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The ways for accessing larger gaming worlds are becoming more varied. The typical strategy is to provide players with a selection of vehicles, ranging from cars to starships, so they can travel swiftly. However, how programmers construct the movement of characters and navigation is one of the biggest sources of innovation. In this article, you will be reading about “PARKOUR GAMES”.

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In the 2000s, video games with protagonists that moved far more dynamically and fluidly than before began to develop. Designers could construct avatars who could scale buildings, dash across roofs, and dive through crowds by drawing influence from the French sport of parkour. Parkour is becoming the only acceptable form of movement in a ton of fantastic video games.

November 7, 2021 update by William Quick Most video games still require players to move around, and titles that draw their inspiration from parkour game fluid movement are still widely available. We’ve also included a few additional games for those who enjoy being allowed to make a leap, dive, and dash through real-world locations. Parkour games appeal to them in terms of controls.

Thief 2014

Thief: The Dark Project, the first game in the Thief series, was released in 1998. It was renowned as a first-person perspective game that prioritized sneaking past foes and avoiding them rather than engaging in combat. After a few more games, the franchise stayed dormant until 2014, when Eidos Interactive produced a sequel with the straightforward title Thief.

This entry felt different from the ones before it, and fans and novices had diverse opinions. However, it speeds up and smooths out gameplay to improve the overall experience of sneaking in and eluding capture.

Hot Lava

There is a ton of fantastic parkour games material online, and a lot of it appears to show tight, deliberate moves. However, Hot Lava from Klei Entertainment’s parkour is a little bit more primitive even though it is still successful. As one of several characters suffering from ragdoll physics, you are trapped in a hazardous environment where the ground is either lava or another dangerous substance.

You’ll need to keep your balance while jumping and running as tightly as possible to remain in the game as you try to get away to safe land. It may not feature all the intricate flips found in expert parkour, but it takes the fundamentals and puts them in situations where they may be fun and challenging to use.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

One of the most popular & prolific third-person game series accessible right now is Uncharted. It centres on Nathan Drake, a cocky and self-assured thief who travels the world in search of precious items to steal. The series has developed since the original parkour game, making Drake’s movement more organic and lifelike. Naughty Dog’s fourth instalment, A Thief’s End, was released in 2016.

It featured a lot more independence of movement and was the most popular Uncharted game during the time. Even though it wasn’t open-world, there were more areas to discover and more effective ways.

Watch Dogs

Given the increased popularity of the practice, it makes sense that there would be parkour games about hacking. A video game about an active hacking vigilante called Watch Dogs was released in 2014 by Ubisoft’s developers. You take on the role of Aiden Pierce, a computer hacker who can access various technological gadgets from his phone.

Naturally, this attracts the interest of authorities and rivals, who will strive to find him. You are compelled to do this by having to run, jump, climb, and roll through the city of Chicago roads and across roofs.


Fast-paced parkour games set to upbeat music and neon lights have been popular since the early years of Jet Set Radio. Hover, a video game developed by Fusty Game & Midgar Studio, attempts to fulfill it. A large, futuristic city that could pass for a playground is provided to you as part of this online experience.

You’ll have the choice of one of the various characters, and you’ll need to move as fluidly as you can while sprinting, jumping, flipping, climbing, and speeding about the city. With various goals and endeavours to test your abilities and help you be the greatest, the city’s layout allows you lots of opportunities to go around the streets or across roofs.

Infamous 2

Coming up with fresh ideas for superheroes is becoming a real difficulty because of Marvel and DC’s vast universes. Sucker Punch Productions’ developers put out a valiant effort with their Infamous series. The first pair of parkour games centre on Cole McGrath, a messenger who gains electric-based abilities from an object like an orb and must decide whether to utilize them for either good or evil.

Although parkour has always been a part of the franchise, Infamous 2, which was published in 2011, expands on it. To better aid him through the challenging metropolis of New Marais, Cole could amalgamate his inherent athleticism with a wider variety of powers.


Very little material cannot be enhanced by the addition of enormous robots. In Titanfall, a video game published in 2014 by Respawn Entertainment, they were included in a parkour games arena. The plot’s focus is the IMC & Militia, two rival groups engaged in conflict over control of the extraterrestrial colonies.

You take on the role of a fighter pilot for each of these sides who can occasionally pilot massive robot suits known as Titans to participate in the battle. Pilots can use their quickness and agility to sprint across the battlefield when not controlling Titans. Their jump packages enable titan grappling, wall running, & boosted jumps.


Cyborg fighters’ parkour games are typically not seen as graceful or agile. Ghostrunner, a game several developers introduced to the cyberpunk scene, challenges this viewpoint. It chronicles the voyage of a synthetic assassination designated as a Ghostrunner, who is given the mission by an unidentified AI advisor to reach the highest building’s top floor and kill a cunning ruler.

To get rid of the waves of warriors blocking your path, you can use a variety of manoeuvres, such as wall running and teleporting, which you’ll need to learn. You will need to use parkour and quick thinking to survive since, despite your advanced cybernetics, they are still rather frail.

Spider-Man 2018

Spider-Man is the star of Marvel, whereas both Superman and Batman are the leading characters for DC. The web-slinger debuted in 1962 and has since taken over all media, from comic books to video games. As developers strive to convey the sensation of BEING Spider-Man, keeping track of the sheer volume of Spider-Man parkour games has become more difficult.

Insomniac Games’ 2018 Spider-Man video game substantially succeeded in achieving this. You can move freely in all directions, including swinging, launching, sprinting up walls, and diving. The parkour seems endless when combined with the mere fact that you have New York City for playing around.

Mirror’s Edge

First-person viewpoints are not recommended for platforming. When it’s dark and you can’t even see your feet, it’s challenging to determine distance. However, by releasing Mirror’s Edge in 2009, various developers, including DICE, attempted to turn this on its head. It was in a white, spotless, futuristic city that appeared to be the picture of perfection. You take on the role of Faith Connors, a runner (also known as a courier) tasked with delivering important details to a covert rebellion.

She accomplishes this by climbing any available structures and navigating the numerous roofs. While opinions on this game are still divided, the viewpoint and usage of parkour helped revolutionize first-person platforming.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Why is parkour a name for it?

Ans. The term “parkour” is derived from the phrase “cours du combattant,” which refers to Georges Hébert’s traditional obstacle course style of military instruction.

Q2) Why is parkour so well-liked?

Ans. This year, parkour was chosen by kids who don’t enjoy playing team sports or want to try something new. Because this activity often draws more introverted people, its popularity has soared. Naturally, this does not imply that everyone who practices it is introverted.

Q3) How many different kinds of parkour exist?

Ans. There are countless variations of vaults in parkour, but we only regard five of them as “basic” vaults. Furthermore, not even all of them are taught in our introductory curriculum. The Step Vault & Lazy Vault come first.

Q4)Who is the man who founded parkour?

Ans.  David NicholasWilliams Belle


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