Hyetta Questline In Elden Ring Full Guide

Hyetta Questline In Elden Ring Full Guide

There are a lot of NPCs in Elden Ring who communicate with one another. There are a few of those NPCs who give you excellent prizes for completing their questlines but are also exceedingly imprecise and specific. Hyetta, whose questline is necessary for one of the game’s numerous endings, is one of the game’s most challenging NPCs to locate. The Frenzied Flame epilogue is connected to Hyetta’s mission. 

We can assist you if you need assistance finding her or completing her mission. It’s simple to overlook Elden Ring’s Hyetta questline, about the blind woman who waits at Lake Liurnia’s southernmost point. 

She never indicates where she’s headed next, and her appearances have strange triggers. But after meeting her once, you’ll want to support her in her endeavour. Here is a list of all the places you can find Hyetta, including Bellum Church.

You’ll likely need to lower several wooden platforms. The dungeon will naturally bring you to him, although it is a somewhat circuitous path; keep looking up towers until you find him. Edgar is the man standing at the top of the ramparts. He is Irina’s father. Discuss with him and hand him the letter.

You’ll need to eliminate Leonine Misbegotten, Castle Morne’s boss, before he can resign his position. Kill that by leaving the cliffs on the Castle’s southern side.

Irina should be completely dead by the time you arrive there. Her body has caused her father grief. You can speak with him again if he isn’t there and she is still alive.

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Begin the Hyetta Questline

We can concentrate on the future now that Irina is gone—Hyetta! Continue on past Stormveil Castle’s conclusion. Hyetta should be there at that Site of Grace. Make sure you have Irina’s Letter and yet questline item before continuing if you don’t. That appears to be close to the time that she spawns.

She needs a new item, the Shabriri Grape, which you must provide her.

The Grapes of Shabriri

You need three Shabriri Grapes to complete Irina’s quest path. The following places are where you can find grapes:

  • Head through the back of the throne in the Stormveil Throne Room. “Please take my grapes,” a dark guy says while holding his head.
  • A grape is concealed beneath particular floorboards broken by rolls or assaults in the Purified Ruins. The actual ruins are situated on dry land in southeast Lithuania.
  • Finally, one on Edgar the Revenger can be found. If you have finished Irina and Edgar’s storyline, Edgar will only spawn. He will spawn in the western Liurnia woodland at the Revenger’s Shack. There is a grace nearby that enables you to attempt multiple times. 

You must progress through the game significantly, extremely, extremely far before you can finish Hyetta’s objective. To move forward, you must defeat Leyndell, The Mountaintops of the Giants, and the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds. Following this, you will arrive at the Cathedral of the Forsaken site of grace. To reveal a secret passage:

  1. Move behind the altar.
  2. Fight through it until two beams with platforms that look like tombstones are visible. You can get to the bottom by following the monuments.
  3. Before entering the catacomb’s centre, gather the loot. You should experience a ground collapse that will take you to the Frenzied Flame Prescription. 

This area is a closing circumstance! To combat the Frenzied Flame, speak with the three fingers. When you accomplish this, Hyetta will again consider you cool enough to converse with! You can communicate with her now that you are the Frenzied Flame’s carrier. Finish her dialogue to receive the Frenzied Flame Seal as compensation for finishing her questline.


Although the game initially directs you towards Stormveil Castle, players who explore southward instead of the north will become sidetracked on the Weeping Peninsula for lengthy periods. Irina will be waiting for you there by a roadside place of grace, right before the Bridge of Sacrifice in southern Limgrave.

You must deliver Irina’s letter to Edgar, then beat the boss of Castle Morne and speak with Edgar once more to meet Hyetta. If you need assistance, refer to Polygon’s Castle Morne guide and walkthrough.

Chapter 2: Irina” NOTHING OF HER

Following Irina’s passing, a fresh NPC appears close to the Lake-Facing Cliffs site of grace in southern Liurnia, just after the Castle’s exit. The character in question is Hyetta, who is quite similar to Irina.

It’s simple to infer that Hyetta and Irina are the same people because they both have blindness, only appear when Irina dies, and share a similar appearance and voice. On the other hand, Irina’s corpse never vanishes, and it appears like she has passed away. 

Although Hyetta’s questline also involves a mysterious Outer God named The Frenzied Flame, whose will is enforced by an entity known as The Three Fingers, which resides beneath Leyndell, Royal, this may be a case of a character “Living in Death.”

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How to Finish the Elden Ring Hyetta NPC Questline

You must finish Irina’s mission at the Weeping Peninsula to find Hyetta. After completing that quest, you can find Hyetta near the Lake-Facing Cliffs site of grace, the first site of grace you can access after finishing Stormveil Castle.

How has Irina’s Journey changed? 

The questline for Irina is brief but crucial. Cross the bridge and proceed south from Limgrave. You will spot a woman sitting next to the wall just after the bridge, to the left of the road. When you finish her dialogue, she will give you a letter from her father.

The Weeping Peninsula’s far-south Castle Morne is where her father resides. Continue climbing up the battlements by adhering to the ramparts as you near the midpoint of the dungeon.

What is Hyetta’s questline? 

Hyetta, whose questline is necessary for one of the game’s numerous endings, is one of the game’s most challenging NPCs to locate. 

Elaborate on Shabriri Grapes. 

  1. Shabriri Grape 1: Received from a ghost in Stormveil Castle, beyond Godrick’s throne room, down several steps and a ladder, and right before the exit into Liurnia.
  2. Shabriri Grape 2: Seek an attackable false floor in an eastern Liurnian Purified Ruins cellar.
  3. Shabriri Grape 3: Defeat Edgar the Revenger in the Revenger’s Shack in western Liurnia after completing Irina’s quest and discovering her dead. He also discards the +8 Halberd of the Banished Knight. Simply killing Edgar at Castle Morne before discovering Irina dead will also yield this grape.
  4. The fourth grape is a Fingerprint Grape rather than a Shabriri Grape. Take it from the intruder Festering to use as loot.

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