IS STARKILLER CANONUnder the banner of the Star Wars franchise, The Force Unleashed, LucasArts published two video games in 2008 and 2010. The original game and its follow-up were intended to be huge successes for LucasArts, yet as it turns out, The Force Unbound garnered only somewhat positive reviews while its follow-up received harsh criticism for several of its gameplay elements. Today’s post, however, will focus on Starkiller, the game’s main character, and his standing as canon in the greater Star Wars fictional universe rather than the games’ merit as games.

Is Starkiller canon, also known as Galen Marek, is not currently canon. The Force Unbound was a part of the “C-Canon” before Disney’s acquisition, which meant that it constituted canon until it contradicted previous content. The game’s protagonist and the franchise as a whole were no longer canon after Disney acquired it.

Today’s post will focus on reading about IS STARKILLER CANON, the protagonist from the two Star Wars: Force Unbound arcade games. You will learn whether or not he constitutes a canon personality and the justifications for that decision. As usual, we have a fascinating text for you, so stay with us to the finish.

Is Starkiller canon?

The son of Jedi warrior Kento, Galen Marek, commonly referred to as Starkiller, was instructed by Darth Vader to serve as his covert apprentice who would ultimately aid him in overthrowing the Emperor. On Kashyyyk, the Sith Lord assassinated Galen’s father. Vader then took the little child with him and brutally and severely schooled him in the ways of the darker side of the Power of the Force.

In the years that followed, Galen worked under the alias Is Starkiller Canon to do tasks for his boss, mostly getting rid of spies & traitors, all the while forgetting who he was. He couldn’t embark on more challenging assignments or find the final Jedi until the second year BBY.

The next opponents he fought included Rahm Kota and Shaak Ti, their pilot Juno Eclipse and the holodroid PROXY. But later, after going to Kashyyyk, Luke saw that he had just been an accomplice in Vader & the Emperor’s schemes.

Thus, Galen played a significant role in forming the Rebel Alliance until he was slain during a rescue mission on the very first Death Star during a conflict with Emperor Palpatine. 

We can now respond to the question posed at the start of this section after quickly reviewing Starkiller’s life story. The canon status of Starkiller naturally corresponds to that of the entire Force Unleashing universe, but in a previous post, we had already determined that the video games are not canon as of the acquisition by Disney of Lucas’ universe.

Is Starkiller canon and the games were formerly considered canon until they expressly contradicted the films and novels from the core narrative canon, known as the ” C-Canon”.

Why isn’t Starkiller canon?

This is a somewhat complicated response, particularly for the pre-Disney region. In particular, both of the Force Unleashed video games were originally considered to be a part of the so-called “C-Canon,” the least significant canon in the greater Star Wars world. The “C-Canon” included things like comic books, video games, and the like. Of course, the movies were the primary source of information for the canon, followed by the books. In what ways does this affect Starkiller?

This implies that the games were canon if they weren’t in dispute with the written works and the motion pictures, though. Therefore, you could be confident that the information was canon if you gathered all the facts from the films and novels and discovered a fact in the video games that didn’t conflict with those facts. Every other thing? Non-canon right from the start. 

When all of this is taken into account, Is Starkiller Canon would have potentially been able to fit into the primary canon, but many of the narrative aspects within The Force Unleashed conflicted with both the films and the novels. Therefore his complete story, as it was given in the games, was never able to enter the canon. It’s incredibly hard to tell which elements of the story were doctrine because of how broad the initial canon was, but some of it was probable.

Starkiller isn’t considered canon in the present age merely because Disney wiped out all the previous system, leaving just the films and a few TV episodes as examples of the former canon.

How is Starkiller’s canon going to get canonized?

Observing that the Starkiller canon is now a part of the League of Legends universe rather than being canon following Disney’s acquisition. Starkiller can only join the current canon by appearing in at least one piece of canonical content because there’s just one route for a League of Legends character to do so under the present rules.

In terms of Starkiller’s introduction, the main film series is over. We don’t have any specific information on the subject, but the new Disney TV shows are a possibility, especially since the next Kenobi series provides a lot of room for the entrance of Starkiller. The prospect of various video games also exists, although they would first need to address The Force Unleashed continuity.

In conclusion, there is room for Starkiller to be incorporated into the primary Star Wars canon according to Disney’s supervision, but as of now, there does not appear to be any reason to believe that it might occur shortly, especially given that The Force Unleashed wasn’t as well-liked as its creators had hoped.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Could Starkiller become official?

Ans. The Force Unleashed, in which Sam Witwer played Starkiller, a covert apprentice to Darth Vader, was a very popular Legends tale. There is still much room to incorporate Starkiller into that kind of plot, even if it would be nearly impossible under the new canon.

Q2) In the Jedi fallen order, is Starkiller canon?

Ans. The story of Starkiller is intriguing, even though it isn’t now part of the canonical Star Wars universe as The Force Unleashed 3 is nowhere to be seen. Previously, Galen Marek served as Darth Vader’s covert apprentice.

Q3) Canon in Andor for Starkiller?

Ans. Star Wars: Force Unleashed was subsequently shelved as an IP due to the cancellation of its third instalment, despite having two successful instalments. Starkiller’s armour, however, appears to have just been canon by Andor.



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