Elden Ring: How to beat Lichdragon Fortissax in Deeproot Depths

Elden Ring: How to beat Lichdragon Fortissax in Deeproot Depths

Starting on the journey to conquer Lichdragon Fortissax in the Deeproot Depths of Elden Ring can be difficult, especially for those new to the game. This guide aims to explain the process by giving you a step-by-step approach to defeating this formidable foe.

Preparing for Battle

Before you face the dragon, ensure your character is well-equipped. Armor with high lightning resistance and health potions are essential. Consider using talismans that boost your defense against lightning and death blight, such as the Prince of Death’s Pustule or Prince of Death’s Cyst.

What is Fortissax

Lichdragon Fortissax is a legend boss known for its powerful lightning attacks. It is an optional boss, but defeating it is necessary for a specific ending. The dragon is not susceptible to parrying, and its weak spot is its head, where it takes double the damage

Where to Find Fortissax

First up, you need to get to the dragon. You will find Fortissax after you help out a character named Fia and go into a dream-like place called the Deathbed Dream

What to Expect

Fortissax is tough. It has got a lot of health and can take a beating before going down. It is not a fan of getting hit in the head, though, so that is where you should focus your attacks.

The Arena

You will encounter Fortissax in the Deathbed Dream, which is accessible after giving Fia the Cursemark of Death and interacting with her corpse. The arena is spacious, allowing for maneuverability, which is crucial for avoiding the dragon’s attacks.

The Fight

Keep a mid-range distance to react to Fortissax’s moves. Watch for its lightning attacks and roll to evade them. When it takes to the air, be ready to sprint away to avoid its dive bomb attack.

Utilize AoE (Area of Effect) spells to deal significant damage. Spells like Terra Magica can enhance your magic potency, while Comet Azur can rapidly deplete the dragon’s health. If you are not a magic user, focus on hitting its head with ranged weapons or wait for openings to strike with your melee weapon.

How to talk help

If you are struggling, consider summoning spirit ashes for help. They can distract Fortissax, allowing you to find opportunities to attack or heal.


Upon defeating Fortissax, you will be rewarded with 90,000 runes and the Remembrance of the Lichdragon, which can be used to acquire unique items.

Some Questions

What is Lichdragon Fortissax?

Lichdragon Fortissax is a big, scary dragon with four wings that you can fight in a place called Deeproot Depths. It is known for its powerful lightning attacks.

Where do I find Lichdragon Fortissax?

You will find this dragon in the Deathbed Dream, which you can get to by helping Fia and using the Cursemark of Death.

Is Lichdragon Fortissax a must-fight boss?

Nope, it is optional. But if you want a special ending in the game, you will need to beat it.

What does Lichdragon Fortissax do?

It flies around and shoots lightning. It has also got a big roar that can hurt you if you are too close

What is the best way to beat Lichdragon Fortissax?

Stay at a distance where you can see what it is doing and dodge its attacks. Hit its head when you can, and use magic or arrows if you are good with those.



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