How to play the Slapjack card game? Slap Jack Card Game Rules and strategy

How to play the Slapjack card game? Slap Jack Card Game Rules and strategy

slapjack is a game for children and is played with a single deck of cards. This game is also known as “Heart Attack” or “ snap.”

This game has two other variations:

1st Version

 Acquire all the slapping jack Cards only.

How to play:

A standard deck of cards is divided equally between the players. Players then start putting cards faced up. A pile will be stacked up until a jack card comes up. As soon as a jack comes, the players will slap using the hand they play with. 

The player who succeeds is allowed to collect the cards, and then add them to the bottom of the pile. If any player runs lose all the cards, he will be given one more chance to become a part of the game by playing with the next stack after a jack comes up. In case he fails, he will be declared out.


Rules for Slapjack:

  1. the card should be placed in a way so that it is visible to every player.
  2. In case two or more players simultaneously slap, the player whose hands are in touch with the cards will take the pile. 
  3. if a player slaps a card other than jack, then the top card will be given by the player face down.


  1. The player who acquires all the cards is declared the winner. 


2nd Version

This variant is called “Osiris Atom-Ra“ and was introduced in Britain. When a player slaps a card matching the card facing up, he collects the entire stack of the card. After the cards are dealt and collected, a net pile is made.


  2nd Version

2nd Version
Players 4-10
Decks Used Standard Single deck
Object Get rid of all the cards.
Skills Developed Fast Reflexes and Visual Alertness


  1. To start the game, players put face down cards in the table’s center. The dealer puts down the first card and shouts, “Ace.” Then the next player putting down the card shouts, “Two.” The continues till all the cards are counted, and this will repeat again from Ace.
  2. In a situation when the player shouts the value the same to the card, then every player will have to slap the card downwards. The player who comes last collects an entire pile. 
  3. The game ends when only one player is left with the cards.


Variations of Slapjack


Snap is a game specially made for children. The cards have famous cartoon characters from the movies. Only one deck of cards is used. After dealing with the cards, each player puts down one card from their pile in the center of the table facing up. 

If any two consecutive cards are identical, then the first player to shout “SNAP” and put hands on the pile takes all the cards. The player who has all the cards, in the end, wins the game.


Alternative rules for snap

The jokers are not included in the deck. Players are not allowed to see the cards. Turn by turn, in a clockwise direction, and every player places a card face up in the center of the table. The face value of the card has to be proclaimed by the player.

The game rules are the same as the 2nd version of the slapjack, but all the players will participate. For Example, take two players, X and Y. X doesn’t have any cards. But Y has all the cards. Y puts a ten but shouts a “9,” then every player tries to slap on the pile as soon as Y shouts 10.


Additional Variation

o Irish Snap

players SNAP when two identical cards come.


Extreme Irish Snap

It is also called as “Ultimate SNAP.” Just an advanced variant of Irish Snap.


o Conventional Snap

Player SNAP when an identical rank to the card below the top card comes.


o Runs

If the cards are in descending or ascending order, players will snap. For example, 6, 7, 8


o Silent Sevens

 Seven is treated as silent. Players can not shout the number. 

King Salutes 

Snaps are made on Kings rather than Jacks. Players salute when there is a king card, and they snap on the pile.


As and when there are a sandwich stack/pile, players snap the cards. For Example 5, 9, 5

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