The 10 Ugly Pokemon of All Time (Ranked)

The 10 Ugly Pokemon of All Time (Ranked)

Which Pokemon look not so nice? There are more than 1,000 Pokemon in the series, and although many are made to be adorable, some are not very easy on the eyes.

It might sound not good, but it is true that not all Pokemon are cute.

Even though these Pokemon might not be the prettiest, we cannot help but have a soft spot for them.

List of Ugly Pokemon

Rock: Rhyperior

Rhyperior is a Rock/Ground-type Pokemon introduced in Generation IV. It is the final evolution of Rhyhorn. Rhyperior is a massive, bulky Pokemon with a squat, cylindrical body. It has two horns on its head, one of which is much larger than the other. Its body is covered in orange plates, and it has a large, wrecking ball-shaped tail.

Rhyperior is often cited as one of the ugliest Pokemon in the franchise. Some people find its design to be too blocky and simplistic, while others dislike its disproportional proportions. Some also find its orange plates to be jarring and out of place.

Ground: Hippopotas

It is a Ground-type Pokemon that is based on a hippopotamus. It is a large, bulky Pokemon with a greyish-brown body and a thick layer of fat. It has a long snout and a wide mouth with sharp teeth. Its eyes are small and beady, and its ears are small and triangular.

Hippopotas is often cited as one of the ugliest Pokemon. Some people find its large size and bulky appearance to be unappealing. Others dislike its beady eyes and sharp teeth. Still, others find its overall design to be uninspired and unoriginal.

Ghost: Cursola

Cursola is a ghost-type Pokemon that was introduced in Generation VIII. It is the evolved form of Galarian Corsola. Cursola is based on a dead coral reef, and its design is meant to be disturbing and thought-provoking.

Some people find Cursola to be one of the ugliest Pokemon in the franchise. They may dislike its skeletal appearance, its long, thin tentacles, or its overall dark and gloomy vibe. Others may appreciate Cursola’s unique design and its message about the importance of protecting coral reefs.

Electric: Toxel

Toxel is a Pokemon that has been called ugly Pokemon by some fans. It is a purple, bipedal Pokemon with a large, bulbous head and a diaper-like lower body. It has a small mouth with sharp teeth and large, black eyes. Its body is covered in small spikes, and it has a pair of horns on its head.

Some people find Toxel’s design to be too strange and unsettling. They dislike its large head, diaper-like body, and sharp teeth. Others find its design to be too simplistic and uninspired. They say that it looks like a first draft of a Pokemon design that was never finished.

Fairy: Slurpuff

Among all the Fairy-type Pokemon, there are some that could be considered not very pretty, but Slurpuff is probably the least attractive of them all. What makes it even the weirdest pokemon and the most Fairy types are cute and huggable.

When you look at Slurpuff, it might remind you of something from a candy-themed world. However, what makes it kind of creepy is its big mouth and the fact that its tongue is always sticking out, like Pac-Man. It also has a bit of a clown-like appearance with its hairstyle and pale, clown-like skin.

Flying: Vullaby

This Pokemon, Vullaby, looks pretty unattractive with its angry eyes and what appears to be an eggshell diaper. It is strange that they keep making Pokemon wear diapers, don’t you think?

What is even weirder is that they have given Vullaby the look of a human baby with human baby needs, which can make it kind of unsettling. Imagine Vullaby using that eggshell as a diaper – it is not a pleasant thought.

No one likes to think about bird droppings messing up their car or landing on them while they are walking, so imagining an eggshell filled with bird droppings is not a nice image either. On top of all that, Vullaby just is not a very appealing Pokemon to look at, with its angry face and bald pink head.

Grass: Amoonguss

Apart from the weirdness of having a mushroom as a living creature, Amoonguss does not look very appealing. In general, its shape is odd and kind of chubby, which makes it seem like it has a big belly, and it has a strange, alien-like mouth that can be unsettling.

What makes it even stranger is that its eyes often seem angry, just like some other Pokemon on this list. And for some reason, it has Pokeballs on its body. This Pokemon is disliked by many, and it is not hard to see why.

Ice: Crabominable

Crabominable looks like a strange egg that you would punch, and it has this weird anime-like hairstyle on top. However, like many unattractive Pokemon, the main problem is its face. They made a mistake by giving it goofy teeth and wild, crazy eyes.

Many folks were eager to see what Crabrawler’s evolution would be like when it was hinted at before Generation VII came out. Sadly, most of them were really disappointed when they finally saw this not-so-great creature.

Normal: Exploud

Exploud appears like a furious tangle of Majin Buu’s tentacles. It is clear that this Pokemon was not meant to be cute. Its massive, always-screaming mouth is unpleasant, and its harsh red eyes are not pleasant to see. Thankfully, it looks better when its mouth is shut.

However, similar to other not-so-great examples on this list, it is made worse by its unattractive teeth. Why does it have only a few teeth, and why are they positioned where they are?

Bug: Kricketune

Kricketune is a Bug-type Pokemon that is often cited as one of the ugliest Pokemon in the franchise. Its design is based on a cricket, but it has a number of features that make it look the weirdest pokemon and off-putting to some people.

One of the most striking things about Kricketune is its large, bulbous head. Its eyes are small and beady, and its mouth is wide and toothless. It also has a prominent mustache, which some people find to be particularly disturbing.

Kricketune’s body is also quite strange. It has a long, thin tail that ends in a sharp point. Its legs are also very long and thin, and its feet are flat and paddle-shaped.

Water: Bruxish

Bruxish is a controversial Pokemon, with many fans finding it to be one of the ugliest in the franchise. Its design is characterized by its large, toothy mouth, bulging eyes, and bright, clashing colours. Some people find its appearance to be cartoonish and unrealistic, while others simply find it to be unpleasant to look at.

There are a few reasons why Bruxish is often cited as one of the ugliest Pokemon. 

First, its colours are very bright and clashing. The combination of purple, pink, blue, and yellow is not particularly appealing to the eye. 

Second, its mouth is very large and toothy, and its eyes are very bulging. This gives it a somewhat menacing appearance. Finally, its overall shape is somewhat awkward and unnatural.

Fighting: Gurrdurr

Deciding which one is the ugliest Fighting-type Pokemon is tough between Conkeldurr and Gurdurr, as they are both pretty unattractive. Each has its own reasons for being unattractive, but they are definitely not winning any beauty contests.

As if trying to look like a clown was not bad enough, Gurdurr’s hair does not even resemble an afro; it looks more like a strange lump on its head. Also, its eyes that resemble Vegeta’s and an unnatural clown nose make it just plain ugly.

Some Questions

What is an ugly Pokemon?

An ugly Pokemon is a Pokemon that some people find to be visually unappealing. There is no list of ugly Pokemon, as everyone has different tastes. However, some of the most commonly cited ugly Pokemon include Garbodor, Trubbish, Jynx, and Mr. Mime.

Why are some considered ugly Pokemon?

There are a few reasons why some Pokemon are considered ugly. Some Pokemon have designs that are strange. Others have designs that are based on real-world creatures that are often considered to be ugly Pokemon, such as trash, slugs, or insects.


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