Shape Water 5e Guide

Shape Water 5e Guide

Shape Water 5eYou pick a small area of water you can see nearby and fit in a small box. Then, you can do one of these things:

  • You can quickly move the water around or change its direction, but not hard enough to hurt anything.
  • You can make the water turn into simple shapes and move like they are alive for an hour.
  • You can change the colour or the clarity of the water, but it has to stay that way for an hour.
  • You can freeze the water if there are no animals or creatures in it, and it will melt back to normal after an hour.

However, you can only do two of these things at once, and you can stop them if you want.

You can quickly make Shape Water 5e move in any direction you want, but it will not be strong enough to hurt anyone or anything.

For example:

  • Move hot water over someone’s head to surprise them.
  • Check for hidden traps by moving water into strange places.
  • Make a bubble of air underwater so you can breathe.
  • Fill up different cups or small glasses with water.
  • Change the direction of water coming out of a leak or a hose.
  • Move water into a space or a doorway, then freeze it to make a frozen wall.

You can make water turn into simple shapes and make them move the way you want for one hour.


  • Make signs in the water to send messages to others.
  • Create shapes like boxes or bridges and then freeze them.
  • Write secret messages on paper with colorful water that will disappear later.
  • Make tools out of ice, but they might break after using them once.
  • You can make the water look different for one hour.

For Example:

  • Make your water look like a different drink, like juice or tea.
  • Trick people by making water seem like it is blood.
  • Make water clear to see things in it more easily.
  • Hide in water by making it hard to see through, like a fog.

You can turn water into ice, but only if there are no animals or creatures in it. It will turn back into water after one hour.

Here are some things you can do with frozen Shape Water 5e:

  • Make a potion bomb by putting a magical drink into an ice container that is very easy to break.
  • Mess up machines by freezing water on their parts, like the wheel of a wagon.
  • Make traps by hiding holes or things with frozen and colourful ice.
  • By freezing the area, make traps near dangerous places, like cliffs or threats.
  • Make it look like you are walking on water by freezing the ice under your feet.
  • Make fool people by turning water into shin..
  • Create a trap with ice spikes by freezing water into pointy shapes.
  • Open a lock by moving water into it, filling it, and then freezing it.
  • Make a shield by freezing water into a sheet in front of you.
  • Make something strong called “Pykrete” by freezing water with sawdust or wood pulp in it.
  • Make a weapon for fighting creatures by freezing holy water and shaping it into useful forms.
  • Make a makeshift boat by freezing a big chunk of ice to use as a boat.
  • Turn water into a glass shape and freeze it to make a fancy drink cup.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Shape Water 5e to float?

No. The spell says that you can move or change the water flow up to 5 feet in any direction, but it does not say that you can make water float.

Can I use Shape Water 5e to create a water ladder?

Yes. You can use Shape Water 5e to create a simple ladder by forming a 5-foot cube of water into a series of steps.


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