Do you know that increasing your characters’ friendship levels can make them significantly more powerful in Marvel’s Midnight Sons? A detailed Marvel’s Midnight Suns gift guide is provided here. Giving gifts might be very helpful for that goal.

To create a tactical game using our favourite Marvel characters, the developers at Firaxis Games worked with Marvel games. A lot of our heroes appear in the game, which also has high-quality gameplay and cutscenes with lots of plot.

All fans of Marvel characters ought to read Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Similarly, if you enjoy playing card games, this game has you covered. You can play the game on the PC, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

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You may also invite friends to the game and exchange strategies with them. The game allows you to send gifts to your virtual buddies, speaking of exchanging with friends. In the game, gifting offers a lot of advantages, so let us help you select!

Main Points

  • There are numerous ways to add and submit gifts from your store.
  • Hero XP can be obtained through gifting.
  • Gifts might be “liked,” “disliked,” or “loved” by heroes.
  • Each hero has a unique set of hobbies, and these interests might influence the gifts they possess.

In Marvel’s Midnight Suns Gift Guide

Spend more time on friendship levels throughout games to achieve the highest power levels possible. Be careful not to rush, though, as getting there may take some time.

You may provide gifts to pals after making enough progress in the tale to unlock Hangouts. You may invite others to take part in a variety of additional activities here.

The number of presents you receive will increase as your Friendship levels rise. You can join Hangouts once you’ve unlocked them every night, though it’s more likely that you’ll run into Heroes who took part in the adventure that day.

Midnight Suns by Marvel: Friendship level

To make the most of the Midnight Suns gift guide, you’ll need to make friends, although there isn’t any better way to make friends than by giving them gifts. Making friends can also assist you in assembling a strong team, which is necessary to defeat the opposition.

If your friendship level with them is high, every member of your squad can receive improvements and better rewards. We can conclude that developing friendships is worthwhile.

For a detailed article on this subtopic, see Friendships in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

Gifts From The Gift Shop

Remember that in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, you must raise your friendship level to at least 2 in order to deliver gifts. There is a gift shop in the game where you can purchase presents. You should be familiar with Gloss if you’ve played the video game for a period of time.

In the store for Gloss, a fresh gift is offered for purchase each day. It is obtained by completing missions successfully. You can upgrade the gift shop as you advance through the game to open up more options. It will take time, just like other things.

These gifts are much rarer than the things you can just pick up around Abbey. They receive more XP and other benefits as a result of this as well.

Finding Gift in the Abbey

The benefits of wandering and exploring Abbey are real. While exploring the locations, gifts will be available for you to find. Take some time away from the main plot tactics, in our opinion, to look around the room.

The Abbey is where all non-combat strategic choices are made. There might literally be gifts everywhere, so don’t leave any of the tables or shelves empty. They are hidden throughout the entire game setting, just waiting for you to find them.

Keep in mind that you need to keep an eye out for unusual goods. They will be given the choice to communicate above them. But they don’t always show up where you’d expect them to.

Making Gifts In Agatha’s Cauldron

Do you currently utilise Agatha’s Cauldron? It can be used to create unique gifts for others. These can be time-consuming to make because they need a variety of ingredients. Around the Abbey, you can look for various ingredients that can be collected.

Gift Advice: Suggestions For Heroes

They don’t do exactly the same thing for every hero, so you can send tailored presents for each one. Any hero you choose to give a gift to will ‘love’ it if you choose the right one. Make sure the hero doesn’t express a “dislike.”

We’ve got something for you so that the hero “loves” your present. According to these heroes’ preferences in the game, we came up with the following detailed list of gifts:

  • Iron Man is frequently spotted read by the fire and does not enjoy meditation.
  • 39th Tales of Suspense
  • Wolverine: Frequently spotted fishing and drinking. dislikes meditation as well.
  • Root Beers of Canada’s Snack Box
  • Blade enjoys meditating and is interested in fishing.
  • Captain Marvel: The Unauthorised Biography
  • Magik – Enjoys drinking and stargazing. also opposes exercise.
  • The World’s Grossest Candy is Snack Box.
  • Nico – Enjoys watching movies but despises working out and going fishing.
  • Dark Beauty: A Book of Gothic Colouring
  • Spider-Man – Likes to watch movies but doesn’t like to play cards.
  • Face it Tiger’s “Music Box”
  • Scarlet Witch – Enjoys watching films, relaxing by the pool and reading by the fire. also abhors playing video games.
  • Music Boxes (On the Wundagore Slopes)
  • Captain America: Usually found reading or playing cards next to the fire.
  •  Snack Box (Exclusive MREs)

Finishing Point

You’re all set! We’ve covered all the information we knew about giving in Marvel’s Midnight Suns gift guide. To improve your friendship levels with your game pals, you can now send and receive gifts. I hope you enjoyed reading this.


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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1) When is the Midnight Suns holiday season?

Ans. Gifts enable the player to significantly improve their interactions with heroes and are unlocked as soon as you start opening artefacts.

Q2) What advantages do friends have in Midnight Suns?

Ans. For that hero, achieving new Friendship Level will unlock strong gameplay rewards. Additionally, new cosmetic awards that can alter the hero’s appearance in battle will be given as friendship levels rise.

Q3) What makes the midnight sun special?

Ans. In the Arctic and Antarctic Circles, a natural phenomenon known as the midnight sun occurs. These areas experience perpetual daylight since the sun sets at midnight local time during the peak of summer.


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