The stardew valley earthquake is extremely rare in this game. On the night of the third day of summer, it occurs. The earthquake unlocks fresh opportunities for gamers by removing the impassable rock from the mountains and granting them access to the region.

The stardew valley earthquake is a one-time occurrence per save file. Regarding the summer season, all players start on the third day. When this occurs, you’ll wake up to find a note in your game. 

It will say in this box that “There was an earthquake stardew valley during the night.” After that, you’ll get up and continue your regular agricultural routine.

Stop worrying; this is a regular occurrence in the game and good news.

Exactly what takes place during an earthquake?

No additional sequence or cutscene plays when the Earthquake event occurs. 

The game will suddenly go black and then continue as usual.

In addition, unlike growing Weeds, it won’t damage crops or outbuildings. The rural region is spared from the quake’s first effects. The Stardew Valley earthquake will only occur once, so you won’t have to worry about this warning appearing in your dreams repeatedly.

In Stardew Valley, what effect does the earthquake have?

If you come across this message, you should know something extraordinary happened. But what exactly does it imply, and what doors does it open for you?

Unlike most earthquakes, this one creates a new region for you to explore in Stardew Valley!

In the Mountains area, you may have seen a massive boulder obstructing a staircase that leads to this uncharted territory.

It’s up for grabs as to whether this rock gets destroyed in your game during the earthquake or if Mr. Qi picks it up.

Within its borders are a Spa, a Railway, and who knows what more undiscovered treasures.

(In the video game, an earthquake happens at random. The official Stardew Valley Wiki lists every single one of these possibilities.

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One’s Trip to the Spa

When you initially reach the region where the stardew valley earthquake opened up, the enormous structure on your left will likely be the first thing that catches your eye.

This structure serves as a natural Spa, and believe me when I say it’s a blessing!

After a long day of farming, mining, or anything else, you should relax and rejuvenate at the Spa.

There are a few locker facilities available after you enter the premises. You are welcome to enter and go straight toward the indoor hot tub.

When you take your character through the pool’s shower curtains, they’ll immediately change into a new outfit. 

Therefore, don’t take up valuable packing room by carrying your swimsuit.

While relaxing in this spa pool, your character’s HP and ENERGY will be restored automatically. 

Spa’s Top Secret

The tiny body of water outside the Spa building provides an opportunity for covert engagement that leads to the stardew valley earthquake. You may catch an Ornate Necklace by fishing here.

Caroline and Abigail need to complete a character quest involving this jewelry. 

It may be given to either of them to improve your friendship points, depending on how you feel about the task.

It’s the Train

You’ll find a railway and a train station or platform at the northern end of this uncharted region.

Please understand that viewing this will be completely empty the first time. 

There will now be random notifications between 9 AM and 6 PM stating “A train is passing through stardew valley earthquake.”

Once the message is shown, you may come here and see a complete train crash through the rails!

Various trains in the game may drop unique loot, such as Coal, Iron Ore, and even Leprechaun Shoes.

Here’s a table that breaks down the various train options:


Types of Trains Explained

Train JojaA gloomy train decked out with Joja branding in dark grey

The train that carries just passengers; passenger train

Rapid Supply Train One that travels twice as fast as usual

Speedy Blockade TrainFaster-than-normal blue train with barred windows.

A crimson train carrying gifts (that only occurs in the winter) is known as the “Present Train.”

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Different Trains in Stardew Valley

You need not be physically there to pick up the riches a particular train has dropped down. 

These things will be stored at the Railway area overnight, and you may get them at your convenience.

The objects will vanish and be gone forever after one day. 

You can’t stop a train from passing even if you pause the game, and if you are hit by it while standing in its path, you’ll be pushed back.

Harvey’s 10-heart event and Mr. Qi’s “The Mysterious Qi” mission include a box hidden inside the railway station.

Witches’ Lair & Wizard’s Quest

Towards the northeast of the railway station lies the entrance to the Wizard’s Quest, which may be followed to the Witch’s Swamp.

When you initially visit this place, a cutscene will play, presenting the Wizard and providing clues about a Witch nearby. After completing the Wizard’s objectives, you can enter the Witch’s Swamp, which was previously inaccessible due to a massive boulder. You may reset your stats and make other crucial late-game moves using the items found in the Witch Hunt.


The Summit

The Summit is the last tourist trap in the area after the disaster. You will be able to use this late in the game. A boulder stands between you and the Summit, which is in the northwest part of the region, until you reach Perfection. 

These are some crucial details about the stardew valley earthquake. 


Your progress through the game is tracked by a metric called “Perfection,” and you’ll reach true Perfection after you’ve finished the game. The boulder blocking your way into The Summit will be relocated after you finish the game.


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