STONECUTTER RECIPE : Mojang Studio produced a sandbox video game called Minecraft. For gamers, utilizing weapons in Minecraft was a wise decision. A new utility is added to Minecraft with each update. We will go into great detail regarding the Minecraft Stonecutter Recipe in this article. 

An intermediate tool in Minecraft which may be used instead of a crafting table is the stonecutter. 

Players can create stone slabs, bricks, stone brickwork stairs, stone brick walls, and more with Stonecutter. 

Players in Minecraft can skip several steps that aren’t possible to skip using a manufacturing table by employing the stone cutter. For instance, chiselled stone bricks can be made immediately from a stone cutter-cut stone block. 

Create the naturally occurring brick slabs on a crafting table first, then transform them into professionally chiselled bricks. The stonecutter is a bypass for accessing the crafting table in Minecraft because it simply requires ordinary stone blocks to create chiselled blocks.

Stonecutter platforms that are supported:

A Stonecutter is a character in the following Minecraft update.

Xbox 360 NO
JAVA Edition (PC\MAC)  YES (1.1
Xbox ONE YES (1.2)
PS4   YES (1.91) 
Wii U NO
POCKET Edition (PE) NO
WINDOWS 10 Edition YES 


The Xbox One, Ps 4, Switch for Nintendo, and Pocket Edition (PE) are now all referred to as Bedrock Edition.

A Stonecutter Location in Minecraft 

The stonecutter in Minecraft is located in Mason’s home in a village. If you’re lucky, a stonecutter may be found in Minecraft Village; therefore, if a village contains stonemasons, it undoubtedly also contains stonecutters. You must make the stonecutter yourself if you wish to utilize it because you cannot find it outside of settlements. The illustration below shows how a fortunate villager acquires a stonecutter.

Supplies Needed to Make a Stonecutter:

Players require a stone and metals like iron to create a stonecutter in the game Minecraft. In Minecraft, players may readily locate components and building blocks.


These stones are common building materials in Minecraft. They are simple to find in towns, caves, ravines, and occasionally, even when the player walks on the ground.

Cobblestones are fairly common in the game Minecraft. Cobblestone is used in buildings that were built naturally. A second cobblestone block is dropped by Minecraft when a participant mines a naturally appearing cobblestone.

Cobblestone looks like a regular stone in the game Minecraft. It has a greyish exterior with cracks. To get a cobblestone in Minecraft, you have to mine stone.

How to get cobblestone?

The players must change the pebbles into regular stone blocks. To accomplish this, the player needs to melt the cobblestone in a furnace. The illustration below shows that players must position the gasoline on the bottom and the cobblestone brick on top. 

Iron barracks 

Iron ingots are the second essential component for making a stonecutter. An iron eagle can be found in the Minecraft universe. Players may readily discover iron ore in caverns and ravines because it constitutes one of the main materials used to make iron ingots.

In Minecraft towns, players may additionally discover ingots hidden inside chests. From the bottom of the earth to the sea, iron is abundant. Similar to melting cobblestone, melt an iron in a furnace. You will then come upon iron ingots. As the photographs below demonstrate, the player must place the fuel source on the bottom of the burner and the iron material on top. 

Put an item of coal via your stockpile into the furnace’s bottom first.

Second, as illustrated in the illustration below, add iron ore to the topmost edge of the furnace.

Last: The second essential component, ingots, is absent in your items.

Minecraft Stonecutter Crafting Recipe 

You may quickly create a stonecutter, a powerful instrument used in Minecraft, once you have iron ingots and cobblestones in your inventory (making a table). 

The procedures to take to create a stonecutter from Minecraft are as follows:

Step 1: As illustrated in the illustration below, put the metal ingot in the exact centre column of the central row of the 33 crafting area.

Step 2: As indicated below, put three stone blocks—one in each compartment of the bottom row—by doing so:

Step 3: Take a look at the following image to see how we finally used ingredients to create a stonecutter in Minecraft. 

Anywhere is a suitable use for the player.

The following picture shows how your stonecutter looks in Minecraft: 

In Minecraft, a stonecutter recipe can be used as an alternative to the crafting table to create a variety of stone-based goods.  

The steps listed below describe how to use the Stonecutter in Minecraft: 

First step: Set up the stonecutter 

Choose the stonecutter on your hotbar, as seen in the image, to utilize it in the game. 

Place your point where you would like the stonecutter to be later on the surface. Your block is currently underlined. 

Step 2: Include something in Stonecutter 

The next step is to add your object, such as a cobblestone, to the stonecutter’s component box. You will inspect each thing you can make using the stonecutter after setting the block, as illustrated below.

For instance, you can create two cobblestone slabs, a cobblestone wall, and a stair out of a single cobblestone block. We merely utilise one block while crafting tables requires six cobblestone pieces to build a wall. 


Using plain old stone to create the desired effect is not always enough. The excellent news is that stonecutters can carve any stone block into a structure, such as a wall, foundation, or step, in Minecraft. This blog post gave you a comprehensive tutorial on getting and utilizing a stonecutter recipe in Minecraft.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Which is better, the crafting table or the stonecutter?

Ans. A stonecutter tool in Minecraft is comparable to a manufacturing table, but instead of following a recipe, users can build a wide range of blocks by utilizing just one component.

For instance, six stone blocks can be used on a manufacturing table to build four staircases. While you wait, you can build a step into the stonecutter for every stone block.

Q2) Does the stonecutter save any time?

Ans. Yes, crafting anything takes less time than utilizing a crafting table.

Q3) Are stones saved by stone cutters?

Ans. Yes, you can create a novel wall, slab, or flight of stairs with fewer stones than you would need if you used a crafting table. One cobblestone block, for instance, can be used to create two cobblestone slabs, a cobblestone wall, and a cobblestone staircase. In contrast to the crafting table, where six cobblestone blocks are used to create a cobblestone wall, here we only utilize one.


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