IS JUST PLAY LEGIT – Are you reconsidering your decision to use the JustPlay app? I am aware because I was there. This Play app review will address all of your concerns so you can make a well-informed decision. So Is JustPlay Legit a trustworthy website? Does it pay off? I’m about to tell you everything about it. 

You’re about to find out why “IS JUST PLAY LEGIT” is my favourite game app.

Let’s get started!

Describe JustPlay.

Playing creative and entertaining games on the socially conscious game app Is JustPlay legit will earn you rewards. There’s no in-app purchase, and joining is free.

By allowing you to contribute your winnings to worthwhile causes, this software breaks the paradigm of the online gambling industry. That distinguished this software from its rivals. They will match each dollar that you contribute to charity. 

Play, Earn Fairly, Make a Donation is their motto. Just play apps will help you achieve your aim of improving the world while experiencing fun.

The Global Hunger Project, the Clean Air Task Force Act, & Doctors Without Borders are the three organizations they will be collaborating with. 

They provide excellent services to their clients and take their work seriously. The speed with which they respond to inquiries shocked me.

Is Just Play Legit has over 4 million downloads as of 2023 and an excellent rating of 4.3 stars. I’ve also included my review because, as everyone may see, I played & won! So it is with excitement that I evaluate the JustPlay app as a reliable means of earning money.

How does Justplay make money?

Simply playing games is all you must do to earn money on JustPlay. You can only earn money by doing that.

You gain money by playing. Let me dispel any doubts about that being too excellent to be true.

You will notice some ads that interfere with your gaming when you spend a lot of time Is Just Play legit? Most likely, you’ll select any or all of those advertisements. Justplay earns money each time you watch an advertisement. They give you a portion of that money.

Recognize the connection? Watch how reliant they are on you. Joining them can be the best method to play and earn because they require you to make money.

You can take advantage of their incentives to increase your income. This is a faster way to accumulate coins that may be exchanged for money.

You won’t grow tired of playing the same games over and over because they add new ones every day.

Warning: You’re about to be inundated with advertisements. That is one of their sources of income.

How are you compensated?

The way the JustPlay app pays you is among its best features.

Justplay offers no minimum payout requirement and everyday payouts. The requirement that you reach a minimum quantity of money before you can withdraw your money sets it apart from other game applications.

Choose the gift card through one of your preferred retailers, such as Walmart or Amazon, or withdraw the money from your PayPal account.

There is a maximum cash-out amount. This indicates that you may amass up to $30. You are forced to withdraw the money once you reach that amount.

Rules for just playing cash out

No minimum amount is needed to pay out; you can do it whenever you want. A $2 minimum requirement is established by Paypal, though, if you desire to send cash out to Paypal.

You have a wide range of withdrawal alternatives, including Google Play, Walmart, which is Burger King eGift, & Amazon gift cards.

Conversely, charities include Clean Air Task Force, The Hunger Project, and Doctors without Borders if you choose to give your earnings. You decide on the option that speaks to you.

Can you earn a lot of money?

The JustPlay app does not guarantee wealth. In return for your time, you will receive a reasonable wage to advance a greater cause.

Depending on various variables, your daily earnings range from $1 to $68. Like how many offers you’re able to accept & how many hours you spend playing.

The JustPlay app pays, so you’ll be taken care of. You receive a 10000 coin immediate bonus after signing up, which you can use to pay with Paypal or trade for a gift card to Amazon.

What are coins for the Just Play app worth?

I could withdraw $0.15 because there are no time or withdrawal dollar constraints. Therefore, it takes about 214 000 coins to make a dollar. Or, even better, 1 Just Play coin was equivalent to $0.0000047.

I discovered the value of coins after making my first cash out on the Just Play app.

When I cashed out, I obtained 32000 coins, which I made in nearly no time. I got 20,000 coins when I signed up. I gained 13000 extra coins after installing a game of solitaire. Indicating that the endeavour was almost in vain.

I also decided to give my proceeds to The Hunger Project.

Who may attend?

The age requirement to join is just play legit 18. You are welcome to join regardless of where you are from because they have no regional limits.

Simply download the app to begin earning money. This app quickly pays you and is free.


  • Excellent clientele service.
  • Daily new games are added.
  • Enables you to make a significant global effect by contributing to organizations that do good.
  • No boundaries based on location.
  • Payouts each day.


  • Has occasional bugs.
  • Low potential for income.
  • Earnings are correlated with playing time.
  • Does The JustPlay App Make Sense?

JustPlay App: Is it worthwhile?

Whether Just Play is worthwhile or not is entirely up to you. You can answer that by mentioning your home nation and goals.

For instance, I believe you have better prospects to earn a steady, respectable salary if you reside in Canada and the USA.

You’ll make more money even working for minimum wage. Instead, this Just Play app can be worthwhile if you reside in a developing nation in which you can provide for everyone in your family for $10.

Let’s get one thing straight: Your income will be significantly impacted by the nation in which you reside. The amount of money you can earn from clicking ads differs depending on where you are in the country. Well, unless you’re in Australia and New Zealand. What’s the point, exactly?

The Just Play app provides a great method to stop feeling bad about wasting your free time when you are glued to your phone regardless of playing games.

On the other hand, this software will assist you in making a significant effect if you routinely donate to charitable causes. The time you spend has been well-used in this situation.


You now have it. Everything you require to get started has been covered in this review of the JustPlay app.

Do you understand why I like this app so much? I’m confident you’ll like it if you choose to try it. Only the ability to engage in guilt-free gaming and support worthwhile causes answers all your possible concerns.


Have fun and good luck! Which nonprofit organization would you pick? Comment below and let me know. Keep in mind to avoid SCAM apps as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Can you use JustPlay on a desktop computer?

Ans. A game app called JustPlay is not accessible through the desktop. It is exclusively accessible through Google Play and Android smartphones.

Q2) What about the Just Play app?

Ans. The JustPlay app is reliable. The excellent ratings on Justplay and my testimony are the strongest evidence of that. A group of gaming and ad technology professionals based in Berlin, Germany, owns Justplay.

They have amazing customer service and a stellar web reputation. You may even locate the people who own it on Indeed and request to connect.

On Google Play, the JustPlay app gets a lot of positive reviews. The main reason for the unfavorable ratings is that a user discovered an app problem. You’ll observe how quickly the Just Play app Team responds to questions and offers fixes for issues.


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