Stranger Things: Every Video Game and Crossover Ranked

Stranger Things: Every Video Game and Crossover Ranked

When the not-so-quiet hamlet of Hawkins initially made novels, tabletop,  comic books, its way into our hearts, the stranger things video game became a worldwide hit. The Duffer Brothers’ hard work and dedication paid off with the series’ overwhelming popularity; it’s now impossible to go anywhere without witnessing at least a peek of the Upside Down, thanks to the show’s compelling supernatural concept and the nostalgic eighties setting.

The stranger things video game has grown well beyond its streaming origins, with novels, comic books, tabletop role-playing games, and video games all featuring the show’s main characters. Although fans have yet to get their hands on an ambitious triple-An adventure, there has been no shortage of weird original titles or thrilling crossovers.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is a role-playing mobile game released in March 2020 for iOS and Android devices. The card-themed cosmetics, along with some top-secret based combat mechanism of the anime-inspired game allows players to have their adventures inside the show’s setting.

Collaborating with Stranger Things, one of Netflix’s most highly praised anime originals, was a brilliant use of synergy. From April 27 until May 11, 2021, participants might experience life as Eleven, Will , Mike, and Hopper. Despite its flaws, this crossover offered fans a fresh cinematic take on the Upside Down, intriguing anime favour, and fun supplementary features.

Rocket League

As Psyonix made Rocket League free to play in September 2020, its substantial popularity skyrocketed. The game has established itself as a leader in the eSports community and one of the greatest multiplayer games. In addition, rocket League has worked with several gaming and pop culture properties, like Stranger Things, for years.

To commemorate Halloween in 2019, the game’s Farmstead Arena was transformed into the Upside Down, replete with a horrifying Mind Flayer. Throughout the tournament, participants battled for candy corn that could be redeemed for a variety of fall-themed cosmetics, including some top-secret items created by Hawkins National Laboratories.

The VR Experience

With a medium as novel as virtual reality, a novelty in the form of fresh material, mainly when this content is gratis, is always welcome. Players of Stranger Things: The VR Experience went inside the Byers’ festively decorated home, bringing them closer than ever before to the fictional town of Hawkins.

As you make your way around the home with just a motion-activated flashlight for company, you’ll encounter several weird occurrences and, finally, the Demogorgon himself. Of course, the little game could be more innovative, but it does an excellent job of showcasing what’s possible in virtual reality, and that’s something any show fan will appreciate.


Minecraft boasts some of the games’ finest replay value because of its unlimited possibilities. In addition, the game’s sandbox nature of the building mode encourages users to express their individuality as they create. It’s been almost a decade since the game’s first release, and it’s become one of the most famous in the world, but Mojang Studios still needs to come up with exciting new methods to keep players hooked.

For a long time, crossovers have been one of the most consistently enjoyable ways to experience Minecraft freshly and engagingly. Because of the show’s massive popularity, skin packs featuring the main characters were released in 2017. Regrettably, an official map has yet to be introduced, but playing as your favorite character is still enjoyable.


During the crossover event of Fortnite X Stranger Things, players could don skins inspired by characters like the Demogorgon and Chief Hopper from the hit Netflix series. The gathering served as a promotional opportunity for the upcoming third season of the programme. There were portals to the Upside Down strewn over the landscape, and entering one would teleport the player to another portal in a different part of the game. On their route to becoming champions, players may stop by the Chips Ahoy ice cream shop, a fan favorite.

Stranger Things: The Game

Stranger Things: The stranger things video game, available for iOS and Android devices starting in October 2017, was the first mobile engagement with the series. In this non-canon plot set between the show’s first and second seasons, players take on the roles of seven different characters (including Hopper, Mike, Will, Dustin, Eleven, Lucas, and Nancy) in a traditional beat-them-up adventure.

Stranger Things 3: The Game

The sequel to the aforementioned mobile-only game, stranger Things 3: The Game, was developed by BonusXP. This new chapter, released in time for the third season, allows players to experience the show’s story as they see fit and offers a series of brand-new optional activities.

Gamers, including newcomers Joyce and Jonathan, may assume control of everyone from the first stranger things video game. In addition, fans and their companions may team up to take on the Mind Flayer in a local co-op mode. Regrettably, the game was removed from digital stores in August 2021 for unexplained reasons. However, it is still accessible to everyone who has bought it.


The Upside Down has invaded High Rez Studios’ mythology-inspired multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), Smite, marking one of the most recent crossovers across franchises. With the Smite x Stranger Things Battle Pass release, players could get skins representing Eleven, The Demogorgon, Hopper, and The Mind Flayer, and the other reality seeped into the game’s Roman Coliseum battlefield.

Smite, a game centered on fighting, has produced one of the programme’s most enjoyable video game adaptations. Those who miss out on the limited-time event may get their hands on the skins and wreak havoc as the monster Mind Flayer or Eleven, armed with her powerful telekinetic skills.

Dead by Daylight

Dead By Daylight, an exciting survival stranger things video game developed by Behavioral Interactive, has quickly risen to the ranks of the industry’s most lauded multiplayer products because of its compelling gameplay loop, which sets a group of up to four survivors against a single merciless murderer. Several well-known horror series have made cameo appearances in Dead by Daylight since its inception, giving the game a cult following in the process.

Due to the show’s heavy use of supernatural horror elements, a crossover with Stranger Things was sure to happen at some point, and in August 2019, fans got their wish. The number of survivors increased by two with the addition of Steve and Nancy, and the Demogorgon became a potential prey. It’s exciting to take on the role of the otherworldly monster and hunt down survivors in first-person, and it’s thrilling to use Steve and Nancy’s unique abilities to outsmart the murderer. Nevertheless, eager fans must act quickly since the downloadable content will only be available until November 2021.

The above-listed portion explains everything you should know about stranger things in video games in detail. 


Is Netflix making a stranger things game?

The game is being developed by a team named Tender Claws, and Netflix characterizes it as a psychological horror/action game. The highlight is that you get to take on the role of Vecna, the antagonist from Stranger Things Season 4.

Why was the stranger things game removed?

Not only is Stranger Things: Puzzle Stories not the first game to be pulled from app stores before becoming a Netflix Games exclusive, but the most well-known precedent for this is not a Netflix Games exclusive at all; Moonlighter is playable on PC and consoles as well.

Is the stranger things game fun?

The game’s plot is based on the events of Stranger Things’ third season. Players can complete several side missions in addition to the main storyline.



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