Metroid Dread: Complete Guide & Walkthrough

In June of 2021, at Nintendo’s special E3 Direct, the world was shocked to see the unveiling video for the metroid dread walkthrough; more than a decade had passed since the previous 2D Metroid game and almost two since the last excellent one. After four months, the game finally came out this week and was an instant commercial and critical hit.

Metroid Dread was created in tandem with Nintendo’s EPD and MercurySteam of Spain, much to 2017’s Metroid 2 remake for the 3DS. It’s a great team effort and has all the elements that made the original 2D metroid dread walkthrough so fun. However, the game still features the notoriously difficult series’ difficulty, so some players will want to consult walkthroughs.

How to Play Metroid Dread?

The game’s tutorials and how it introduces and implements new weapons and upgrades greatly ease players into the action in Metroid Dread. As players acquire new tools, they will gain access to previously inaccessible regions of Planet ZDR. However, locating these formerly inaccessible regions is only sometimes a walk in the park.

 Similarly, due to the game’s gated progression system, Metroid Prime’s players may often encounter locked doors they can’t access and blocks they can’t yet break. This tutorial will explain how to achieve this, provide some helpful hints, and address some of the most common questions players have about the game.

The Basic Plot

After a research team sent to investigate an X-Parasite sighting goes silent in the main story of Metroid Dread, Samus travels there to find out what happened. Unfortunately, she is quickly dispatched by an unknown Chozo fighter upon her arrival, and she recovers with none of her recognizable abilities still functioning. Even worse, she quickly discovers that the seven EMMI robots from the vanished research team are now after her.

 Players must explore nine zones to get off the planet and pick up valuable items and improvements. In addition to the difficulty of finding out where to go next, the metroid dread walkthrough has ten distinct boss encounters for players to defeat, making it one of the most challenging 2D Metroid games ever developed.

In the first of several boss battles in the metroid dread walkthrough, Samus faces off against the scorpion-like creature Corpius. The encounter begins in the Artaria area at the one-hour mark and, like the other main boss battles, consists of numerous stages. With the appropriate tactics, though, players shouldn’t have any issues with them.

Due to the player’s lack of Samus’s power-ups at this point, the Corpus fight boils down to simple movement and timing. Players must carefully time their leaps and aim their missiles and charged shots towards the appropriate portions of Corpius to avoid receiving too much damage.

How to Get in With the Big Cheese?

There are many different kinds of doors in Metroid Dread, much as in the previous games in the series. The boss door, for example, is constructed from a living entity that must be destroyed before the adventurers may continue. Every central boss in the game has one of these doors defending them; Corpius’s door can be found in the far northeast of Artaria.

Players must approach the door and use melee combat to “open” it. After a short pause, the door will launch its counterattack, at which time players must be ready to strike the X button. Samus then shatters the door, dropping enough ammo and health for the bounty hunter to start again.

The First Steps Towards Defeating Corpus

Corpius will utilize a limited number of attacks in the early going of the battle. It often uses its scorpion-like tail to attack Samus but periodically spits balls of deadly gas at her. After a collision, this gas might persist for a few seconds, so it’s best to avoid it if you can. Even better, they can fire at the gas balls while they’re in the air, reviving Samus and restocking her missile supply.

When Corpius shakes its tail, it is about to launch a slash attack, which can be avoided with a well-timed jump. Corpius is about to thrust its tail into the earth if the tail begins to travel backwards. Although players’ natural inclination may be to retreat from this attack, doing so will prevent them from dealing any damage to the boss’s head for a brief period. Instead of standing still, players should glide forward to do more damage.

Strategy for Defeating Corpus (Part 2)

After taking enough damage, the boss will disappear after a brief cutscene. However, its silhouette and the orange orb on its tail will still be visible to players. This orange orb protects you from the boss’s tail and acts as his only weakness.

In this phase, the boss no longer uses its tail as an attack but rather a quick stab that can be avoided by moving to the left or right. However, too much backpedalling will cause Samus to get cornered. Therefore, players should sometimes push the monster back by moving Samus forward and shooting between the boss’s moves.

Tips for Defeating Corpus (Third Stage)

The monster will reappear if the orange ball on Corpius’ tail starts glowing red. Players must now duck beneath it to earn a chance to use X as a counterattack. When they do this, they can unleash a barrage of missiles directly onto Corpius’ face, which serves as the boss’s only weak spot in phase three.

Metroid Dread is similar to other 2D Metroid games in many ways, but it adds a new element to the series: terror. The seven EMMI robots who follow Samus across Planet ZDR are primarily responsible for this since they make critical points in the game quite suspenseful.

It may seem at first that the only option the player has when confronted with the terrifying enemies of Metroid Dread is to flee, as was the case with the Xenomorph in Alien Isolation and Mr X in Resident Evil 2. It may be the case at times, but as the plot develops, the player will get access to the resources necessary to disable the robots permanently.

Metroid Dread: Robot Assassination Guide

The good news is that Samus can destroy the robots and will provide her access to more powerful weapons and tools. But, unfortunately, the Omega Blaster, the weapon required to destroy an EMMI, can only be powered by the energy of a damaged Central Unit and can only be used once.

Fortunately, the first Omega Blaster’s Central Unit has already been destroyed, albeit the remaining six must be defeated in combat. After Samus has taken in their power, players will aim the Omega Blaster by holding the L button, charge it by pressing the R button, and finally fire by tapping the Y button.

The flashing red centre of the target’s head is where players should aim their shots. However, as the robots approach Samus, they may change their height, requiring players to readjust their aim quickly. To allow players some breathing room, killing the EMMI along a long, straight hallway is recommended.

When players arrive in Artaria, the first robot they see is severely wounded, with its guts exposed. As a result, players will need to overcome precautions to protect the cores of subsequent EMMI before utilizing the Omega Blaster, often by shooting fast at them with Samus’ arm blaster until the outer shell overheats.

Metroid Dread: Dodging the Robots

Due to the limited supply of Central Units, players must master both evading and destroying the robots. The easiest method to do this is to run away, and players should remember to use the map they may access at any moment while on the run. Samus can block the robot’s assault by hitting the X button. However, she shouldn’t rely on this strategy because of the short window of opportunity.

The Phantom Cloak may be obtained after beating Corpius, the boss of Artaria. This priceless tool not only lets Samus sneak past EMMI’s motion detector doors, but t it also lets her stay out of sight as she does so. However, the cloak’s effectiveness degrades over time, and the robots can still locate Samus if they come into visual or auditory contact with her.

These are some facts regarding the Metroid dread walkthrough in detail. 


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