Tutorial: Making a Potion of Weakness in Minecraft

Tutorial: Making a Potion of Weakness in Minecraft

How to make potion of weaknessThe potions in Minecraft may be used for both good and evil. If you drink a potion of weakness, your attack power will decrease, and you’ll do less damage while using melee weapons. There is no way to make a “Weakness II” potion, however, the duration of this one may be increased. Many people ask one question on the internet which is how to make potion of weakness. 

There are hardly many benefits for a potion of weakness on its own. Let’s discuss the complete answer to the question how to make potion of weakness. The splash potion variation, however, may flip that situation on its head. Splash potions of weakness may also heal zombie villagers in Minecraft. Instructions for brewing a Splash Potion of Weakness in Minecraft are as follows:

In Minecraft, a Splash Potion of Weakness is a necessary ingredient. 

In Minecraft, you’ll need a Fermented Spider Eye, a Water Bottle, a Brewing Stand, some Blaze Powder, some Gunpowder, and a Crafting table to construct a Splash Potion of Weakness. If you are one of the people who wants to know the answer to the question how to make potion of weakness then keep reading; you are at the right place. 

A Potion of Weakness may be made with far less effort than other potions. It doesn’t have to start with some weird concoction. The fermented spider eye is essential, but it might be difficult to create since it calls for brown mushrooms.

Making water bottles requires a supply of water and glass containers. You may produce glass for bottle tops and bottoms by digging up some sand and melting it in a furnace. Keep reading to know more details about the answer to the question how to make potion of weakness. 

You’ll need a brewing stand to concoct your elixir. The challenge here is tracking down a blazing rod in an underground stronghold.

You may use blaze powder to power your brew stand. It shouldn’t be hard to get blaze powder if you’ve located a nether castle with a blaze spawner.

Splash potions are effect potions that have been modified with gunpowder. Find some gunpowder by searching for creepers late at night. Some of these Minecraft recipes can only be completed with a crafting table with a 3×3 crafting menu.

There are number of articles on the internet regarding how to make potion of weakness but hopefully, you will find this one the most informative one. 

How to Make a Splash Potion of Weakness (Complete with Illustrations)

Find a brown mushroom as our starting point. Finding a biome with dark oak forests has proven to be the most reliable strategy for me. You may look in caverns or even the underworld for brown mushrooms, as long as it’s dark enough there.

The towering brown mushrooms that grow in oak forests are simple to find and will provide more than enough food. It’s far less dangerous than places like the underworld or a dark cave.

Minecraft’s gloomy oak forest

The 2×2 trees and the towering mushrooms growing in the gaps between them are telltale signs of a dark oak forest biome. Once you have located a tall brown mushroom, you may break it down with only your hands, and every block has a chance to drop some brown mushrooms. If locating a dark oak woodland proves too complicated, you may also discover brown mushrooms in a marsh.

The brown mushrooms specified in the recipe are essential to the success of the fermented spider eye. The next step is to track down some sugarcane. They are ubiquitous around waterways and always next to a reservoir.

Minecraft sugarcane

You may plant sugarcane in either soil or sand. Gather it, then go hunting for spiders. Spider eyeballs are more valuable than pearls, so you’d better be prepared to chase down some spiders with your sword in hand. To know more about the answer to the question how to make potion of weakness read the below-listed portion very carefully. 

Minecraft Spider

You should have been able to locate and kill enough spiders to get a spider eye. Check for the green hissing creepers before you walk back inside. Avoid getting too near to them, please! You can stop them from going off by shooting a bow at them or charging at them with a sword. 

Take out a few creepers, get some gunpowder, and go home to whip up some fermented spider eye. Put some sugar cane into a crafting menu, which will turn into sugar.

Take your brown mushroom, sugar, and spider eye and put it anywhere in the crafting menu to make a fermented spider eye. You do not need a crafting table to perform this recipe.

How to make a spider eye in Minecraft that has been fermented 

Find some firewood to use in your brewing stand. You can only find Blaze in the vicinity of a Nether castle. Try to evade their fireball blasts, take it slow, and grab as many blazing rods as possible.

Fire Starters

Gather some cobblestones and return to the Overworld with your blazing rods. Make a brewing stand by arranging three cobblestones along the base and setting the flaming rod in the centre.

Putting together a brew stand

Convert some of your extra blazing rods into blaze powder while you’re here.

Making fire starters

Find a secure spot for your brewing stand. Now, you only need to create your glass bottles. Dig up some sand and heat it in a furnace to manufacture at least three pieces of glass.

Minecraft’s Glass-Making Tutorial

To build bottles out of glass, arrange it in a “v” on a workbench.

Minecraft: Making a Glass Bottle

You may fill your glass bottles by right-clicking any water source. Put these water bottles on the brew stand’s base shelves. Your blazing powder will power your brewing stand. In the top left compartment, put the blazing powder.

The next step is to put your spider eye in the top slot once it has matured and wait for it to brew. When this is done brewing, you will have three elixirs of weakness at your disposal.

Concocting a remedy for weakness 

Splash potions Minecraft may be made by substituting 1 gunpowder for the other ingredients.

Making a potent spray

When this is done brewing, your bottles will have a physical transformation that makes them suitable for throwing. The debuff the potion applies is less severe than that of a standard weakness potion, but it does not wear off as quickly.

Use Minecraft’s Weakness Potion

If you have a splash potion in your hand, you will toss it once you right-click. You can’t heal a zombie villager without these potions, and they’ll get you well on your road to establishing a settlement.

Take caution with the radius of these potions’ effects. Being vulnerable might make things more challenging than they need to be. Just 0.5 hearts reduce the debuff in the base version of potions Minecraft. It reduces your damage output by two full hearts in the Java version.


Congratulations! Cure zombie villagers, weaken the attacks of other players, or reduce the damage you incur from a horde of monsters with the help of these elixirs. When you use a splash potion, you may apply its effects to nearby enemies.

Making potions gives you a fresh perspective from which to tackle problems. See for yourself how effective the right potion may be by experimenting.

The Splash Potion of Weakness in Minecraft is incredibly handy, and players should make the most significant use of it every time they load up the game. The above-listed portion has wholly explained the answer to how to make potion of weakness


When can you acquire more potions?

In BDO, you may find and acquire Infinite Potions, which are practically eternal potions. Most of the components for these items can only be gained via very sporadic grinding drops, which may take countless hours to amass. To make the endless potions, you’ll need to gather five separate items and mix them.

In what ways might a weak potion be fortified?

When combined with redstone, a potion’s effects will last longer for a longer period of time, while glowstone will make it stronger overall.


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