All Lake of Nine Buried Treasure – God of War Ragnarok

All Lake of Nine Buried Treasure – God of War Ragnarok

You’ll have to wander from left to suitable searching for Buried Treasures since they won’t be indicated on the map. However, all of them may be found in the lake of nine buried treasure, and this guide will show you where to look for them. Okay, so let’s begin.

The release of God of War: Ragnarok was quite some time ago; how is your journey progressing? Since you’ve presumably already finished the game’s main plot, that’s the case. We all know that the narrative of Lake of Nine is rife with collectables. Do you know that there are hidden riches throughout Lake of Nine? If not, we’ve got you covered on the lake’s location of nine buried treasures. Soon to arrive!

Lost Treasure at Nine Lake

We appreciate your desire for independence; however, the treasure locations must be visible on the map. Unfortunately, the location of this Hidden Treasure is not shown on any maps; therefore, use the information provided here as a reference.

The Lake of Nine hides not one but two varieties of Buried Treasure. The Demise of Dagestr and the Viking’s Gift are forms of treasure. These hidden gems may not be accessible until the end of the book. Therefore, after finishing the main objective, we should immediately return to Lake of Nine to begin hunting.

Dagestr’s Tragic End

When you return to Lake of Nine, the Raider Fort is where you’ll locate the Demise of Dagestr. Verify that you have shifted your map to the western shore of Lake of Nine. Take your time with judgement since this does not like the Lake of Nine. You must first go to this location in the Sverd Sands before proceeding to the lake of nine buried treasure areas in search of the treasure.

You’ll find the loot inside the Raider Fort, so you’ll need to ascend to the ledge and continue down the path. The Demise of Dagestr is also seen at the end of the passageway. Since it’s a hidden treasure, it will lie shiny on the ground.

Ragnarok, the death of Dagestr, the Vikings’ reward

The only thing left to do is locate the second destination. Before you go to the King’s grave, head to the east side of Lake of Nine.

It has to be placed on the ground between two enormous doors. Treasure is visible at the cave entrance to the Raider Hideout if you have been there previously.

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Ragnarok, Norse War God, Vikings

It’s ready for you to take in the palm of your hand. These are the Lake of Nine’s Hidden Treasures.


But if you encounter problems, remember to bring specific necessities for these prizes. We’ve got you covered; you must follow the coordinates below to find the hidden riches and recover their artefacts. To find the Applecore region, which contains the Treasure Map of the Destruction of Dagestr, you must go to the Sverd Sands. If you make it to the top, you can take a lift down to the basement.

Death and a Treasure Map to the Lake of Nine

Throw your spear towards a conspicuous break in the wall. You’ll find the artefact on the right side of the top ledge, which you may access by riding your spear up to it. On the other hand, the Lake of Nine is where you’ll find the Viking’s Gift Treasure Map. You may skip the rest and go straight to the Raider Fort, but be aware that many opponents will likely be in the area. If you want to locate anything, clear it out first.

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Treasure of the Nine Lakes, Buried by the Vikings

The map may be found by exploring the fort. In the centre of the clearing, you should locate a tent; investigate it to unearth a Treasure Map. It is where the lake of nine buried treasure is said to be hidden. You may locate it in the Raider Fort on the western shore of Lake of Nine. To get to the road, you need to ascend the cliff. The hidden loot is at the end of the alley.

The Vikings’ Third Lake with Nine Hidden Treasure

Enter the Raider Fort, a large hill enclosed by boulders. You should expect a lot of foes to be waiting for you here. Instead, you’ll discover a tent in the cluster’s centre if you clean it out.

The Viking’s Present, the Fourth of Nine Buried Treasures in Lake

If you’re after the loot shown up there, you’ll need to get to the identical spot shown there. It will be buried just outside our door in the real world. There are no more! With this map in hand, we hope you can unearth the buried treasure lake of nine. Have a blast trying to find them on your own!

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Where is the Buried Treasure in Lake of 9?

Find the Treasure Map for the Viking’s Gift Buried Treasure at the Raider Fort, and then go to the eastern portion of the Lake of Nine. Near the cave entrance to the Raider Hideout and the location of Odin’s Raven is where you’ll find the Buried Treasure.

Where is the 2nd Buried Treasure in Lake of Nine?

After completing the Forging Destiny main objective and retrieving the associated Treasure Map from The Applecore, you will get access to the Demise of Dagestr Buried Treasure, located northwest of Tyr’s Temple, the circular building in the centre of the Lake of Nine.

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