Little Alchemy’s Cow-Making Guide

Little Alchemy’s Cow-Making Guide

We love the fast and entertaining fun of Little Alchemy. It may be difficult to conceive how a Cow might be constructed from these four ingredients. But any goal can be achieved with hard work, dedication, and proper guidance. Many people ask how to make a cow in little alchemy, as it is one of the most popular games among children. 

 Since we firmly believe in building things the old-fashioned way, we have included all the necessary procedures for constructing a Cow in Little Alchemy below. Let’s discuss the most detailed answer to how to make a cow in little alchemy. 

Wet Air + Dry Earth = Rain

Plants = Rain + Soil.

Water + Soil = Mud

Swamp equals Plants + Mud

Wind and flames equal power.

Energy + Swamp = life.

Planet + Life equals Homo sapiens

Farmers raise livestock because humans and plants equal farmers.

Cow = Earth + Plant + Grass + Animal

In Little Alchemy, producing a human is the first of seven stages to create a cow. Since this has already been extensively discussed in another thread, we will not go into depth once again here.

Making Humans Using Relatively Simple Alchemy

In Little Alchemy, you must do four more actions to complete the Cow recipe.

Little Alchemy Recipe for the Farmer

First, drag the HUMAN icon into the field from the Elements menu.

Step 2: From the Elements menu, choose PLANT and put it onto the HUMAN piece already on the board.

Little Alchemy Recipe for the Farmer

Congratulations, you have attained the Little Alchemy level of Farmer! The next step in creating a cow is to create livestock.

Making livestock using Relatively Simple Alchemy

First, you must grab the FARMER piece from the Elements panel and drop it wherever on the game board.

Step 2: Choose LIFE from the Elements menu and drop it on the FARMER you built on the board.

Making livestock using Relatively Simple Alchemy

You have completed the procedure for making cows in little alchemy for creating livestock. The production of grass is the next step in creating a cow.

Minimal Alchemy for Growing Grass

You must first click “EARTH” in the Elements panel and then “DRAG” onto the game board.

Second, after placing EARTH on the board in Step 1, choose PLANT from the Elements tab and put it there.

Minimal Alchemy for Growing Grass

The last stage in creating a cow is to combine the two components, Livestock and Grass.


You have completed the Little Alchemy recipe for the cow. It’s fantastic to grow my knowledge of the wonders while playing the mind-blowing Little Alchemy game. I hope you have got the answer to how to make a cow in little alchemy. 

What is the point of Little Alchemy?

The objective of Little Alchemy is to create whole new components via various combinations. To combine two elements, choose a third and drop it on top of the first.

Is Little Alchemy safe for kids?

 Students in grades 6-12 might benefit from reading Little Alchemy.

How is God made Little Alchemy?

Mould a living thing out of clay. You will make humans. At long last, a god is born when mortal man meets eternal life.



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