All About Psychic Pokemon Weakness

All About Psychic Pokemon Weakness

Psychic pokemon weakness Psychic Type Pokemon are always perceived as the most enigmatic subset of Pokemon. These animals are an excellent choice for the battlefield due to their alluring Psychic powers and outstanding unique attack qualities. However, you must know these animals’ strengths & psychic pokemon weakness before using your favoured Psychic Type in the encounter.

We have listed all of the weaknesses and resistances of the psychic-type Pokemon on this page, along with the best countermeasures you can use to defeat them. We used the official Pokedex data as the foundation for this material. After reading this article, you will be better equipped to utilise the characteristics of the psychic kind of Pokemon. Do not forget to review our list of the Top Greatest Psychic Type Pokemon before continuing with the article about Psychic Pokemon weakness chart and more! 

Since all of the classic Pokémon games revolved around Type Pokemon weakness chart representations of Type effectiveness, they have long been a popular way to show Type effectiveness before Pokémon Go.

Briefly stated a Pokémon’s type determines whether it is strong or weak—super powerful or not very effective—against another Pokémon, resulting in increased or decreased damage dealt and received.

For long-time Pokémon fans, the standard Type diagram that has developed over the years will be a second language, but for newcomers, it can seem too intimidating to comprehend where to start. With that in mind, we’ve created our type Pokemon weakness chart and a summary of how Type performance functions; you are at the right place. 

Pokémon Go type Pokemon weakness chart, effectiveness, and Pokemon psychic weakness explanations

Although Pokémon Go’s types are identical to those in the traditional Pokémon games, their effects are slightly different. Simply put, things, including effective or rejected attacks, possess slightly different multipliers than in the main Pokémon games, despite a December 2018 update that brought them closer to alignment.

One of the most well-liked subcategories of Pokemon has been Psychic Type Pokemon. Psychic Types are capable of outperforming the majority of Pokemon Types, living up to this label. This does not, however, imply that the enigmatic Psychic Pokemon are without weakness. You can utilise these weaknesses to your advantage in Pokemon Game Battles by finding every item Psychic Type Pokemon Weaknesses here.

Pokémon Go type descriptions, abilities, and flaws

Pokémon has its own territory set of drawbacks and advantages. For instance, Pokémon of the bug type are vulnerable to attacks of the fire, flying, and rock types. Dark-, grass-, and even psychic-type moves are vulnerable to the strength of bug-type moves. Against a bug-type like Caterpie, fire, flying, and rock-type techniques will do twice as much damage.

Some Creatures have two types; therefore, they may have a weakness that is twice or may have their strengths and weaknesses balance one other out so they only take regular damage. Rayquaza is vulnerable to four times as much injury from ice-type attacks as a dragon and flying type. Shuckle, a rock and bug-type Pokémon, suffers regular damage from fire-type attacks since rock type is effective against fire type.

Comparing Pokémon Go’s type effectiveness to other Pokémon games

As you may have observed, Pokémon Go differs from the main series because Type immunities do not exist. However, things don’t end there. Removed immunities include:

  • Electricity immune to ground
  • Flying is immune to Ground Ghost, Normal, and Fighting, while Ghost is immune to all three.
  • Steel is poison-resistant.
  • Dark is resistant to Psychic Fairies and Dragons.

Pokémon Go includes various Pokémon, each with unique abilities and shortcomings, just like past Pokémon video games. With this Pokémon Go tutorial, we’ll go through the mechanics of Pokémon types, their advantages and disadvantages, and a table that shows what each type is good at.

These initially functioned identically as simple resistance rather than providing complete immunity to damage. The protecting Pokémon that would ordinarily be immune now only takes 0.39 times as much damage as it usually would, forming a new tier of resistance. In a nutshell, type immunity generally reduces the total damage to about a third.

The increases in effectiveness that apply to usual, extremely effective, marginally effective, unaffected, and doubly effective weapons are listed here.

0.625x damage instead of the 0.5x damage sustained in the primary series makes it ineffective.

Superb – 1.6x damage is dealt, as opposed to 2x in is most important series.

Immunity deals 0.39x damage as opposed to the main series’ 0 damage.

Doubly efficient: 2.56 times as much damage is dealt than it would be in the series as a whole

In other words, the most recent changes to Category effectiveness bring them substantially closer to the multiplication in the mainline games. However, they are still not totally in line with them. However, this does increase the importance of Type effectiveness, so if you can, try to understand those matchups.

Bug Class

The only Pokemon techniques that can deal twice as much damage to the powerful Psychic Type Pokemon are those of the Bug Type. Additionally, unaffected by psychic moves, Bug Type Pokemon have a remarkable degree of resistance to them. The most potent Bug Type moves include Quiver Dance, Bug Buzz, on the other Single Beam, Pollen Puff, and Single Beam.

Dark font

Dark Type Pokemon are yet another Psychic Type Pokemon Weakness! Pokemon of the psychic type are vulnerable to 1.5 times as much damage from Dark Types. Psychic attacks less impact Dark Types due to their dark essence. False Surrender, Dark Daze, Beat Onward, and Embargo are some of the best Dark Type tactics you may employ against Psychic Types! 

Ghost kind

Another one of the Psychic Types’ weaknesses is the Ghost Type moves. Ghost Type Pokemon can do 1.5 times as much damage against Psychic Pokemon as Dark Type Pokemon can, and their counterattacks barely impact them. Psychic is a powerful enemy for ghost moves like Curse, Omnious Wind power, Night Shade, Shadows Ball, and Destiny Bond! 

Pokemon with Psychic Type Resistance

Now that we are familiar with their weaknesses, it makes sense to be aware of the Psychic Type Pokemon’s inherent resistances. For this reason, we have gathered all of the Pokemon Resistances for Psychic Types in this area.

Combative style

Psychic Pokemon can effortlessly block the attacks of Pokemon of the Fighting Type. This is conceivable because Psychic Types control the Fighting Type’s brain through mind control. As a result, the Fighting Type’s attacks only manage to deal half the damage they were meant to, giving the Psychic Types the upper hand.

Sort of psychic

Mind control techniques don’t work on psychic-type Pokemon because they are impervious to psychic-type attacks. Even the most potent psychic attacks on other psychic Pokemon can only deal up to half the damage intended. 

Best Pokemon Psychic-Type Counters

Finally, we know the weaknesses and resistances of Pokemon of the psychic type. The Best Counters, or pulse for Psychic-Type Pokemon, are relatively simple to describe based on the material we have discussed thus far. Use the subsequent Pokemon Types in your favourite games to improve your chances of winning.

Large Pokemon

When it pertains to battling Pokemon of the Psychic Type, Bug Types are generally the best. Many people are surprised by this information because the Pokemon community does not have a positive perception of Bug Types.

The Bug Types, on the other hand, are highly resilient to psychic attacks and can survive mind control attacks without suffering significant HP loss. You should use Scizor, Pinsir, plus Heracross as three of the most excellent Bug Types to combat Psychic Pokemon. 

Type dark Pokémon 

Dark Type Pokémon resist Psychic moves that manipulate the mind since they are inherently impervious to them. Additionally, they are one of the best Counters against Psychic Pokemon because they can deal 1.5 times as much damage to them. Against Psychic Types, Tyranitar, Weavile, and especially Bisharp were incredibly effective. 

Type ghost Pokemon 

As we’ve already mentioned, ghost Types can deal 1.5 times as much damage in response to psychic attacks as they can take them. These characteristics make Ghost Pokemon an effective foil for Psychic Pokemon. Against Psychic Pokemon, Gengar, Chandelure, and Dragapult are incredibly powerful.

Type steel Pokemon 

Steel Type Pokemon are a fantastic choice to use when against Psychic Pokemon! Steel Types may launch powerful strikes like Meteor Mash and Iron Head and are immune to Psychic Type moves. While Metagross, Excadrill, and Lucario are some of the best Steel Pokémon to use versus Psychic Pokemon.


  • Which psychic manoeuvre—Psychic or Psybeam—is more powerful?

When comparing the general efficacy of psychic and psybeam moves, psychic moves outperform.

  • Which Psychic Pokemon is the smartest?

The most intelligent Psychic Pokémon in every instalment is thought to be Alakazam.

  • Which Pokemon has the most psychic power?

Mewtwo is thought to be the most powerful psychic Pokemon that has ever existed.

  • Does Pokemon have a Ground Psychic Type?

Claydol is undoubtedly a Pokemon of the Ground Psychic type. The only Pokemon with this particular typing is Claydol, as far as is known.


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