How to Play Pool Like a Pro?

How to Play Pool Like a Pro?

If you wish to play pool like a professional, be sure that you are holding the cue stick parallel to the pool table’s surface. Then practice your swing before taking your next shot.

This way, you can feel comfortable with it and learn how to play 8 ball pool, as well as how to play 9 ball pool before you actually take the shot.


A necessary thing you require to know about how to play pool like a professional is to accelerate slowly to give you more momentum and control over the shot.

To speed up, just move your arm away from your body, but do not let it fall back down. When you do hit the ball, use your arm to push the ball back in its lane.

Make sure that you don’t turn your body while you are playing and that you keep your hands low and away from the ball when you hit it. Make sure to keep your head down when you are taking the shot.

This will help you see where the hole is and what direction you should put the ball so that you can hit it in the most appropriate spot to land it.

Understanding the Art of Playing Pool

Once you have mastered the art of how to play pool like a professional, you can even join some tournaments and compete against other players who are just starting out and who are trying to learn how to play.

It is also possible to learn from the pros and try your hand on some of their tips. You may find that they can provide you with some tips that will be beneficial to your game.

Once you become a successful pool player, you may want to join a league that you may be interested in, and you can use the tips that you have learned along your way as a professional.


If you really want to play pool like a professional, ensure that you are holding the pool cue vertically to the floor for better control. Practice your strokes a lot before actually playing the cue ball for the first time.

When you do finally hit the ball, quickly accelerate to gain control and more speed. Follow these basic pool cue strokes when playing pool.

Attain a Proper Form to Give the Right Shot

Swinging The first stroke in hitting a pool cue is swinging the cue through the air until it hits the end of the stick. This gives you extra momentum in your stroke motion and makes your shot more accurate.

Make sure that you hit the ball straight so that the ball does not spin during your shot. Keep the ball between your shoulders and face to keep your aim down and to reduce spin.

You should be using all your muscles and not just your arms to swing through the air. A good swing will help you hit the ball straighter and farther.

Make a Stroke by Perfecting Your Hand Position & Stance

Pulling The second stroke is pulling the cue down hard and fast from above while bringing the stick back to the front.

This creates an over-the-top motion in your stroke, which results in the ball flying higher.

Keep your arm straight and use your whole body to pull down hard. This will allow you to hit the ball harder and longer, especially when you are practicing for a big game.

Chalk the Tip of the Cue Before Every Shot

Swishing The third stroke in hitting a pool cue is swishing the stick down from above to make the cue fly back up in the air. Again, use your whole body to swish the stick back down.

This technique is used by many professional pool players. This will result in an over-the-top and long stroke that is much easier to do than the previous two.

It also results in a faster shot that can be very effective if you are trying to beat your opponent.

Maintain Balance Throughout the Stroke

When using this technique, remember that you need to maintain balance throughout your stroke. If you pull the stick too hard, it may tip over, and you could find yourself out of the game or injured.

When using this tip, be careful not to hit the stick too hard against the side of the stick, or you will cause your cue ball to fly into the pool or your head.

Learn the Art of Back-Swinging

Back-swinging You may find this tip useful when playing pool, but it is very difficult to learn. When playing pool, you should swing the stick back in a circular motion, rather than in a back swinging motion.

This causes the clubface to face towards your target at the end of your stroke.

This causes the tip of the clubface to swing around and then face away to finish your stroke, creating a powerful shot.

Backswing Tip

When practicing this tip, make sure that you have the pool cue pointed straight ahead at your target and try to hit the cue ball from above your right shoulder.

When holding the club, pull it down just slightly and follow through slowly. This will give the shaft a more open face at the end of the swing.

Swing tip

This tip is the most important tip in learning how to hit a pool cue. When the ball is hit, allow your arms to follow through the entire distance from the center of the stick to the center of your body.

This will give you a powerful shot.

Tip to Maintain Speed

To practice this tip, get some balls and start to hit each of them at different speeds. Once you have practiced at different speeds, move onto another ball, and repeat this process several times.

Keep changing the speed until you have mastered the technique. You will be amazed at how quickly you can develop this technique.

See Professionals Playing & Learn from Them

Follow Through If you have ever been watching professional players who practice all day on their pool cues, you will notice that they are always able to play at a high level.

But, the one thing you can change about them is to always keep their follow-through short. This means that they always have a short amount of time between swings.

They are always able to keep a quick follow-through, and they are able to hit the cue back shots effectively.

Final Tip

When practicing this tip, make sure that you can keep your follow-through short by practicing several different shots and moving on to another shot after each one.

When you have mastered your follow-through, move onto another one. When you have mastered this tip, you will find it much easier to improve on how to play pool.


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