Elden Ring Lakeside Crystal Cave Guide

Elden Ring Lakeside Crystal Cave Guide

Crawling through dungeons in Elden Ring is one of the finest ways for collecting crafting supplies, acquire the best talismans, and test your fighting prowess. The dungeon boss in lakeside crystal cave elden ring presents both difficulty and lots of loot, making it similar to other such caverns.

In addition to its abundance of crafting supplies, the lakeside crystal cave Elden ring also conceals Smithing Stones while others are extremely effective talismans. The prizes from this underground space will be a pleasure if you’re carrying a spear or are in desperate need of additional HP.

That being said, facing a Bloodhound Knight head-on is not at all enjoyable. Without any more delay, here’s how to defeat the Bloodhound Monk dungeon encounter and navigate Through Crystal Cave avoiding missing any stuff.

Items from lakeside crystal cave elden ring

  • Cave moss with Arteria Foliage
  • Growth Cave Moses, Dazzling Caves Moss
  • Blue Firefly species Made of Soft Viscose
  • Swinging Daggers: Hefty Beasts Bone Pile of Skin
  • the Stones, Powell
  • Arrow Enchantment
  • Pendant in Cerulean Pink

The best approach to navigate Lakeside Crystal Cave-

Liurnia of the Lakes is home to the lakeside crystal cave Elden ring. By trekking immediately north from the Slumbering the reasoning of Wolf Shack Site of The gift of Grace, you can reach the cave.

  1. Take a candle or candle with you as you descend into the cave to aid with the darkness. One Arteria Leaf can be taken out of the chest next to the Grace.
  2. Wipe away the Demi-Humans here who will leap at you around the cave by going left around the cavern below. You can steal three Hefty Beast Bones from a corpse beside another campfire if you climb the cliffs up ahead.
  3. Proceed on your left and through the tunnel, then return to the area where you previously dealt with the Demi-Humans. Another big area with additional opponents to fight is at the conclusion of the tunnel. You can find more Cave Moss and Silver Fireflies in this area as well as another chest towards the back of the chamber that includes the Spear Talisman.
  4. Re-enter the room, and you’ll see that you may platform down in front of you (where the enormous cavern is). Grab the many kinds of Cave Flowers along the way as you cautiously descent until you reach an arena with a lantern and another tunnel.
  5.  A corpse containing an Award of Excellence Gemstone is able to be found in the chamber after that. You can go down much more when you return to the cavern. You can find a corpse containing 2x Soft Cotton on the first ledge you hop downward to.

There are three corpses at the very bottom. Three of them will each have a Lump of Flesh, while the other two will each have Smithing Stones. Steal these and proceed directly.

Eventually, after passing a few more Diamond Snails, you and the Bloodhound Knight will reach the boss arena. Be sure to be prepared!

What to do in lakeside crystal cave Elden ring to defeat the Bloodhound Knight? 

Bloodborne is included in the Elden Ring makeover mod to create a terrifying fusion look.

Bloodborne is incorporated into the Elden Ring revamp mod for a terrifying fusion.

  • This battle won’t wear you out too much if you’ve learned the skill of attempting to be patient when playing Elden Ring. If you’re still practising, remember to take a few deep breaths before engaging in this battle and avoid being overly hasty with your strikes.
  •  The Bloodhound Knight typically initiates combat by slicing heavily with his sword. The knight will charge at you, perform many lateral slashes, and then deliver a straightforward slash as he prepares for this move. You are going to be able to sidestep past the opening slashes if you’re going to play up close. However, you must retreat in order to avoid his final frontal strike. Keep your distance as the knight executes this manoeuvre, or just keep in mind to roll forward before rolling backward. Now, if you are using magic and have an intelligence build, make sure to verify your spells before engaging in this battle. Pick any spells that can be cast quickly. 

Wrapping Up – 

Finally, a summons is permitted for this fight if all else fails. If you are in trouble, don’t forget to summon your fave Spirit Ashes—that’s the information they’re there for. The Bloodhound Knight won’t often attack you because the order will be able to dish out a lot of focus for you and keep him distracted while you replenish flasks or launch your own attacks.

After being defeated, This breed Knight of Lakeview Crystal Cave will drop the Cerulean Sapphire Medallion as payment. This talisman will increase your FP, which makes it very beneficial if you utilise magic or enjoy repeatedly using your weapon skills.

Look out for the Forgotten Knights if you enjoy jousting with knights. 


  • What’s within lakeside crystal cave elden ring?

You will emerge from the cave onto a sizable open space. To get rid of the Demi-Humans, stay to the left and leap up the hill.

  • How much time can you last inside the Crystal Cave?

This includes among the biggest crystals ever discovered, measuring up to 12 meters long and weighing up to 50 metric tonnes. 

  • Crystal Cave is it secure?

No, visitors aren’t allowed inside the Cave of Crystals.


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