Thaumaturgy 5e Guide, Rules, and Tips

Thaumaturgy 5e Guide, Rules, and Tips

Thaumaturgy 5e is a special magic trick only Clerics can do in Dungeons and Dragons. It lets them do cool things like shake the ground or make a loud noise like a slamming door. It is a fun way to show that their special powers are real.

This article will discuss some rules and how players like to use Thaumaturgy in the game.

Who is the Thaumaturgy 5e cast?

The following characters can cast Thaumaturgy in 5e:

  • Clerics
  • Divine Soul Sorcerers
  • Paladins with the Blessed Warrior fighting style
  • Tieflings

Characters can also gain access to Thaumaturgy through the Magic Initiate feat. This feat allows you to choose one class and learn a cantrip and a 1st-level spell from that class.

What Thaumaturgy 5e does?

  • It makes your voice 3x for one minute.
  • It can make flames brighter, dimmer, or change colour for one minute.
  • It causes small, harmless shaking of the ground for one minute.
  • It creates a quick and harmless sound effect.

The Thaumaturgy 5e Rules  

The rules for Thaumaturgy 5e are simple:

  • You cannot use it to talk with spooky whispers; it is just for making scary sounds.
  • You can only use it to open doors that are not locked or stuck. If a door is locked or stuck, Thaumaturgy will not work. Experts have confirmed this.

How to Use Thaumaturgy 5e?

Here are some ways in which you can do with Thaumaturgy 5e:

Make your voice 3x:

  • Scare people better.
  • Get a big crowd to notice you quickly.
  • Talk to your friends from far away.
  • Give orders to your soldiers in a battle.
  • Pretend to be someone scary (while hiding).

Change Flames:

  • Make a bright torch not so bright to help you hide better.
  • Make a small fire get brighter to help you see things better.
  • Make all the fires in a place move around and get bigger while you talk to scare people.
  • You can also use it to send signals from far away by changing how a torch looks.


  • Scare creatures who do not know about magic.
  • Make people run out of a building because they think it might fall.
  • Make creatures think there is a pretend cave-in they need to check.
  • Make it seem like your loud voice is causing the ground to shake.
  • Make the ground shake right when someone steps to make them feel weird.

Sound Effect:

  • Scare a guard so they leave their post.
  • Make people think a place is haunted with spooky sounds.
  • Trick people in a locked room to come out and see what is happening.
  • Make a prisoner believe you are hurting their friend in another room.
  • Make animal noises for hunting or secret messages.
  • Make a loud noise like thunder to make someone’s words sound important.
  • And, you can also make funny fart sounds if you want.

Door Opening/Closing:

  • Check if there are traps on a door from far away.
  • Make the people afraid inside a room by closing the door without them seeing you.
  • Quickly slam a door to block people chasing you while your friends block it.
  • Hit people in doorways (but ask the game master for permission).
  • Make fool the hidden enemies into attacking when a door opens.

Change Eyes:

You can use Thaumaturgy to change the way your eyes look:

  • Make your eyes look cloudy
  • It must seem like you look like a snake’s or a cat’s is to either scare people or make them like you.
  • Pretend you are a messenger from a god.
  • Make others think you are taken over by something strange.
  • Make your eyes seem like you are sick or tired.
  • Make your eyes look extra beautiful.

Is Thaumaturgy 5e a Good Spell?

Yes, Thaumaturgy is a good spell in 5e. It is a cantrip, meaning it costs no spell slots to cast and can be used unlimited times daily. It also has many versatile effects that can be used for various purposes, both in and out of combat.

Moreover, Thaumaturgy is a versatile and useful cantrip that can be used effectively in various situations. It is a great choice for any character with extra magic.


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