LIKE A DINOThe objective of the new unlimited music-based game Like a Dino for iOS and Android is to go to the appropriate location to follow the rhythm of the music for as long as you can. The levels are limitless and only stop when you run out of lives. Once you finish the song, it starts to play faster.

Naturally, you want to achieve the maximum score you can while also resetting the music as much as you can to make it faster. Additionally, you can gain coins, which you may use to open additional songs, characters, and sometimes stories.

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 Similar to an infinite runner, the objective of this game is to travel as far as you can while gathering as many MacGuffins as you can. In this instance, the MacGuffin are the dinosaur’s neck. Your dinosaur’s neck grows longer with every one of these items you collect. Additionally, each of the neck above ornaments is worth a total of one point.

As you progress through the game, you may also collect coins, which is easy to do because each neckpiece is valued one cent in total. You may earn a ton of money by persevering for a while and playing as many times as possible in each round of the game. The coin score will rise more quickly the faster each level advances.

A great deal of free money can be obtained in two more methods. You can subscribe to the developer’s YouTube channel by tapping the icon of the upper-left portion on the main menu, which is one option. You can instantly earn a massive 3,000 coins by tapping the button.

The alternative is to watch commercial videos, which cost one thousand coins each. So long as videos are still loading, you can hit the video icon as frequently as you like. If the game won’t load, check the connection to ensure that it’s strong, then restart the game by closing it and opening it again.

Investing your coins on new music is the most sensible use of your money. Each song displays a unique pattern compared to the tracks that came before it, changing the game and upping the difficulty. You can alter the graphics by purchasing Dino games online & playing as her afterwards.

Always turn the sound on to get the most out of the game. Because you are able to tap to the beat so that you are hearing the song rather than having to visually glance at the screen to match things up, it is much simpler to obtain a high score when the sound is on than when it is off.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Can Like a Dino be played on a computer?

Ans. In the PC game Like A Dino!, you move the Dino while keeping up with the beat of the music so that it can capture all of the music bars as they fall. The music gets better and the Dino’s neck turns into longer the more soundbar streaks you collect.

Q2) Is the game Like A Dino any good?

Ans. The finest game ever, hands down! The music is very adorable, and it has made me feel more at ease and joyful. Everyone should play this game, in my opinion.

Q3) How addicting is the Dino game?

Ans. The Google Dinosaur Game’s extreme addictiveness is one of the factors contributing to its popularity. The game appears to be simple at first, but it gradually becomes more difficult. The obstacles arrive more rapidly and frequently, and controlling the T-Rex’s motions gets harder.


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