HOW TO GET DEATH STEP  – Blox Fruit is a Roblox game that takes inspiration from One Piece and lets you hunt the vast seas for death step blox fruits. You can pick up new fighting techniques while roaming to help defeat opponents who get in your way of fighting.

In a form of fighting known as “Death Step,” most of your attacks are made with your legs. This article will cover both HOW TO GET DEATH STEP and the advantages of this combat method. Let’s first look at the requirements for obtaining the Death Step.

Dark Step

You must first possess Dark Step in order to obtain Death Step. You may acquire this fundamental variation of Death Steps using the Dark Step Blox Fruits Instructor. The following places are where you can find The Dark Step Teacher.

  • Buccaneer Village
  • The Second Sea’s Hot & Cold Island
  • Coastal Castle
  • When at the Third Sea

After you locate the teacher, you must pay $150,000 to obtain Dark Step. Due to its availability and affordable pricing, Dark Step is quite simple to get. On the other hand, Death Step is more challenging to acquire, so once you have Dark Step, acquiring it can take you some time.

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Dark Step Expertise

You must achieve mastery of a minimum of 400 after earning Dark Step. This represents a lot; we advise taking down bosses and significant numbers of adversaries to get this much skill. Although it will take some time, you will ultimately acquire level 400 mastery.

Money And Pieces

You will require 2,500,000 Beli & 5,000 Fragments once you acquire 400-level mastery of How To Get Dark Step.

Fragments can be obtained by eliminating numerous bosses, such as Darkbeard or the Cake Prince, in the Second and Third Sea. These are tough raids bosses that might require a group of players to overcome.

You can perform objectives and take down incoming foes and bosses to earn 2,500,000 Beli. Nearly everything will give you Beli, however, you can use the 2 times Beli Game Pass to boost how much you get.

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Making the Trip to the Ice Castle

It’s time to travel towards the Ice Castle within the Second Sea once you’ve collected all the necessary money and Dark Step at 400 mastery level. From a distance, it is simple to see this enormous castle since it rises into the sky & is surrounded by floating ice chunks.

A door is locked in the entry hallway when you first walk into the Ice Castle. The NPC who teaches Death Step is beyond this door, but you must first locate the Bookstore Key to get there.

Where To Get The Library Key

You’ll discover the awoken Ice Admiral in the Ice Castle’s main chamber. Having little opportunity of dropping the Library Key, this level 1,400 NPC is active.

You can engage him in the battle for another 20 minutes after your previous victory if the awakened Ice Admiral fails to surrender the Library Key.

Conversation with Phoeyu

The locked gate can be entered with the knowledge that you hold the library key. Pheoyu will guide you through Dark Step Within if you have fulfilled all the prerequisites.

Pheoyu will also arrive at the Castle above the coast following the door’s unlocking. If you don’t have the necessary materials, you can eventually return to the Castle over the Sea to get them.

Death Step Powers

Let’s examine the four skills that How To Get Death Step gives you access to. Every technique is listed here, along with its explanation and necessary mastery.

Death Step is a practical combat method with a respectable range. On top of that, using Devil Flames represents one of the game’s most powerful fighting techniques.


In conclusion, the article has attempted to give you information about “HOW TO GET DEATH STEP”. I hope the language in this post is clear and understandable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) How do you quickly reach the death step?

Ans. A door is locked in the entry hallway when you first walk into the Ice Castle. The NPC who teaches Death Step is behind this door, but you must first locate the Library Key to get there.

Q2) Are death steps preferable to superhumans?

Ans. Superhuman is simply an excellent fighting style that works well in both PvP & PvE. While it is surpassed via Death Step during PvP, it more than makes up for it in single-target PvE. As a result, it’s a wise purchase for those who want to slog through some Quest bosses.


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