IS RAINBOW SIX SIEGE CROSSPLAY – Seven years have passed since Rainbow Six Siege’s December 2015 release without crossplay games & cross-progression for console players. With Ubisoft shortly bringing cross-progression & Rainbow Six Siege crossplay, this will finally change in the coming days.

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Initially intended to include Xbox and PlayStation users by early 2022, crossplay games and cross-progression amongst Rainbow Six Siege players on PC, Stadia, & Luna platforms were made possible in June 2021.

Ubisoft has now set players a timeframe for when console gamers can connect to their accounts across platforms and team up with pals across a variety of console devices, despite delays significantly extending this deadline. Only a few months have passed since Rainbow Six Siege was finally available on mobile.

The Rainbow Six Siege Year 7, the fourth season, revealed that this day is the sixth of December in 2022. Since Rainbow Six Siege has long needed crossplay games, this day marks the beginning of voice chat play between console gamers and console players on other platforms.

Additionally, because user account information has been relocated to the cloud, console gamers can now use a single account to play Rainbow Six Siege on various devices, including the Xbox One & PlayStation 5.

Although it should be noted that due to the vastly different levels of challenges related to the two play styles, console players or PC/Luna users have been divided into two separate pools due to intentional matchmaking restrictions, this represents a significant advancement in making Rainbow Six Siege more readily available to console players.

Rainbow Six Siege’s year 7 season 4 adds a new Operator & map, as well as updates to the game’s battle pass, anti-cheat, & ranked systems, in addition to these modifications to cross-progression & crossplay for console players. A new character system in Rainbow Six Siege will also attempt to deter purposeful trolling.

With so many improvements anticipated, it is clear that Ubisoft intends to celebrate Rainbow Six Siege’s seventh anniversary in grand style. Suppose the newly announced crossover bringing NieR Replicant to Rainbow Six Siege wasn’t enough to entice gamers back into the video game. In that case, the promise of cross-progression & crossplay for the console is incredibly alluring.

For the PC, the PlayStation 4, the PlayStation 5, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X, Rainbow Six Siege is currently available.

How is Rainbow Six Siege crossplay?

Oh, thank God! Cross-platform gaming allows players to participate in online multiplayer matches using a variety of hardware and game consoles. Crossplay game is supported in Rainbow Six Siege on Amazon Luna, Google Stadia, Steam (PC), the PlayStation 4, PS5, the Xbox One, the XBox Xbox S/X, Windows Personal Computer, and these platforms.

Although some crossplay combos in Rainbow Six Siege, are incompatible, keep that in mind. It’s impossible for some platforms to communicate with one another. The “Rainbow Six Siege Cross-Platform Details” section is at the top of this page, where you may view the various pairings.

The following platforms are compatible with Rainbow Six Siege, and crossplay is available across them all:

● Google

● Stadia

● PS4

● PS5

● Steam (PC)

● Amazon

● Luna

● Window PC

● Xbox One

Xbox Series S/X

On the PC, is Rainbow Six Siege crossplay?

The crossplay game  is supported in Rainbow Six Siege for the PC. It has been verified that Rainbow Six Siege runs cross-platform on Amazon Luna, Google Stadia, and Windows PC/Steam.

Is PlayStation’s Rainbow Six Siege crossplay?

The PlayStation is cross-platform compatible via Rainbow Six Siege.

● On the PS4 and PS5, Rainbow Six Siege allows cross-platform gaming.

● Additionally confirmed to have been cross-platform across the PS4 and PS5, Rainbow Six Siege.

On Xbox, was Rainbow Six Siege crossplay?

Yes, the Xbox crossplay game is supported in Rainbow Six Siege.

● Xbox One & Xbox S/X crossplay functionality for Rainbow Six Siege was recently verified.

● Additionally, Rainbow Six Siege offers Xbox Series S/X & Xbox One crossplay.

On other platforms, is it cross-platform?

Cross-platform and cross-platform compatibility are features of Rainbow Six Siege.

● Cross-platform compatibility exists between Rainbow Six Siege and Windows PC/Steam, Google Stadia,, and Amazon Luna.

● Crossplay between Google Stadia, a Windows PC/Steam, & Amazon Luna is also supported by Rainbow Six Siege.


Due to Rainbow Six Siege’s cross-platform functionality, users can participate in internet multiplayer matches while using various gaming consoles and hardware.

You can crossplay with other players whether you’re using  Amazon Luna, Google Stadia, the PlayStation 4, the PlayStation 5, Xbox One, the Xbox One S/X, Windows Personal Computer, or Steam (PC).

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