Mass Effect 2 best classesWith one of the sci-fi genre’s most compelling stories and endearing characters in Commander Shepard, the Mass Effects 1 Trilogy is regarded as one of the greatest sci-fi game series in gaming history. Nevertheless, with the variety of classes available, many gamers try to decide which class in the trilogy is the greatest. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of the top Mass Effect 3 best classes based on play style.

Undoubtedly one of the most well-known in recent years is the Mass Effect 2 best-class franchise. Redefining what players may anticipate from science fiction games created a new gaming narrative standard. The series features fantastic gaming mechanics that promote replayability and an emotionally compelling narrative with a rich backstory that draws players into the world.

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Mass Effect 1 Legendary Edition’s release allowed new players to join in and use all three with improved graphics and functionality. Each playthrough of the trilogy offers a variety of distinct alternatives and choices. Your choice of class for your character is one of the most important.

Join us as we examine a thorough class tier list to determine the most influential classes to annihilate the Reaper troops in your upcoming Mass Effect replay.

Quick Overview of the Mass Effect 2 Best Class Sytem Trilogy

In Mass Effect 1, classes let players develop a distinct playstyle & a set of skills they can use in various scenarios. Players can use Talent Points to increase their passive and active skills from these classes. Every time a player levels up, they gain talent points that they can use to upgrade their skills.

Players have a choice of two specialization classes for each class. When a specialization is selected, new qualities with benefits and bonuses become available.

Please note that although these suggested classes might vary between all three games, they were selected according to their overall usefulness.

What is the mass effect 2 best classes?

Even though this is a ranking of the Mass Effect classes, it is reasonable to assume that each class has value depending on the player’s playstyle. Even though some can be quite helpful, others may find them boring or pointless depending on how they choose to play their matches.

(1) Engineer (D Tier): Boring & Ineffective Mass Effect Classes

The primary skills of engineers are to decrease opponent shields, interfere with weaponry, and hack synthetics; therefore, they play more supporting squadmates roles. Engineers may also create drones for combat that attack adversaries when they are spotted, depending on the game.

Engineer is a useful class but less combat-focused; therefore, players must mostly employ light weapons. It might be difficult to employ them in some of the fighting situations in the trilogy because of this dependence on light weaponry. Beyond that, using combat drones to eliminate foes makes combat less thrilling because the player has less direct control over how each fight turns out.

Having said that, you should consider playing to be an engineer-class character during your upcoming playthrough of Mass Effect if you favour this type of playstyle, mainly if you can depend on minions (i.e., combat drones). Don’t simply disregard an engineer because he came in last on our list of the best Mass Effect classes.

Best Weapons To Be Used For Engineers

  • Submachine guns 
  • pistols

Engineers’ Tips in Mass Effect

  • Bring combat-savvy teammates like Garrus, Wrex, Grunt, and James skilled with assault rifles, shotguns, & sniper rifles that can seriously harm opponents.
  • Keep opponents from pushing you by lowering your shields while you are in cover.
  • Concentrate on your top priorities.
  • Kill weak attackers with your pistol so your teammates can concentrate on the more powerful ones.
  • Work along with your team members and remain conscious of their whereabouts.

Quick fact: The Omega DLC for Mass Effect 3 includes a special Paragon Interruption for engineers.

(2) Sentinel (C Tier) – Play it With This Character Type

Sentinels can support their teammates and engage in warfare because of a combination of tech and biological skills. Although they have attacking skills, they are typically not as powerful as those of other classes, but if used properly, they can cause a lot of damage.

The proper Sentinel player can aggressively rush their enemies to blow apart their Tech Armour shield. The special ability of this class makes close combat simple. Sentinels have the ability to thwart hostile Biotic & Tech attacks.

Best Sentinels Weapons 

  • ShotgunsAssault 
  • Rifles
  • Pistols

Sentinels Tips in Mass Effect

  • In order to remove adversaries from cover, use the throw ability.
  • For a violent playstyle in Mass Effect 3, disregard weapon weight.
  • Bring squad members like Liara and Javik who can provide powerful combinations.

Quick fact: By the Mass Effect 3, Sentinels become significantly more durable, essentially becoming tanks.

(3) Adept (B Tier) – Mass Effect Jedis Version

The ability to manipulate objects and adversaries & throw them around the area, which creates amusing moments in the game, is analogous to the Mass Effect Jedi Abilities.

Adept is a strong class that has the ability to kill adversaries without firing a single shot. They may instead fling things and break shields with their biotic powers. Despite being in the center of our list of the best Mass Effect classes, we believe you’ll like playing as the Initiate if you desire a class that offers distinctive and fascinating fighting options.

Weapons for Adepts to Use

  • Pistols
  • swivel-action rifles
  • streamlined assault rifles

Advice on How to Play as an Adept in Mass Effect


  • As adepts are frequently easy targets, stay put and don’t rush.
  • Unshielded targets are easily eliminated, so be careful to eliminate them as soon as you can.
  • With the Pull skill in Mass Effect 3, disable the riot shields of the Guardians.
  • In Mass Effect 3, you can use a biotic explosion against adversaries with shields by combining Warp and Throw.
  • Focus on crowd management in Mass Effect 2 as its abilities are ideal for the situation. Bring teammates who can handle distant enemies.

Quick fact: In the first Mass Effect game, adepts had too much power.

(4) Infiltrator (A Tier) –  Sniper Mass Effect Class

This course is for you if your Xbox 360 Gamertag is used to look anything like XxGh0sTSn1P3RxX.

It’s a lot of fun to skulk behind foes and use special tech powers to incapacitate them before killing them if you choose the powerful combat/sniper rifle class called Infiltrators.

The Infiltrator profession is ideal for those who want a simple experience on the Insanity difficulty. Enemies can be avoided at great distances; you can even sneak up on them and attack.

The best weapons for spies

powerful sniper rifles

massive pistols

Mass Effect Infiltration Strategies

  • Using the Tactical Cloak skill to divert foes’ attention from you as you approach death.
  • Only a pistol and a sniper are used in Mass Effect 3 to avoid lengthy ability cooldowns.
  • Keep adversaries at a distance in Mass Effect 1.
  • In Mass Effect, almost every squadmate is beneficial when using this fantastic class.

Fact: By using heavy assault weapons like the Mattock in place of sniper rifles, infiltrators can be quite effective.

(5) Soldier (A Tier) – To Fit Every Situation

In all three games, the member of the soldier class was the best choice for warfare because they had an in-depth knowledge of every gun and how to use it on the field of battle.

Soldiers may shoot everything in their line of sight and are not to be trifled with. They also possess several potent skills, including concussive force and various ammunition.

When a significant amount of harm needs to be inflicted, this class has many advantages. The absence of biotic powers is the only disadvantage. From our list of the top Mass Effect classes, you should choose the Soldier if you want an adaptable and balanced character.

Best Military Weapons

  • Every weapon

Tips for Mass Effect Soldiers

  • Bring squad members like Liara, EDI, Tali, and Kaidan, who can assist with crowd control.
  • As soon as you can, level up your concussive shot ability.
  • In the third Mass Effect game, the Mattock & Cerberus Harrier are great weapons.

Quick Fact: Although it is unofficial, the Soldier is widely regarded as Commander Shepard’s cannon class in the Mass Effect community.

(6) Vanguard (S Tier) – The Most Fun & Lethal Mass Effect Classes

Is today not going well for you? Do you require that you let some of your body’s steam out? Get ready for some anarchy by selecting the Vanguard class of Mass Effect 1 and some Rage Over The Machine songs.

Vanguard is unquestionably the most high-risk and high-reward category in the game, even though it is not particularly useful in a cooperative context. Vanguards are entitled to a special fund feature called Biotic Charge, & believe us when we say that it does exactly what it claims. With the help of this power, you can sprint towards your opponents and do powerful damage in the process. Combat is usually a lot of fun to take part in.

You must learn when to use and when to retreat to master this class. However, the Vanguard takes the top rank on our list of Mass Effect 1 classes because of its close-quarters gameplay and dynamic fighting.

Best Military Weapons



Advice for Vanguard Playing in Mass Effect

  • In Mass Effect 2, Vanguards have a special skill called Shockwave.
  • Bring squadmates such as Liara, James, and Zaeed, who can create potent biotic detonations for a quick recharge rate in Mass Effect 3.
  • Both the Piranha and the Eviscerator are potent shotguns.
  • These complement the Vanguard’s swift close-range melee skill well.

Quick fact: On the Insanity difficulty, Vanguard may be incredibly challenging.


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