Miquella’s Chain on Darkness associated with the Rainbow Blade as well as Nebula from the Butterfly Wing of Astel would be the perfect fighting artistic endeavours for such a construct. These ranged attacks can make the boss battle much more bearable and are very operational against the Valiant Gargoyle.

In addition, to provide the gamer. Furthermore, it’s advised to store a tanky Spiritual Call until whenever the Twinblade Courageous Gargoyle emerges rather than summoning it right away to give the player a further benefit during the second phase. Thus, the summon has a better chance of only causing death. 

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Tips for Choosing the Brave GargoylesIf Tarnished

 continues to encounter issues or are unable to run a powerful hybrid build, there are two ways to ease the latter Elden Ring boss fight. The first strategy involves luring the two Valiant Gargoyles through the waterfall ledge at the perimeter of the arena, which lies on the correct side of the entrance.

Here, gamers force the bosses to complete their backward dodge-leap, sending them plummeting to their deaths into the abyss with their backs to the drop. It is advised to watch YouTube user FluxGaming do this Valiant Gargoyle.

Running to the enormous stream behind the leader’s location in Valiant Gargoyle Elden Ring cheese when concealing behind one of the big boulders there is another way to win the power source Valiant Gargoyle boss battle. The Gargoyles may slightly lose their aggression towards the player in this posture, causing them to maintain their distance.

Then, Tarnished can either prepare thousands of symbols for targeting them from this location or call forth Spirit Ashes, like Latenna, who are adept at long-range combat. The Ancestral Follower Ashes or Albinauric Ashes are some major instances. 


The valiant gargoyle Elden Ring cheese monster duo can finally be slain with ease thanks to these companions’ endless ammunition supply and as long as players maintain the upper management sufficiently nearby for the Spirit Summons to hit Elden Ring valiant gargoyle targets.

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  • Must I thwart Valiant Gargoyle?

In Elden Ring, Valiant Gargoyle constitutes a boss. These massive stone gargoyles move with surprising skill given their size, wielding a variety of weapons. Players don’t require to fight this boss in order to move forward in Elden Ring; instead, it is an optional boss.

  • What weapon is most effective against the valiant gargoyle?

Miquella’s Circle on Darkness which comes with the Horizon Blade or Galaxy with its Wing of Astel would be the perfect deadly craft for such a construct. These ranged attacks can greatly ease the difficulty of the boss battle against the Valiant Gargoyle from Elden ring valiant gargoyle. 

  • Valiant Gargoyle, can you stagger him?

Never engage in combat with the gargoyles when they are both present; if you flee, one will typically cover the gap while the other stays back, allowing you to engage in one-on-one combat. It is possible to stagger both gargoyles.

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