Find Out The Best Bow In Skyrim

Find Out The Best Bow In Skyrim

Do you want to know about the best bow in Skyrim? If so, you have come to the right place. 

A good bow allows the archer to do big damage standing from far without giving the enemies any time to react. Getting your hands on a powerful bow requires a lot of conditions. However, the perks of doing the greatest damage are so high that it makes taking the risk worth it. 

It all comes down to who has the most powerful bow. So, let’s jump right onto the list and find out the best Skyrim bows without wasting any more time.

Best Bows In Skyrim

This list includes the top 20 best Skyrim bows with powerful enchantment. Every bow is unlocked after completing certain requirements. Let’s find out what those requirements are and which are the most powerful bows.  

Karliah’s Bow

Picking the best of all Skyrim bows was not easy; it was a tough competition. According to use, Karliah’s bow is the best bow in Skyrim and is one of the strongest weapons. It weighs 9 points and can do monstrous damage of upto 25 points. This bow is going to be a tough fight. 

The only downside we came across is that players cannot get this bow without using console commands if you can definitely give this bow a try, although it is pretty difficult to find and cannot be enchanted. 

Otherwise, this perfectly light bow can do destructive base damage and is the perfect destruction machine for a true archer.


Dragonbone Bow

Another most dangerous Skyrim weapon is the Dragonbone bow. This bow deserves the second spot on our list of best Skyrim bows. Dragonbone is quite a powerful bow and is related to dragons somehow.

It can do a base damage of 20. Sadly it also has the same level of weight, making it one of the heaviest Skyrim weapons of all time. There is only one person who can beat this bow that is one of the Soul Cairn keepers.

Players can even craft this bow using a two dragon bone, but you have to be maxed out of smithing skills for that.

Auriel’s Bow

If you are looking for Skyrim bows to combine with Dawnguard arrows, then try Auriel’s Bow. It is one of the best weapons for anyone who is looking to do some serious damage. What truly makes them more powerful is that these can be enchanted after completing a quest.

Of all the Skyrim bows, Auriel is the only bow that triggers Bloodcused and Sunhallowed arrows’ effects. Although the bow cannot do a lot of base damage when paired with an arrow to hit undead targets, it can do triple times more damage, advantageous to the player. The bow can hit an opponent with 20 extra points of sun damage in every shot when it lands.

The actual problem arises in obtaining it. The only way to get your hands on Auriel’s bow is by defeating Arch-Curate Vyrthur in Touching the Sky quest into the Inner Sanctum.

 Daedric Bow

This is the second-best non-enchanted bow in Skyrim, just one point behind the Dragonbone bow. Just like most Daedric Skyrim weapons, the bow comes in devilish shape, making it worthy of being found in the depths of Oblivion. 

This bow features a lot of spikes on the edges. Players mostly find this bow fascinating because of its shape more than the power. You can only find this bow after reaching level 46. Once you reach level 47, it will start spawning with enchantments. Sadly at lower levels, there is no way to find a Daedric bow.

Nightingale Bow

This is a unique Skyrim bow that cannot be crafted. The only way by which players can grab this bow is by playing Thieves Guild quest until the Karliah gives the bow to you. The quest is called “blindsight,” which is not a very difficult quest to solve but can be time-consuming.

This bow has a very high base damage power of upto 19 points and also comes with powerful enchantments depending on your level. The Nightingale bow can also do shock and frost damage to targets, although it cannot be disenchanted.

Glass Bow of the Stag Prince

Stag Prince’s Glass of Bow is one of the variants of the glass bowl that is found only in Dragonborn DLC. This bow deserves a spot on our list of the best bow in Skyrim. It comes with a unique and powerful enchantment that will let you gain escalating power with every 20 animals killed using the bow. This makes it one of the best Skyrim hunter weapons and can be purchased from Fallas Selvayn, who can be found at the Ramshackle Trading Post.

Friniel’s End

Another one of the best Skyrim bows is lethal Friniel’s End. This bow takes additional 20 points from the health of whoever gets shot by this bow. It also does the damage of 13.  

Players can obtain this bow by completing the Bound Until Death quest, and there is no other way to earn this bow. This is only a one-time thing, so try your best to obtain it. 

Falmer Supple Bow

If you want a stronger version of Falmer Bow, then earn the Falmer Supple Bow. This bow weighs 20 points and is capable of doing base damage of 15. It can be crafted using the same materials as a normal Falmer bow and can be found on display by the strongest of all Falmer enemies.

Not many players choose to use the Falmer Supple Bow due to its heavyweight. This black-green bow is the heaviest of all Skyrim weapons in the game, which is its biggest disadvantage. 

Stalhrim Bow

The Stalhrim Bow is an exclusive weapon that can be found after the players grab Dragonborn DLC. You need to be on level 80 to get this bow; however, you can also purchase it from many in-game vendors like Glover Mallory and Iron-Shaper. 

If you ever reach level 80, you can craft this bow using 3 Stalhrim pieces. The bow can damage 17 points right off the bat, which makes it an important tool to have in your archery box. 

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Ebony Bow

The Ebony bow is no doubt the strongest weapon that is a must-have for every archer to use in Skyrim. You can get this bow after reaching level 36 by killing enemies or by random loot. 

The best part is that you will be given a chance to find this bow early at level 18 if you know exactly where to look. Go to Lost Valkygg at Labyrinthian, and you will find it layered under a stack of arrows.

Guldur Blackbow

If you have reached further in the game and want some time to fight, look for Gauldur Balckbow. This bow is known as the improvised version of the Drainspell Bow, with one disadvantage being its heavyweight of more than 18 points. Sidis Gauldurson drops the bow during the Forbidden Legend quest.

If you do it after level 36, it can drain two times more points as compared to its ghost counterpart. You can find some weaker variants of this bow below level 30. 

Drainspell Bow

As the name suggests, Drainspell Bow is a special and one of the best bows in Skyrim. It can drain 15 points of Magicka when it hits the land. You can find the bow in Labyrinthian when you are completing The Staff of Magnus quest. 

This is one of the ghost weapons with a base damage capacity of 14 and an incredibly low weight of up to 6 points. This special effect of this bad boy is worth the search.

Dwarven Blackbow of Fate

Dwarven Blackbow of Fate is a beautiful bow that can be earned after installing the Dragonborn DLC installed. You can find it in the southeast room inside Kagrumez. This bow’s enchantment is similar to Chaos Damage and can do base damage equivalent to Elven Bow. 

Glass Bow

Want to try a strange weapon? The glass bowl is a weapon earned only after level 27 and looks like a household decoration piece. Once you complete the level requirement, you can obtain it in a normal loot being worn by the enemies.

You can even find it after reaching level 15; however, it can be difficult to find that it can do a base damage of 15. 

Elven Bow

Another best bow in Skyrim is Elven Bow which can only be seen after reaching level 19. You can find them in enchanted form across various areas in Skyrim after reaching level 20.

Several vendors also keep Elven bow in stock after you reach these levels; therefore, it is pretty easy to grab. These powerful Skyrim weapons are most preferred by the Redoran guard present on the Dragonborn DLC. 

This bow is capable of doing base damage of 12 and has a weight of 13 points, making it a strong companion for all types of archers. 

Supple Ancient Nord Bow

This Supple Ancient Nord bow is one of the versions of Ancient Nord Bow. However, it is more powerful than the original version. Visit the Nordic Tombs to find it down the Draugrs and Skeletons.

Although it is a heavy bow, it can still do damage of 14 base points, which makes it worth the heavyweight. 

Nordic Bow

The Nordic Bow is also included in the best Skyrim bows that can be found only if you have installed DLC. It is a common weapon that can be found very often in the game, even at early stages. This bow can be crafted with three steel ingots or one silver ingot.

You can take this weapon freely from Free, a companion of the Dragonborn DLC after she becomes a part of your group. The fun part is that you can even pickpocket this bow from her. 

Zephyr Bow

If you are looking for another variant of Dwarven Black Bow Of Fate, the try Zephyr Bow is the right pick. You can only find it in the “Lost To the Ages” Quest included in the Dawnguard DLC. 

During the quest, you will learn that the Zephyr Bow belongs to a valiant adventurer who gets stuck in ruins. You being the mighty Dragonborn, harness the power of this amazing bow by reclaiming it from a dead body.

This bow is even lighter than the Forsworn Bow and can do a base damage of 12. It also comes with a cool design that looks great with almost any outfit. 

Forsworn Bow

A very complex looking but common piece of a weapon in Skyrim is The Forsworn Bow. You only need materials like leather, bones, and wood to craft this bow. This bow is capable of doing 12 points base damage similar to Falmer Bow.

However, the material used to make this bow is lighter than the Falmer. This weapon will only be found if you kill any other foe because Forsworn archers wield it. 

Falmer Bow

Last but not least, another best bow in Skyrim is Falmer Bow. This beautiful bow is crafted using chitin. Like most Falmer bows, you need to harvest the necessary materials to craft this bow by killing Chaurus that hides in the deepest Skyrim undergrounds. 

This is one of the main ranged weapons of Falmer in the entire game. You should look for this bow in the Dwemer Ruins if you go exploring. 

Have you played Skyrim? If yes, tell us about your favorite bow in the comments below.


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