How Do I Go To The Rannis Rise Elden Ring?

How Do I Go To The Rannis Rise Elden Ring?

Every choice a player makes in the open-world game Elden Ring affects how the game develops. You must consider which NPCs you back throughout your gaming in addition to selecting a side. A specific witch NPC with a rewarding quest line that reveals a brand-new facet to grow into the Elden Lord is Ranni. However, you must locate her before you can begin Ranni’s adventures. The difficulty is that the game doesn’t lead you to her; you have to figure out where she is alone. You’ve come to the right site if you’ve been wondering how to get to Rannis Rise in Elden Ring. This piece of writing will walk you to a newer path. Here you’ll see how to get to rannis rise. 

The best way to get to Ranni’s Rise in the Elden Ring

To access the Age for the Star Ending in Elden Ring, Ranni is a crucial NPC. As other NPCs do, she doesn’t appear to you on an unplanned Site of Grace. Instead, you must locate and chat with her to begin the quest line. You must first travel to The Triple Sisters, located northwest of Liurnia near the Lake. Additionally, you must defeat Royal Knight Loretta’s ghost at Caria Manor. Second, the area contains three towers known as Rises: Seluvis’ Rise, Renna’s Rise, and Ranni’s Rise. To meet Ranni at the top of the tower, you must locate the appropriate one and figure out the problem. This is how to contact the rannis rise. 

Manor Caria

You must advance the main plot far enough to go to the Liurnia in the Lakes. Head from the Main island of Caria Manor Door Site of Lost Grace from the first Site of Grace. It is a unique location that resembles a dungeon filled with countless foes and a lethal fog. It won’t be simple to defeat the adversaries, so arrive prepared. From Liurnia, the Lakes capital, travel northwest along the stream until you come to the King’s Palace Ruins, where you will discover a strange blacksmith named Iji. Iji’s tale has many secrets, so read it and explore the region. 

You must look around the region until you find a peculiar wall close to the blacksmith. To get to Caria Manor, you have to go over the wall. If you didn’t have a hammer to shatter this wall, don’t worry. Like the railway platform in Harry Potter, all you have to do to cross the wall is leap close to it. After navigating the mystical wall, you will arrive at the Principal Caria Manor Gate Location of Lost Grace. Once inside the castle, follow the straight road until you reach the space with the big statue. Two sizable Spider Hands will drop from the ceiling in this section, so keep a close eye on the area. A few smaller Spider Hands will also greet you as you enter the space. 

Caria Manor in Upper

After taking a break at the Church of Grace, go through the entrance before you to access the upper floors of Caria Manor. This part is a little more challenging because there are more adversaries here who are more challenging. Fighting theirs is optional but can fill your pouch with many runes. A few bridges connect the various towers after you reach the upper level—however, Glintstone Traps, Spirits of Knights, a few weaklings, and guards at every bridge. So, depending on your situation, you must carefully decide whether to fight or run.

You must pass through every bridge to the Royal Knight Loretta’s boss arena. Avoid the after you’ve crossed the first bridge. 

Loretta, the Royal Knight

The Royal Knight Loretta, your supervisor, is the next obstacle in your path. In addition, a small squad of distant adversaries patrols the way to and from the boss encounter arena. You have two options: go up the stairs and fight them, or take the shortcut and avoid all foes. Just before you get to the staircase, turn southwest to take the shortcut. In your journey, there will be a ladder that you can climb to go into the boss battle without no having to battle any foes beforehand. 

It’s not simple to defeat the Royal Knight Loretta. To go to Ranni’s Rise, you must take this crucial step. Thankfully, you can summon Spirit Ashes for this boss battle. Keep moving, use rolls to deflect strikes, and use Spirit Dust to redirect its attention as you inflict major damage to the monster to destroy it.

Renna ascends

All that is left in your path once you’ve vanquished the Royal Warrior Loretta is the vast, enigmatic area called the Lands Between. To go to the Three Sisters, use the teleporting door. At this location, three distant towers, Renna’s Rise, Ranni’s Rise, and Seluvis’s Rise, will be in your path. Three bridges that take you to different places connect all of the towers. You must cross the middle bridge to go to Ranni’s Rise. Be cautious when choosing how to get to the tower because a dragon enforces this route. Fortunately, unless you approach too closely, you could take the Torrent to get away from the dragon. 


  • How is the Age for the Stars Ending unlocked?

Ranni, the Witch, declares the Tarnished her Elden Lord in The Golden Age of the Stars, a unique epilogue to Elden Ring. To access this Ending, you must complete Ranni’s quest line, eliminate Blaidd, and avoid inheriting the Frenzied Flames when entering the Erdtree. Additionally, players must utilise Ranni’s summon sign next to the statue to start the Age from the Stars conclusion sequence after killing the Elden Beast.

  • Where is Ranni’s Rise located? How to get to rannis rise. 

Ranni’s Rise is one of each of the three buildings on the mysterious island of the Three Sisters. After Liurnia within the Lakes, travel west till you locate Iji, the Blacksmith, then proceed past him to get to this location.

  • Where is the Royal Knight Regiment located?

The boss combat arena in lower Caria Manor is where you can find the Royal Knight Loretta. You must first pass through the Gardens of Lost Grace to get here. Several adversaries also block the entrance to the monster arena. Fortunately, on how to get to rannis rise, one may bypass them and get straight to the arena by using the ladder located just before the staircase. 


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