How To Get Mods On Gorilla Tag

How To Get Mods On Gorilla Tag

Gorilla Tag Modifications is a viral VR game that can be played free on Oculus Quest through the app store or on a PC using Steam VR. In this tutorial, you will learn how to download and set up Gorilla Tag modules for your PCVR setup. Gorilla Tag Mods are available only on Steam VR. Before downloading Gorilla Tag mods, you must first download Steam VR and connect your Oculus to your PC. This lesson does not cover this technique. Please be aware, before you start, that only PC users currently playing Gorilla Tag with Steam VR have access to these mods and mod menus. At the moment, quest modification is not supported. When it happens is unknown. Here is our detailed installation guide on ” How To Get Mods On Gorilla Tag “. 

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How to get mods on Gorilla Tag – Download on Steam PCVR.

  • Gorilla Tag-Download the MonkeModManager.exe file from the assets section at the bottom of the page by visiting this GitHub repository if you haven’t already done so. When you launch the mod manager exe file, choose the checkboxes next to each mod you want to install. After deciding the modifications you want, click Update/Install.
  • You must launch and shut off Gorilla Tag once to initialise the mods if this is your first time customising or installing them from scratch. Your mods should now be activated, and Gorilla Tag should launch again.
  • Check the boxes next to each mod you want to install when you run the mod manager exe file. Once you’ve decided on the mods you want, click Update/Install.
  • If this is your first time modifying or a clean install, you must launch and shut down Gorilla Tag once to initialise the mods.
  • Gorilla Tag should be launched once more with your mods activated.

Different Installation Guidelines

The Monke Mod Manager is the simplest method for installing these mods, but if you have trouble getting it to work or prefer to install them manually, you can always utilise BepInEx.

  • BepInEx must first be installed.
  • This GitHub repository contains the releases. To get these, click files under the most recent release that start with BepInEx_x64_. (The version number that follows may vary).
  • Visit the Gorilla Tag game page on Steam. Go to “manage” > You can browse local files by clicking the settings cog in the top right corner of the page. The game files should appear in a folder on your computer.
  • Extract the files from the package that you just downloaded into the Steam folder that has been opened.
  • The installation is finished after Gorilla Tag has been started.

Install the Mod Files by hand

You need to download the individual mod files after installing BepInEx. These are available on GitHub, the official Gorilla Tag modding Discord server and other places.

Installation instructions will be included with certain mods but not with others. files should typically be able to be dragged into your Gorilla Tag installation folder.

You should typically place any.dll files that the mod includes in the BepInEx/plugins directory.

You should be able to start the game and try out the mods now!

Use at Your Own Risk; Ban Alert

Mods are supported and welcomed by the game’s creators, but you should only use them in private or modding-specific lobbies.

You will probably be banned if you are discovered and reported for using mods in open-access games. Therefore, be careful not to use the mods to interfere with other players’ enjoyment or to harm them.

A Conclusion

If you correctly followed these instructions, you ought to be well on your way to monke craziness! Join the official Gorilla Tag modding Discord to remain current on all the new mods and released updates!

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where to download mods for the gorilla tag? 

Gorilla Tag Mods for PCVR Monke Mod Manager

Visit this link to access the Monke Mod Manager’s github page. To download the installer, click the MonkeModManager.exe link under “Assets.”

What is the best gorilla tag?

Monkey Tag. Become a Monke, WillyG. (A Gorilla Tag Song) Monke Need to Swing by WillyG. (Gorilla Tag Original Soundtrack) … Monkebone Bash… Campfire (Gorilla Tag Original Soundtrack) (Gorilla Tag Original Soundtrack) Refuse to be human (A Gorilla Tag Song) Gorilla Tag Cardigan… Cave Wave (Gorilla Tag Original Soundtrack).

What is a haunted gorilla on the menu? 

Gorilla Tag needs a PC utility to toggle mods on and off without returning to the computer. While looking at your hand, tap it once to open the menu and twice to close it. 

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