How to play spider solitaire card games online?

How to play spider solitaire card games online?

Spider solitaire is one of the most famous and most played games which can be easily and freely accessed on Microsoft Windows or online. Rules for spider solitaire keeps changing depending on the number of decks chosen by the player. The difficulty level varying from easy to hard is dependent on the number of suits chosen by the player. 


The deck

Two single sets of decks consisting of 52 cards each are shuffled together for the game.


Card Layout

While studying how to play Microsoft spider solitaire, you will get to know that the tableau formation displayed on the screen consists of 54 cards in total while the rest of the cards are in stock form. After the shuffling process, the whole set of cards is spread on the screen in 10 collections. The first four sets consist of six cards each with their first card’s face up and the last card’s face down. The remaining six games include five cards each; the first card being face up while the other four cards being face down.


This game can be played at different levels, like with a single deck being the beginner level, the double-deck being the intermediate level, and the four-deck being the problematic level. Spades are used in the beginner level games while spades along with hearts are used in the middle-level games.


The objective of the game

If you ask how to play spider solitaire card games online and what is the aim of this game, then this article is the complete answer to your question. The mere objective of this game is to remove all the card sets and form a suit of 13 cards from the King to the Ace, i.e., in the ascending order in the least number of moves possible. You have to build eight suits of cards in the same manner, and in this way, the costumes will be removed from the screen one by one after the completion. On completion of all the eight suits, the player wins the game. 



Rules for spider solitaire are in such a way that the player can place a card on top of another if it is less in rank or number in comparison to the other. The order to be followed while building a suit of thirteen cards is as follows – 



This means that while creating this ascending suit, Ace should be the first card, and the King should be the lowermost card of the pack.


Valid Moves

While learning how to play Microsoft spider solitaire, you have to have complete knowledge of all the possible correct moves. 


Invalid Moves

  • The wrong moves are that any two cards or any set of two cards belonging to different suits cannot be moved. 
  • A card cannot be placed on top of any other card if it is in ascending order.
  • A suit created of thirteen sets of cards will not be considered valid if they all do not belong to the same suit.


Game Tips

  • You should try to build card sets of the same suits as fast as possible within the least moves. Try not to make wrong moves like setting cards of different suits, as it would ultimately turn into a deadlock. If you land into a deadlock situation, then go and take out a new set of cards from the stock.
  • If you are playing Spider solitaire on any Windows O.S. supportive device, then clicking on the letter ‘H’ would help you make the next move.
  • You should empty the ten columns as quickly as possible so that you score well.


Levels of Spider Solitaire

  • Easy (Spiderette) – only one deck is used in this game, and the entire deck is of spades, which makes the game easy.
  • Intermediate (Advanced) – how to play spider solitaire card game online two suits? You get to play with two decks. This level is widely played among regular players is a bit difficult yet, impressive as it consists of both Spades and Hearts.
  • Intricate (Gigantic Spider) – how to play spider solitaire card game online four suits? Here, you get to play with four standard decks. It is the most difficult of all the levels; hence, upon winning, the player receives a fantastic bonus.


Scoring in Spider Solitaire

The scoring method and algorithm are different in each version.

1st version:

  • Ten points for turning a card from face down to face up from the tableau. 
  • Fifteen bonus points are granted if the entire column of cards is turned from face down to face up.
  • Two points for building them in descending order.
  • Fifty cards on completion and discarding of an entire column of cards from the tableau.
  • A player can score a maximum of up to 990 points in this game.
  • Bonus two points are awarded to the player after turning the first three cards for each card, but only if the player wins the game with more than four completed suits.


Windows version:

  • A point is deducted after every move, and the total score is calculated from the total of 500. 
  • A bonus of 100 points is awarded on removing a whole column of cards belonging to the same suit in descending order.
  • The maximum a player can score from this game is 1254 points.
  • Making four cards of the same color tend to gain an additional 100 points.


The latest version:


Spider scoring
Rules  Easy level 

(single suit)


(double suit)


(four suit)

For deleting the whole column of 13 cards +520 points  +780 points  +1040 points
Taking a Hint 

(press H)

-50 points  -100 points  -150 points
The game completed in 0 seconds gains the player the highest score  25450 points 31050 points  33650 points
The game completed in 7 minutes (420 seconds) also gains the player maximum score  17425 points  20025 points  22625 points


Typical scoring for the three levels – Easy, Intermediate, and Difficult.

  • 150 points for turning a card from face down to face up.
  • Minus 1 point for every second taken in the game.
  • 100 points are deducted on undoing a move.

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