Best MP40 Warzone loadout: Class setup, Attachments, Perks

Best MP40 Warzone loadout: Class setup, Attachments, Perks

mp40 warzone loadout – Call of Duty Warzone’s MP40 is a deadly submachine gun that can easily tear through enemies. It’s no wonder that the MP40 has become a popular choice among Warzone players. However, you need the right loadout to unleash its potential.

This article will explore the best MP40 Warzone loadout, including the ideal class setup, attachments, and perks to help you dominate the battlefield. Whether you’re a seasoned Warzone player or just starting, this guide will provide you with everything you need to know to optimize your MP40 loadout for success.

Best MP40 Warzone loadout

To create an effective MP40 Warzone loadout, choosing the right attachments and perks is important. Here is a setup that has proven to be quite popular among players:

  • Muzzle: Recoil Booster
  • Stock: Krausnick 33M Folding
  • Optic: Slate Reflector
  • Barrel: VDD 189mm Short
  • Magazine: 7.62 Gorenko 45 Round Mags
  • Underbarrel: m1941 Hand Stop
  • Rear Grip: Stippled Grip
  • Ammo Type: Lengthened

These attachments offer a good balance of recoil control, range, and mobility. The Recoil Booster helps reduce recoil, while the VDD 189mm Short barrel improves the gun’s range without sacrificing mobility. The Slate Reflector optic provides a clear-sight picture, and the Krausnick 33M Folding stock allows fast ADS time.

The m1941 Hand Stop under barrel attachment further enhances stability, and the 7.62 Gorenko 45 Round Mags ensure that you have plenty of ammo in each magazine. The Lengthened Ammo Type perk helps increase the MP40’s range even further, while the Stippled Grip Rear Grip provides a better grip for faster aiming.

Finally, the Steady proficiency and Quick kit are great choices to help you stay accurate and mobile during engagements. Remember that personal preference plays a big role in load-outs, so feel free to experiment and adjust attachments to your liking.

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Best MP40 Class Warzone

Perks & Equipment

  • Perk 1: E.O.D.
  • Perk 2: Overkill
  • Perk 3: Amped
  • Lethal: Semtex
  • Secondary: ZRG 20mm
  • Tactical: Stim

To make our MP40 gun strong in Warzone, we use some special things called “perks”. One perk is called EOD, and it protects us from big explosions. Another perk is called Amped, and it helps us switch our guns faster.

We suggest using a perk called Overkill instead of Ghost with the MP40 gun. This is because the MP40 is not good for shooting far away, so it’s better to have a Sniper or an STG44 AR gun as a second option.

If you don’t like the STG44 weapon, there are other powerful options like Grau 5.56, Cooper Carbine, NZ-41, and UGM-8 that you can use. Add a Semtex grenade to force enemies out of hiding or stick one on them for a quick knockout to complete your loadout. You can also add a Stim shot to boost your health during battles.

How to unlock the MP40 in Warzone?

Here’s how to unlock the MP40 in Warzone:

  • The MP40 was added to Warzone as part of the Season 5 Battle Pass.
  • To unlock it, you must reach Tier 15 of the Battle Pass.
  • Once you reach Tier 15, you will receive the base version of the MP40.
  • You can then level up the MP40 by using it in matches and completing challenges related to the weapon.
  • You can unlock other MP40 blueprints by completing challenges or purchasing them from the in-game store.

Alternative to the MP40 Warzone loadout

  • For an alternative to the MP40 Warzone loadout, the Krig 6 assault rifle paired with the Kar98k marksman rifle is a solid choice.
  • Attachments for the Krig 6 include the Agency Suppressor, 19.7″ Ranger barrel, Axial Arms 3x optic, Field Agent Grip, and 45 Rnd magazine.
  • The Kar98k can be fitted with the Singuard Custom 27.6″ barrel, Sniper Scope, Bipod, and Stippled Grip Tape.
  • For perks, EOD and Ghost are recommended for protection and stealth, with Tracker as a third option for those who like to hunt down enemies.
  • Lethal equipment can be either a C4 or a Throwing Knife, with the Stim as the tactical equipment to quickly heal in the middle of a fight.

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Is the MP40 a viable weapon in Warzone?

Yes, the MP40 can be a strong choice for close to mid-range engagements. It has a high rate of fire and can take down enemies quickly if used correctly.

What other weapons pair well with the MP40?

Weapons that complement the MP40’s close to mid-range capabilities are ideal. This includes shotguns, SMGs, and some assault rifles. It’s recommended to choose a secondary weapon that can handle longer-range engagements.

What perks should I use with the MP40 loadout?

EOD and Amped are popular for protecting against explosive damage and increasing weapon swap speeds. For the third slot, Overkill is recommended to pair with a longer-range weapon, while Ghost can be used to stay hidden from enemy UAVs.

Can I use the MP40 loadout in all game modes?

The MP40 loadout is most effective in game modes that require close-quarters combat, such as Plunder or smaller team-based modes. However, it can still be effective in larger modes such as Battle Royale if used in the right situations.


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