Unique and Rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go You Should Have

Unique and Rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go You Should Have

Pokemon Go is one of the most entertaining mobile games by Niantic. Since its release in 2016, this game has gained remarkable popularity. You can find countless trainers with their smartphones in hand venturing out to fill their Poke-collection. If you are a trainer; then, we have made a list of rare pokemon in Pokemon Go out there. Moreover, we have also included tips about how to maximize your odds at catching these pokemon. 

Pokemon Go is one of the best GPS games for Android and iOS. It attracted a remarkable crowd when it was launched for the first time. Even today, it is taking the world by storm. You can catch different virtual pokemon in this gaming. 

In this regard, rare pokemon are interesting and difficult to catch. They can raise your game level and help to win your pokemon battles. Now the question is, what is the rarest pokemon in Pokemon Go? Continue reading the article to know about interesting rare pokemon to have in your collection. 

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Rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Most of us have grown up with Pokemon, whether it was Pokemon cards, tv shows, or games. The amazon popularity of pokemon led to the formation of the Pokemon Go game. Watching the pokemon show, almost all of us have wished to catch pokemon in real life. Now you can fulfill your wish by catching the virtual pokemon through this game. Here are some of the valuable and rare Pokemon that you should catch. 


What is the rarest pokemon in Pokemon Go? A perfect answer to this question is Shinies. If you have played Pokemon Go, then you may know about Shinies. Now the question is, what is the rarest shiny in Pokemon Go?

Shinies are rare, but this one is a big category, including different shiny pokemon. The rarest shiny pokemon is Shiny Pikachu with hats, Shiny Squirtle with sunglasses, and even a Shiny Eevee with a flower crown. Shinies are the most desirable pokemon. So if you get shinies, make sure to hold them. Hardcore pokemon players try to catch as many shinies as possible to raise their game level. 


This one is the psychic type, and the DNA of this pokemon was cloned to make the most powerful Mewtwo. This rare pokemon is one of the unique ones and is tough to obtain. The method to get this pokemon is unique. In order to get this pokemon, you need to complete 7 quests present in this game. 

In quest 1, you have to spin five Pokestops and then catch 10 pokemon. Finally, you have to transfer pokemon. In the 2nd question, you need to get two candies while walking with your friend, make 10 amazing throws, and finally hatch three eggs. In the 3rd quest, you are required to reach level 15, then battle twice in a gym, and also battle in two raids. For quest 4, you have to get a silver Kento media. Get 5 candies while walking with your Buddy, and then evolve around 20 pokemon. 

In the 5th quest, you have to catch Ditto, make 20 amazing throws, and finally catch around 10 Ghost pokemon. For 6th quest, you will have to reach level 25, complete 10 raids, and then, you have to develop a Magikarp. In quest 7, you have to get 50 pokemon with the help of a berry. Make one amazing curve throw. And then get a Gold Kanto medal. Completing these seven quest will prompt you to catch Mew. 

Costume Pokemon

One of the popular rare pokemon is event-exclusive costume pokemon. Niantic released various pokemon sporting outfits in order to celebrate some occasions, like a hat for Pikachu. Shiny Pikachu with a hat is one of the rarest shiny in Pokemon Go. 

On Christmas, you will Pikachu wearing a Hat, whereas, on Halloween, you will find an Electric-type mouse wearing a witch’s hat. Other rare Pokemon that are event-exclusive include Kanto started with Halloween costumes, Raticate and Wurmple wearing cute party hats, and Squirtle wearing sunglasses. Some of these are the rarest pokemon in Pokemon Go and have been featured multiple times. In order to get this rare pokemon, you will have to find someone who is ready to trade for these. 

Exclusive Raid Pokemon

If you are thinking, what is the rarest pokemon in Pokemon Go? Exclusive raid pokemon is the answer. These pokemon are extremely rare pokemon and also one of the most powerful ones. In order to get this one, you will be invited to a raid at a particular Gym following certain parameters. 

On the particular chance, you and your friend will have to get involved in a Raid showdown, and you will have to win a large number of Premier Balls and berries. These pokemon are highly evasive, and they can easily deflect the pokeballs at a high rate. Therefore, you will have to make sure to hold down your phone properly and release it when the circle appears around this pokemon. These are limited windows, so you need to be sharp. 


For some time, Niantic is rolling out the pokemon that were found in the Unova region. In order to manage the hype, they are making them rare pokemon. Now you must be wondering what is the rarest pokemon in Pokemon Go? Or which pokemon is most difficult to find? 

The answer to this question is Axew. It is a small dragon-type pokemon that evolves twice. The first time it evolves into Fraxure, then evolves into Haxorus. In case you’re lucky enough, you will find an Axew in the wild. 

Holiday – Exclusive Pokemon

Another rare pokemon is Holiday-Exclusive pokemon. In order to celebrate some real-life events, Niantic releases some pokemon that are suitable for the occasion. Sometimes, these pokemon disappear after the event is over. One of the best examples is Delibird. It is available only at Christmastime every year, often during the month of January and a little bit into January. 

During Halloween, Niantic featured Yamask. It is a ghost-type Pokemon that is available only during Halloween. 


It is one of the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go. It is a pack of punch with amazing fighting steel abilities, which makes this one a coveted pokemon. This rare pokemon is extremely difficult to get. 

Lukari is a steel and fighting pokemon that evolves from Riolu. This rare pokemon is vulnerable to ground moves, fighting, and fire. It is available only by hatching an egg. However, players do not have the ability to hatch evolved Lucario from an egg. They need to get 2km, 7km, and 10km eggs from the popular PokeStops. They can also get Gift Eggs and hope to get a pre-evolution of Riolu Lucario. 

Limited-Time Legendaries

You get this rare pokemon roughly once a month. Niantic changes the legendary Pokemon that you get in raids. Usually, this rare pokemon is one, but you can also get multiple. Moreover, there are various events that feature new or returning rare and legendary pokemon. Monthly research reward boxes often contain only a few legendary pokemon. 

To succinctly describe, there are many legendary pokemon that are not available at any time. You have to wait for Niantic to return these rare pokemon in future research boxes or future events in order to get them. Apart from that, you can find someone who is ready to trade the legendary pokemon you are missing. However, in this case, stay prepared to offer something highly valuable. 


This psycho-type is one of the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go. It has some amazing and devastating moves, such as Shadow Ball. Chico is a rare pokemon of Gen 3 and is extremely rare. You can sight this one in the wild, and it can also be hatched from a 10 km egg occasionally. 

This pokemon is so rare that landing this one will bet you are whooping 1000 stardust and not just the usual 100. The best way to get this most rare pokemon in Pokemon Go is to get 10 km eggs and a stash of Incubators as you stroll. You can also increase your chances by getting a Psychic medal. 


Togetic is one of the rare pokemon belonging to Gen 2. It is not only challenging to find Togetic without evolving Togepi but also she is notorious and has a low capturing rate. The best way to find Togetic is to collect rare 5km/10m eggs and hope to get one. 

So, in order to get this rare pokemon, stock up some Incubators and make sure to hit different Pokestops. Once you get your Togepi, the difficult part is over. Now all you have to do is get candy with the intent to evolve it. 


The unknown is a Psychic-type Gen 2 pokemon, and it is literally one of the most rare pokemon. It has a wide range of styles, and each one represents a Latin alphabet. They are profoundly difficult to find. You can get them through evolution, and they can not even be hatched. Moreover, there is no specific type of location where you can find them easily. 

They are present out there, but actually, they are the rarest pokemon in Pokemon Go. Unknown is less rare during specific events like Europe’s Unusual Sightings and Chicago Go Fest. The best chance to get one is to patrol populated areas that have some spare Lures handy. 

Final Words

Pokemon Go is one of the best GPS games, which allows you to fulfill your wishes of catching pokemon and participating in battles. You can catch a wide range of virtual pokemon, but the rare pokemon is the best to raise your game. Some of the rarest pokemon in Pokemon Go include Shinnies, Togetic, Lucario, and Unknown. These pokemon are difficult to find, but once you get them, nothing can beat you. Now enjoy the game and tell us about your favorite pokemon by dropping a comment. 

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